Book Club: On A Beautiful Day

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Author: Lucy Diamond
ISBN: 9781509851041
RRP: $29.99
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Lucy Diamond is an established author with an extensive backlist and On A Beautiful Day is the second of her books I have read, it was last February that I read The House of New Beginnings.

I am still away holidaying with the family, with limited time and limited access so I think I’ll keep the reviews short and sweet for now and hopefully have more reading time.

My copy of On A Beautiful Day is an uncorrected proof released before the final print run, and that means that there are sometimes changes. I have never really known there to be major changes, but it seems like there might be in this one so I need to be super careful about the details I share.

On A Beautiful Day sees four thirty-something friends meet up for a birthday lunch, as they always do. This lunch is one that will stay with them forever though because this is the lunch that is interrupted by a serious van accident directly across the road from them; an accident that looked like it may have hit the cafe they were in rather than across the road.

A close call like the one these women face is enough to make you sit back and take a look at your life. The four women are very different and very close, they share friendships that have seen them through many of life’s ups and downs and all came together at different stages. These are the friendships women aspire to; no judgment, unwavering support, and regular catch-ups.

The accident is a pivotal moment, these women watch it unfold and then assist where they can in the aftermath. One of the women is a nurse and offers first responder assistance, sitting by the side of an older lady who is trapped and at risk of losing her legs; an active lady who is passionate about horses and riding.

Diamond explores many of the issues that face women in their thirties from infertility, marital breakdown, health scares and the fine art that is juggling work/life balance. She explores with sensitivity and insight the trigger effect events sometimes have to awaken the demons of our past and colour our judgment and behaviour in the present.

On A Beautiful Day reminds us to always treasure those we love and make the most of the time we have; communication is always a good solution and those you choose to spend your life with vowed to be there in the good times and the bad so you need to let them in, you need to share the bad as well as the good and lean on them sometimes; regardless of how strong you are we all need someone sometimes.

Once again Diamond has written a very character driven novel and we get to know her characters in alternate chapters from a third person perspective. The action is more about what is going on in their lives than major events to keep you engaged. It is all about relationships and people.

On A Beautiful Day is an enjoyable read with warm and relatable characters, realistic scenarios and a heartwarming wrapping up of the story. I enjoyed the story, connected with the characters and would recommend the book to readers who like a character-driven story.

Lucy Diamond can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

Thanks to Pan MacMillan 10 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading and reviewing On A Beautiful Day so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

On A Beautiful Day is available now through Pan MacMillan, Booktopia, Angus & Robertson Bookworld and where all good books are sold.

10 thoughts on “Book Club: On A Beautiful Day

  1. This book is about four friends going through different life and their struggles. How short life is and how it can change in one moment.
    I did have some trouble with following the story of each friend. I would just to be happy to follow one story. I did enjoy the book it had a lot of feeling. You did feel like you needed to know, what happens to the character.

  2. This is a beautiful book about 4 friends who really show you what true friendship is all about. We start with learning just a few stories of the main characters named Jo, Laura, Indie and Eve and it did get a little confusing for me to learn each of the character at first. Eventually as you read more, the characters become real to you.

    The four of them meet up for a birthday lunch at one of their favourite cafes when they see a car heading for them. In that split moment, their lives are flashed before them thinking that this is the end but it is a close call as the car veers elsewhere. Although they are shaken, their concern turns for the driver who has smashed their car into other people. It is here when the story begins.

    There are lots of characters to follow along the way and for me, I needed to write down each character and who they were and what was happening in their lives. With this information down, I found it much easier to follow the book then.

    I loved this book in how we follow the 4 friends and although you may think that they have perfect lives there are hidden agendas that happen throughout the book. The massive accident at the start of the book certainly shakes everyone up.

    It is easy to warm to all the characters in the book and yes, there will be laughter, anger and tears along the way. It certainly is a page turner plus a beautiful story to read.

    What I did love about the book is that we learn at the end of what has happened to all the characters that have been portrayed in the book.

    This novel captures your attention from the first page and it is warm hearted and learning of the challenges that everyone has to face along the way makes you realise that there is hope out there.

    The novel is set in Manchester where I have never been but I could visualise the scenery of where they were perfectly. The characters became believable to me. They too became my friends.

    Definitely a great read of friendship, tragedy, hope and love.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan for the opportunity of reading this book. I do recall reading one of Lucy Diamonds books before and been impressed back then. Thank you to Lucy Diamond for writing this beautiful story that I will remember for quite a while. It makes you want to have true friendships like these ladies.

  3. On a beautiful day by Lucy Diamond was a fantastic read. The book is about a friendship group that witnesses an accident, which brings home the reality of life and makes them each look more closely at theirs.

    The book was particularly interesting to me, as it is set in Manchester, which is where I am from, therefore the places were familiar to me. I think the book if full of relatable events, that occur throughout life, that many of us may have gone through.

    I found it interesting, how Diamond created the characters friendship/ relationship dynamics. I feel like the book had a happy medium of negative and positive events and is a great reminder of the love and support that is available in times of need.

    I think that this book is suitable for a wide audience, as it has many different storylines for the various characters included. Multiple twists and turns were included in the book, which kept me intrigued the whole way through.

    Diamond did a fantastic job of interconnecting the characters, to make the story flow well from chapter to chapter. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read a well written book about friends and family sticking together through different life experiences.

  4. Thanks to Beauty and lace and Pan MacMillan for the opportunity to read this book, On a beautiful day.

    On a beautiful day is a book based on 4 friends journey through life, and how things can change very quickly at the blink of an eye.
    When the ladies witness an accident whilst out for lunch together their lives change forever as they realise that life is too short.

    At times the book was hard to follow, and quite a few times I was having to go back to see who the character was, but after half the book you got to know the characters and it became much easier to follow.

    I didn’t really connect to any of the characters personally, but didn’t dislike any of them all them all the same. It was just that none of them stood out to me as a favourite.

    On a beautiful day was incredibly easy reading and a good book for anyone who enjoys a non-thinker book.

    Thanks for the opportunity to read this book.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to read On A Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond, one of my favourite authors.

    I really enjoy her style of writing which makes me connect to the four main ladies, even if I don’t agree.

    This is the story of four female friends who get together to celebrate one of their birthdays. They are witness to an accident which shakes them up for different reasons. They are in different situations and this affects their journeys. It’s actually nice to see everything doesn’t go to plan, but they are all still happy in their friendship – and find their way to happiness in their lives. It may not be in the way they thought, and that is the interesting part for us.

    I, like others, did get a bit confused initially keeping tabs on all four main characters. When I got that in order I could fully enjoy the story.

    Overall, this is a great read, as much about friendship as the ladies’ lives in general.

  6. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review On A Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond. I will definitely be chasing up her other book.
    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the 4 main characters and following their journeys and their different situations.
    The accident they witness completely changes who they are but it was interesting to see how it effected them all differently and how they each chose to live their lives from then on whilst still maintaining their friendships.
    It really was a great book that I highly recommend.

  7. Many thanks for the opportunity to read On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond.

    On A Beautiful Day is a great story covering the ups and downs of friendships and facing what needs to be addressed about our lives.

    Four girlfriends enjoying a birthday lunch witness a car accident that misses them – but only just.
    Other people are seriously injured as a result but it’s fair to say the four girls are also impacted.

    The stories of the girls – Laura, India, Jo and Eve unfold from this point. How they cope with the accident and its aftermath is the basis for this novel.

    All the characters in On a Beautiful Day ring true. Each had their own set of realistic issues they were working through – all very relatable.

    The book engaged me from the very beginning and I was interested to find out what happens to them all (and hoping for the best for each character). The characters felt real and relatable!

    This is a great book by Lucy Diamond – highly recommend!

  8. Thank you beauty and lace for the opportunity to read On a beautiful day by Lucy Diamond.

    We never know what life has in store and this book has you wanting to know what will happen to to Eve, Laura, Jo and India after a life changing event. This makes the women examine their lives and the people in it, will it ever be the same and do they really want it be. The story weaves its way though the city of Manchester giving you an inside into these women’s live and city. A page turner as you wait to find out how it all ends.

  9. Life is short and it is to be appreciated. That is what I got from this book.

    This book focus’ on the dynamics of our 4 central characters. How their friendships change and evolve as a result of the accident that happens just metres away from them.

    I enjoyed the setting and writing style and Lucy I look forward to many more books from you!

    It made me think and feel unsettled but ultimately I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

  10. Lucy Diamond has been a long time favourite author so getting to read On A Beautiful was a lovely treat. Just like all Lucy’s previous books, On A Beautiful day is a warm, cosy read that will leave you feeling positive about life with it;s many ups and downs. Set in Manchester in the U.K it follows the story of 4 best friends Laura, Jo, Eve and India over a year after they witness an accident. With themes of hope, friendship, letting go, marriage and most importantly, living each day as it comes, On A Beautiful Day is a testament to life.

    Each woman is dealing with life as best she can. There’s Laura who is unable to have children which drives a wedge between her and her husband. Laura’s sister, Jo, is a divorced nurse who is in the throes of a new romance but a family member brings unexpected tension to their relationship. As much as I liked spending time with Jo, her story line was the most predictable, which didn’t leave room for much tension. Women’s health issues are sensitively dealt with through Eve when she finds a lump in her breast and lastly, there’s India who gets a blast from the past after the accident.

    I loved getting to know all four friends and found I didn’t have any favourites. This is lovely read for those who are looking for a fast paced, character driven story.

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