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Author: Steven Butler
Illustrator: Steven Lenton
ISBN: 9781471163838
RRP: $14.99
Publication Date: April 2018
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is the first book in an exciting and hilarious new series written by Steven Butler and illustrated by Steven Lenton. The book is written for children 6 years and up so could make for some entertaining bedtime together time reading.

This is a hotel for magical creatures so normal is weird. Frankie Banister and his parents, who run the hotel, are used to it.

A goblin messenger arrives with news of the imminent arrival of Grogbah, the goblin prince, and Frankie and his family hurriedly prepare for their guest. Grogbah is demanding and travels with quite an entourage, while keeping secrets, and it all combines for an overworked Banister family.

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is home to a wealth of whacky characters, illustrated by the talented Steven Lenton.

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is published by Simon and Schuster and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading The Nothing To See Here Hotel with their children and I look forward to hearing what they think. Please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Nothing to See Here Hotel

  1. A big thank you to Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster Publishers for supplying the book for review ‘The Nothing To See Here Hotel’ by Steven Butler

    What a delight! This book is unique and quirky. It comes with some great illustrations and the author surprises you when he uses a different format when pages appear written sideways or are black or grey with white writing.

    It is a magical, fast moving, imaginative, expressive story full of great magical creatures. The author introduces crazy characters, full of descriptive features ranging from Stink Demons, trolls, puddle-nymphs and pet thistlewumps, all who are visitors or residents of the Hotel for magical creatures.

    Appealing to the fun in all kids, it was an absolute hit with my two girls aged 7 and 10. Miss 10 says “It’s very, very hilarious and stupid too.“ It uses crazy words that appeal like – ‘lovey-docious’, foods like gull-gizzard pate and cockroach crostinis. It was absurd and fun and as an adult, made me laugh.

    Kids will absolutely adore this book. Highly recommended.

  2. My son wrote this review 🙂 He really enjoyed the book.

    I thought this book was really refreshing and original. I loved how the main character Frankie was just like a normal kid even though he lives in this whacky place with monsters around him yet he’s so cool about it.

    This weird and wacky world of monsters and ghouls is hilarious and exiting , my favorite bit is when the troll captain burst out of chest and comes back to life from the cursed teeth. I loved this book i thought is was amazing and it is a book that i would recommend to my friends.

  3. Me and my son loved reading ‘The Nothing To See Here Hotel ‘ by Steven Butler. We loved the cover of the book . Its so bright and colourful along with the pictures of the characters on it . The book cover brought lots of excitement even before we read the book.

    The story is very entertaining ,engaging ,creative and moves very fast keeping all the characters together in the story. The book is very well written. We loved all the illustrations because they brought the characters to life. The made-up words were our favourite too because they made the book very interesting to read.

    We loved all the imaginative characters that are there in the book because it gave us the opportunity to read the book in so many funny voices . According to my son it was very interesting to read the book in so many different voices.

    I feel this book will make a great addition to school libraries because kids will love to read it .
    We definitely recommend this book and would love to see other books in this series.

  4. Thanks so much for letting my 6.5 year old daughter read and review this. She enjoyed this book about a “normal” kid called Frankie living in a hotel where magical creatures live and visit.. So in her words, she wanted to tell you the following.

    The book was good because there was a lot happening in it. There are a lot of “scary” things that happen at the hotel. Frankie makes sure everything is alright. Frankie is the main character who looks normal but actually has a bit of troll blood. He lives a the hotel and helps run the hotel. My favourite part was when Frankie saved his dragon from the 2 people bringing the dragon to the water. I would definitely read more of the books in this series because i love that it’s a fantasy book with lots of goblins, dragons and talking spiders. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

  5. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster for the chance to read and review The Nothing To See Here Hotel.

    What a great little book for kids!

    To start with the book looks Great! The cover is nice and bright and catches your attention. I had 3 kids fighting over who would read it first just from looking at the cover!

    I like how the story reads, its fast paced to keep the kids engaged. The characters are fun with their crazy names and magical lives. The illustrations are great and a good mix with the story to keep the kids entertained and help with them imagining the characters.

    Overall a great kids book which my 3 sons and myself enjoyed, we will definitely be keeping a eye out for more tales from The Nothing To See Here Hotel!

  6. What a fantastical adventure filled book. Am amazerously engaging story that will have readers entranced and wanting to see what fun filled escapade happens next.

    The illustrations and writing both draw the reader in and the fun filled pages keep you going to the very end.

  7. My nearly 10 yr old daughter loved this book. She thought that the writers were very creative in their story telling and pictures. She found unexpected twists through out the book which was wonderful and intriguing for her. Some of the words in it were challenging for her but because the book was sooo good she enjoyed exploring those words with enthusiasm. Her favorite part was towards the end of the book with the goblin but im not going to spoil it for future readers sorry lol. We recommend this book it was exciting creative fantastical and helped push my child’s vocabulary limits a bit further in a delightful way.

  8. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster Publishers for the opportunity to read and review the book, ‘The Nothing To See Here Hotel’ by Steven Butler

    What a delight it was to read this fun and entertaining children’s novel. From the first page I was drawn into a spectacular new world of trolls and goblins. Steven Butler has an incredible way of describing characters and events in so much detail that you really can picture every second of this storyline. There is also the perfect about of humour to keep kids enthralled and wanting to keep reading.

    My 9 year old daughter really enjoyed listening to me read this story to her before bedtime and particularly liked the many interesting pictures. The pictures are a great addition to a novel for this age group.

    I thoroughly recommend this book to children and parents. It would work particularly well to introduce children to the joys of a good book, and would suit many different ages and both boys and girls.

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