BOOK CLUB: Nature of the Lion

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Author: T.M. Clark
ISBN: 9781489260918
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 19th November 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Nature of the Lion is the 5th Harlequin release by T.M. Clark, and the 3rd that I have read.

Clark writes suspenseful novels of the trials faced by the people of Africa, while also shining a light on the plight of the animals.

Nature of the Lion is a gripping story that weaves a number of different stories into one cohesive narrative.

Three very different stories introduce us to the characters of Nature of the Lion, set in separate locations and leave us wondering how it all comes together, and examining the depth of darkness inside some men.

Chloe and her father Mike moved to South Africa after an accident left Mike with a brain injury that needed him closer to a more specialised hospital. They took with them their closest friends and once Chloe went away to university she had to rely on Enoch and his son Xo to watch over Mike.

An altercation puts Chloe’s safety in jeopardy, and sees Enoch facing even more disturbing danger. The only solution is to pack up the necessities and trek cross country to try and make it home. The journey is sure to be difficult considering the border crossing, the dangerous hunters, the warring armies and the large number of landmines but it’s the best hope for ensuring Enoch’s safety.

This is a journey fraught with danger and their best hope is in reaching out to game ranger Nick, formerly a soldier under Mike’s command.

Nature of the Lion is disturbing; in it’s exploration of apartheid, the warring armies of Africa and the corruption but even more disturbing was the hunting habits of the 6th Society.

Secrets and the limited sharing of information drove wedges between relationships that had been built on respect and trust. Relationships that required that trust in the dangerous trek through the harsh African landscape.

In Australia we are quite focused on trying to stamp out racism so the division in Africa is rendered more starkly. Enoch and Mike see themselves as brothers, even though their differences are quite apparent and they struggle every day because of that choice. Their differences are what spark the altercation that prompts the journey back to Zimbabwe because Chloe is determined to defend her friends, and demand that people show them the respect they deserve as humans.

I really enjoyed Nature of the Lion and I still plan to go back and read Clark’s earlier Harlequin titles, also set in Africa

Nature of the Lion is book #49 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2018.

T.M. Clark can be found at, Facebook and Twitter.

Nature of the Lion is available now at Harlequin, Angus and Robertson, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Harlequin 10 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading Nature of the Lion so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Nature of the Lion

  1. Thank you to Beauty & Lace bookclub for the opportunity to read this book written by T.M Clark.
    Set in Africa, we meet Chloe. Having left her home of Zimbabwe five years ago, she has been living with her father Mike and close friends Enoch and his son Xo.
    whilst at university Enoch and Xo have kept watch over Mike whilst Chloe is away. Mike now suffers from a brain injury.
    when Chloe returns to her father during uni holidays and an unfortunate and violent altercation occurs which causes the family to make the touch decision to return home.
    With the help of Nick ( a former soldier under the command of Mike) they make the treacherous journey back home to Zimbabwe.
    a romance is thrown into the story and whilst a good story i did struggle with the length and the juggling of characters.
    it does however provide an awareness as to the discrimination that is rife in Africa and the danger it presents to those in the minority.

  2. Firstly, thank you so very much B&L Book Club. As a new member I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving the books and reading authors and content I wouldn’t usually choose. It’s widened my learning exponentially.

    Not knowing anything about this book or its author, I found Clarke’s Nature of the Lion was a bit slow to start, although this may be the author’s style. I also had no idea it was literally about Africa; I expected it to be a metaphor : )

    The interspersing of Afrikaner words in the text I initially found irritating, but I stuck with it, and it was around Chapter 5 that I started to really get into the story and become enthralled with the unusual circumstances in which all the characters found themselves. I started to understand the themes and became more engaged with the characters. Chloe, the heiress of a wealthy estate in Zimbabwe; her close protectors, Enoch and Xo, and her romantic connection with Nick.

    Although the topic was distressing and included assassins, hunters and murder of innocent animals, it was presented from all the different perspectives of the characters, including that of the hunter and of the guide.

    I hoped every time a hunter was about to shoot their “trophy” that they’d miss and the animal got away. But it didn’t happen : (

    The climax at the end where the lives of the main characters were in danger, was over all too quickly, It was like the suspense was building, building, then everything worked out for the characters too easily. It was unbelievable and a bit disappointing that this scene wasn’t closed off so quickly and not used more.

    I liked that Clarke provided an explanation of the fact v fiction elements of the story along with definitions of the Afrikaner words.

    I don’t think read another book by this author.

  3. Wow, this storyline had been enthralled with its adventure from start to finish. When I think of South Africa I think the only dangers would be from animals but in this book, dangers are lurking everywhere.

    Our main character Chloe heads home after being at university for 5 years. Her wealthy invalid dad Mike is back at home being looked after by his best friend Enoch and his son Xo.

    Chloe finally arrives home to then being hit with danger happening and they need to flee their home and head back to Zimbabwe. Nick a former soldier and friend of Chloe’s dad helps Chloe and her crew head back through all the dangers of the African landscape.

    Travelling with her dad was not going to be an easy feat.

    This book delves into racisim alot and hunters who are just out to get that best trophy. It saddened me reading about the hunters bringing down the magjestic elephant and cougars but it is life and hopefully one day, it will stop for good.

    This book has a hunter who murders men or women and then lights a signal fire so that the people of South Africa can see it and the know that a poor life has been lost.

    I found myself loving most of the characters in the book. They become lifelike and so real as you read.

    This storyline had the adrenaline working fast and I could not put the book down. It really captivates you in so many areas. There is sadness and tears in some parts.

    Throughout the book we are given South African words which I had no idea what they were saying but at the end of the book, there is a dictionary of what the words mean. Perhaps had they been at the front of the book to help me in what they were saying would have been helpful. I loved having the map at the front of the book.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Harlequin for introducing me to another great author. I’ve always had a fascination of books involving South Africa and the cover on this book is so mesmorisng. Such a beautiful beast is the lion. T.M. Clark has certainly captured the perils of Africa throughout the book.

    I absolutely loved this book and having not read any of T.M. Clarks before, I hope to rectify that soon.

  4. Thank you Beauty and Lace for selecting me to read Nature Of The Lion written by T M Clark
    Nature of the lion will have readers capitavated from start to finish
    TM Clark takes the reader on a trip through the wold South African bush
    Chloe returnes home from university to find that her and her father and friends are in danger so the decision made to travel back to their home in Zimbabwe she is traveling with her disabled father, Enoch and his son Xo, her dads carer and a life time friend Nick
    The group don’t just have to worry about the dangerous animals they also have to deal with hunters, warring armies, land mines and a secret society hunting group ( no spoilers)
    Readers will love this book at the end of the book is a fact / fiction section which is really interesting also a section with a dictionary of words

  5. Nature of the lion is a suspenseful read as Chloe and her invalid father and their team travel through dangerous war torn Africa back to their home farm to escape unfair persecution. The story builds and the group never appear to be safe from danger, increasing the heightening of suspense as the story proceeds. The imagery was vivid in this story and while it wasn’t one I would usually choose was a happy surprise to discover, even through some unsavoury topics re: hunting.

    Thanks for the read Beauty & Lace and Harliquin Books.

  6. I was really excited to read T.M. Clark’s Nature of the Lion. And I was not disappointed. The juxtaposition of dramatic storyline set against such a stunning yet harsh natural setting and politics and racial tensions mixed in altogether make for a fascinating, exciting, at times heart wrenching and suspenseful read. There are many very complex issues in Africa to be addressed but I sincerely hope the magnificent wildlife are able to survive.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Books for the opportunity to read and review this fascinating and thought-provoking novel. Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Wow! Nature of the Lion was a fantastic read! I just had to go out and buy it after not being selected for it through beauty and lace.

    This is the first book I have read by T.M. Clark and I will be on the hunt for more as I could not put this one down!

    Thank you for a great read!

  8. Any book about Africa I adore especially when there is some education about the country mixed into the story and T.M. Clark certainly provided this.
    Nature of the Lion took me on a thrilling adventure full of emotion and hope for all the characters in the book that I easily related to.

    The Story begins in South Africa where 5 years ago Chloe’s family left their home in Zimbabwe due to an incident; she has been living with her invalid father Mike and close friends Enoch and his son Xo until there is an incident with a racist neighbour and Enoch ends up in trouble with the law.

    They make the decision to flee back to Zimbabwe but are facing many dangers. Chloe asks for help from an old friend Nick, who is now a Kruger park ranger, and his tracker Khululani. They make the long journey back home traveling through countries that are at war and having to deal with wildlife, landmines and notorious hunters.

    This book is, action packed, captivating, engaging, heart wrenching, thought provoking and an emotional read. I highly recommend this book and will be definitely buying more of T.M. Clark’s novels.

    Many thanks and gratitude to Beauty & Lace and Harlequin MIRA for such a fabulous read.

  9. Thanks Beauty & Lace & Harlequin for the opportunity to read & review Nature of the Lion by T M Clark

    Once again TM Clark has written a very enthralling & descriptive book which I loved as with his other novels

    Set in Africa with Chloe & her father taking the return trip to Zimbabwe which is fraught with danger throw in a love story racism hunters border wars & of course wildlife & you have this great story

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend to readers

  10. I was pleased to receive Nature of the Lion to review. I have read other books T.M. Clark, and I was not disappointed by this one.

    Chloe and her disabled father Mike, together with Enoch, who is Mike’s best friend, and Enoch’s son Xo have to travel home to Zimbabwe. They also enlist the help of Nick, a professional game ranger to help them.

    During their travels, they are faced with warring factions, landmines, game hunters, plus a bit of romance among the excitement.

    I enjoyed the story, plenty of action, unpredictable, some interesting characters, plus a bit of history along the way.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review this book

  11. Wow I was really surprised I found this book a bit slow to start but it turned out to be an intriguing read full of suspense

    It follows Chloe and her disabled father who requires care and the struggles they face when attempting to return to Zimbabwe

    I love that while you were getting caught up in their story you were also being educated. This just may be my ignorance but I had no idea that there are so many dangers in Africa. Not all of them as obvious as you’d expect. Thankyou Beauty and Lace and of course to Harlequin, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

  12. I was very happy to read this book simply because it promised a story line set in Africa. born in Africa myself , stories like these give me an opportunity to relive my past memories of growing up in Africa. it gives me that nostalgic feeling and such stories are always special in my heart.

    Starting from the cover picture it is stunning. Love the majestic lion, sitting proudly in the forest and the beautiful sunset setting. The cover itself captures everyone’s attention, whenever I have guests at my house.

    The author succeeds in describing the struggling life in Africa as well as the dangers found in Africa. It was like watching a documentary, quite engaging and educational.

    It was heart wrenching and saddening to read about the hunters killing the animals . Sad but it is true .

    Loved the emotional connection between Chloe and her father Mike. I could relate to all the characters in the book. They helped each other even though there were many dangers around them.

    It was such a thrilling adventure to read and I enjoyed every bit of it not wanting to put the book down.

    I really loved how The author portrays Africa, So beautiful and stunning and you would wish you would live there even though there are struggles there.

    Definitely recommend this book, It is an educational thriller with a little bit of romance thrown in there. It is the next best thing as going on a safari .

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