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By Suzanne Barton
ISBN: 9780734418708
Copy courtesy of Hachette Australia

What’s not to love and have a giggle at with this title? Children’s books can be so much fun these days and give children little messages within the book.

My Unicorn Farts Glitter is an easy read from 18 months to 7 years of age.   Everyone loves unicorns and their antics, even adults. 

The illustrations in the book are gorgeous and fun. This unicorn does naughty but also precious things throughout the book. 

It’s definitely a funny, warm hearted read for the children in your life.  It shows sibling connections also.  As I read this book to some toddlers,  I thought of my own two children who are now adults and honestly, this book could have been them  when they were younger. 

I adore children’s books and I think that is because I have some childish antics still in me!

This book will make you giggle and just have fun with it while reading. As you read, I am sure you will smile to yourself. The title says it all. 

Thanks Beauty & Lace and Hachette Australia. 

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading My Unicorn Farts Glitter. You can read their reviews in the comments section below, or add your own!

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: My Unicorn Farts Glitter

  1. My Unicorn Farts Glitter
    A great kids book about a stinky, messy but lovable unicorn. A bright, large, double paged coloured picture book about sibling love. My niece really enjoyed the story and the pictures; there is glitter throughout the book making it visually appealing. Unicorns are ‘in’ with 4 year olds and as she has a new baby sister this book was spot on. The noise, the mess and the smells of a sibling made ‘My Unicorn Farts Glitter’ a nice fun way to talk about a new little person in her life.

  2. My Unicorn Farts Glitter, by Suzanne Barton.

    What an unexpected funny, colorful and easy to read book for kids. The pages were bright and engaging and written to entertain the intended audience of children.

    Written in such a way that you start off thinking that the little girl is actually talking about an imagery unicorn friend until the last page where it is revealed who the “Unicorn” actually is!

    I think this book looks at the quirky relationships of sisters and little brothers and handles it perfectly. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a delightful book for little people. It was an absolute delight when we read it in our household.

    Thank you Susan Barton for the giggles, thank you Hachette Australia for sending the book, and thank you Beauty and Lace for selecting us to review this book, it was our absolute pleasure.

  3. This book was funny, colourful, and combines of my daughter’s favourite topics, Unicorns and Farts. Then top it off with glitter!!!! She was giggling all the way reading this book.

    From Bianca aged 8

    This book is about a girl and her unicoirn. Her unicorn is sometimes glitter farting. Helpful? Sometimes not. I liked this book because I found it very funny and I liked how some words are bold and coloured to highlight what is happening. My favourite part (spoiler alert) is when it says that the unicorn ruins the girl’s bubble bath with glitter farts because I found this to be the funniest thing. I recommend this book highly for the laughs.

  4. 2 yr old really liked it and asked me to read it again. There are just enough words on each page to hold her interest
    and engage in questions like “who farts in your bath?”
    I did find the line about the doggy door out of place without an illustration..
    All up cute book good for a 2 yr old.

  5. Thank you BeautyandLace and Hatchette Australia for giving me the opportunity to read and review My Unicorn Farts Glitter by Suzanne Barton.
    My daughter is 5 years old and she is obsessed with unicorns, this book combines both her love of unicorns and a bit of cheeky toilet humour.

    We loved reading the book together, the illustrations were so bright and eye catching, she especially loved spotting the teddy on each page and we were both were surprised with the little twist in the end.

    I think this book is great for ages 2-5 years, it’s a funny, cute read and those with siblings will understand the special relationships and funny antics they share.

  6. Mr 2 and Mr 4 love this book!!! It is now our before bed/sleep book.
    The illustrations are bright and captivating, the storyline is super cute and relatable to my four children. Miss 10 enjoys reading this to her little brothers too as she can relate haha.
    5/5 stars. Thank you for the fab new bedtime book !

  7. I read this book to both my 6 year old and 2 year old who loved it. Especially since Mr 2 is in fact Mr 6’s unicorn. Such a great book about siblings and that last page just about melted my heart.

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to review ‘My Unicorn Farts Glitter’ by Suzanne Barton and Shannon Horsfall.

    As soon as I read the title I knew my 7 year old would enjoy this book-and me too, as Unicorns and farts are two topics which were bound to captivate an audience and that it did!

    It’s a fun, easy to read book with quirky and cute antics of a Unicorn and the relationship between sibling love.

    I asked Miss 7 what her favourite part was and she said, “where the Unicorn trips and squishes the fish and chips”! All her siblings agreed that the illustrations were cute and colourful. All the kids enjoyed the Unicorn’s antics and found themselves giggling throughout!

    I would highly recommend this book for toddlers to lower primary school age as it’s a quick and easy read, particularly at bedtime.
    Thank you again:)

  9. Mr 6 loved reading this book, he thought the name of the book was too funny and the illustrations were super cute too.

    Its a fun and easy to read book with lots of fun little antics from the unicorn.
    An awesome read for cute little unicorns at home. 🙂

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