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“Mars Mission” is the third in the Space Kids series by Aleesah Darlison. It’s an energetic adventure story that younger readers will enjoy.

In 2088 Nash, 11 years old, is living on Misty Space Station with his Dad. Despite his age, his Dad and the space station crew let Nash get involved with many of the space station’s activities. And so, when they receive an urgent distress call from a settlement on Mars, it’s not a big surprise when Nash and his friends KC and Raj are allowed to tag along on the rescue mission.

This is nominally science fiction, but it’s rather lacking in actual science. I don’t think the intended audience will care very much. It’s a fast-paced action-adventure set on another planet, and the light veneer of science will be enough to satisfy them.

Although the third in a series, this stands entirely alone. You don’t need to have read the earlier books. There appear to be no ongoing story threads – this is an episodic series.

While the main focus of the story is the adventure plot, there’s also a story thread dealing with friendship. Nash is trying to maintain a relationship with his best friend on earth, as well as enjoying his new friendships on the station. Feelings inevitably get hurt. Darlison doesn’t preach, but she does gently explore some ways to manage this clash between new and old loyalties.

My Miss Ten said of this book: “I enjoyed it a lot. It was a very quick read for someone my age. But there was lots of action and it moved fast. I liked the characters, especially KC. I bet a lot of boys in my class would like this.”

The characters are distinctive and well-drawn. Naturally, the kids get into trouble, but they also help. Many young readers will empathise with this and will like the central trio.

I feel this is best suited to readers under 10 years old. The plot, language, and general approach will engage them. Older or more sophisticated readers might find it a bit simplistic.  My Miss Ten read it in an hour.

However, this novel is well-calibrated for the intended audience. Young readers will thoroughly enjoy it.

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5 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Mars Mission: Space Kids 3

  1. What a fun childreans chapter book.
    Brilliant for both boys and girls. The children are the heros and delight in their amazing lives of space travel. When the opportunity to visit Mars comes along they are ofcourse very excited to travel along.
    This is an exciting book for those that have progressed to chapter books and this series is one that would be great to introduce as Christmas gifts to keep your kids interested in reading.
    This book if full of lessons and wonderfully illustrated.

  2. “Mars Mission: Space Kids 3” catapults readers into an enchanting vision of the future, offering a riveting blend of space exploration, courage, and interplanetary cooperation that is sure to capture the attention of anyone (big or little) reading this great book. The story unfolds in the year 2088, with eleven-year-old Nash leading an extraordinary life on Misty Space Station. Accompanied by his ingenious father Orson and companions Raj and KC, Nash’s cosmic adventure takes an unexpected turn when a distress signal from Mars sets the stage for a daring mission.

    Aleesah Darlison skillfully weaves a tale of resilience and ingenuity as Nash, Orson, and the Space Kids embark on an urgent supply mission to aid stranded researchers on Mars. The futuristic setting allows for the introduction of cutting-edge technology, particularly the experimental space cruiser that propels the characters into uncharted territories at unprecedented speeds.

    Highly recommend!

  3. This is such a fun chapter book to read! The bonus is being in outer space living on a space station, and all the dangers and troubles and responsibilities that involves. But hey, also being able to travel to Mars, hello, kids will absolutely love that! It’s pretty much non-stop action, and the illustrations are engaging. There’s some simple science, but the book also touches on the importance of friendship and team work, always welcome themes for that age.

    I suggest it will entertain kids around 8+, but there are some hard science/spacey kind of words, so parents need to be the judge.

    Thanks so much to Big Sky Publishing and Beauty & Lace Bookclub for the review copy.

  4. Thanks so much for the reviews, they’re awesome! I really loved writing this series and allowing the Space Kids to take control of their own destinies. I hope young readers enjoy them too.

  5. Mr 10 loved this book about attention building story of future of the year 2088 where people start to live in space in space stations near different planets. A colony on mars is suffering and a space station crew has to save the colony by giving the supply drop within 3 days, can they do it?

    Its such a interesting read for space loving readers, a must read!!

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