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Author: Rachael Johns
ISBN: 9781489261519
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins Australia

Just One Wish is a fabulous novel of family love, sorrow, secrets, betrayal and heartbreak.

This story is set in Melbourne Victoria and brought to life by 3 generations.  This book is through the eyes of granddaughter Geraldine (Ged) and also involves her grandmother Alice, whom she calls Gralice and her mother Sappho (Marie).  A secret kept for over 50 years changes the dynamic of this close loving and family. 

Alice was turning eighty and during her celebration she surprised Ged and Marie with tickets for a girls cruise to reconnect as a family.  Gralice and Sappho didn’t always see eye to eye and Sappho was resentful of her upbringing. Ged on many occasions found herself stuck in the middle of her mother and grandmothers.  On the cruise that was meant to bring them all closer together a hidden fifty year secret and betrayal tear them apart. 

The book shows the complexity in all families and the ups and downs of life and how we overcome them.  The book is filled with sadness, laughter, joy and warmth.  You will be caught up in pregnancy and paternity tests, lesbian tendencies, secret lovers, scandal, illness, adultery, estrangement and regret.

Racheal Johns has written another brilliant novel which I highly recommend.

Thank you HarperCollins Publishers Australia and B&L for the opportunity to read and review. 

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16 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Just One Wish

  1. Just One Wish was a delightful & easy read – I was able to knock this over in one weekend. It was funny & thoughtful with quite a few things happen that I wasn’t expecting so surprising also.

    I really enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for the chance to read Just One Wish by Rachael Johns.

    This was as interesting book featuring a grandmother Alice, daughter Sappho and granddaughter Ged. Alice invites them on a short Elvis themed cruise for her 80th birthday. It is a chance to connect a bit and spend time together. Even though they are such different people this works to a degree. On the cruise a secret comes to light which could change everything.

    Alice is a feminist and as a response to this Sappho becomes a superb stay-at-home Mum. Ged seems to be somewhere in the middle in more ways then one. Life decisions have trickled down to affect the entire family and continue to do so. A lot of changes happen in a short amount of time. I don’t know how the average person would deal with so much.

    Even though there are extremes the reactions are considered and do take in many topics, marriage and what it means, lifestyle choices and how what you do can affect many people. I couldn’t relate to all the situations, but loved the people involved and how they came to their decisions – a book I would most definitely recommend.

  3. Just One Wish is about three generations of women; Grandmother, Mother and Daughter and a rollercoaster of family dramas and secrets.

    Alice a fiery grandma known as Gralice (grandma Alice), is a renowned activist of women rights and very career driven in the sciences field. Her daughter Sappho is the polar opposite. A domestic goddess with her own blog and thousands of followers. Then there is Ged, the granddaughter and the glue that holds the family together. The story is written from her perspective as she navigates her way through family life, career and relationships. Three equally likeable characters with their own quirk’s and life events unfolding.

    This book was bombshell city with lots of plot twists (some predictable but a few curve balls). It was emotional, funny, with even a few steamy scenes. I have read previous Rachel Johns novels, so I was delighted to receive another. I highly recommend this as it is an easy and entertaining read.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace Book Club and HarperCollins Publishers for the reading and reviewing opportunity.

  4. Just One Wish by Rachael Johns, fabulous read. I really enjoyed the tale of three generations. This should definitely be turned into a movie. Would love to see it on screen, could become a favourite

  5. Just One Wish is another fantastic novel by author Rachael Johns. It is an easy and enjoyable read. But be prepared for needing some tissues!
    Ged is the lead character in the book and through her we meet and explore the relationships between 3 generations of women in her family. Each has their own secrets and truths they are too scared to share. It takes a lot of love and courage but they find their way through it together as a family.
    The story line is one a lot of people can relate to – should the truth always be told or are there times it can do more harm than good? And what happens when the truth eventually comes out?

    Definitely another hit by Rachael Johns and one I’m thankful to add to my bookcase thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins Australia.

  6. I cannot praise this book enough! I love Rachael Johns and was super excited to sink my teeth into her new novel. Just One Wish ticked all the boxes for me, it contained romance that wasn’t super sooky, a story line that hooked me in and an ending that made me happy 🙂
    I enjoyed the lead characters and how they are completely different, I also found myself trying to envision the hunky eye candy lead male character haha
    5/5 stars yet again for Rachael Johns
    Thank you for the fab review Beauty & Lace and HarperCollins, it was wonderful to not be reading a text book for a few days 🙂

  7. Just One Wish is a story of three generations of women – each with their own story to tell!
    The Grandmother is a strong feminist (and scientist) while the mother is a famous domestic goddess. The book however is told from the daughter’s perspective as she navigates life with these two role models. At a crossroads in each of their lives, the three women embark on a celebratory trip together sparking life-changing consequences and exposing secrets.

    A book full of love, sadness, laughter and drama – I found all of the characters likeable and the book was a light an easy read.

    I am a huge fan of Rachael Johns and was stoked to receive a copy of this book to review – it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  8. ‘Just One Wish’ by Rachael Johns was a lovely story to read. I really enjoyed how the stories from three generations of women were woven together and all the little surprises made for a book that was hard to put down once I’d started reading.

    My only complaint is reading published books that have errors in them. This book had two grammatical errors and then another where they called the place where the parents lived by the wrong name.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me read this book. There was someone else who mentioned this would be a good story for a movie and I totally agree! >:o)

  9. Just One Wish by Rachel Johns is a fabulous read. It is the story of three generations starting with Alice the grandmother known as Gralice a renowned activist for women’s rights. Gralice’s daughter Sappho a domestic goddess who has her own blog with thousands of followers; and then there is Geraldine known as Ged the daughter and granddaughter. Ged is the family member who holds the family together.

    The story goes through many stages in their lives, and is full of love, courage, sadness, happiness and laughter.

    Just One Wish had a great story line and I enjoyed the characters and the roles that they played. The story begins when Alice invites Sappho and Ged on a cruise for her 80th birthday. She is hoping that it is a chance that they can spend quality time together. Whilst on the cruise a secret that has been hidden away for many years comes to light and this could change their lives forever. Will it stay a secret?

    I have read a couple of Rachel Johns novels and have enjoyed every one of them and this is no exception. I highly recommend Just One Wish to everyone to read.

  10. I loved Just One Wish- an easy book to read, with storylines that I wasn’t expecting.

    It covered lots of topical subjects, but was still a beautiful story about the strength of families .

    I was surprised by the ending- a must read !!

  11. Just one Wish is another great novel by Rachel Johns. The storyline encapsulates all the questions facing women – career versus domestic goddess, forbidden love, looking after elderly family members, pregnancy out of wedlock and family secrets. It uses three generations of women to give all points of view which makes it a great book club read or movie as has been suggested by other reviewers,
    I love Rachel John’s novels and this is another winner.

  12. I absolutely loved this book, but make sure you have a box of tissues handy because the latter part of this story will pull at your heartstrings.

    The book explores three generations of women, Alice who turns her back on love because she doesn’t want to embrace the patriarchal concept of marriage and goes on to become a well known feminist, while raising a child as a single parent with the help of a gay couple, the grandfathers. Her daughter Sapho, who prefers to be known as Marie, the antithesis of Alice, who having been bullied as a child for her unusual and different parentage, goes on to seek domestic harmony as a stay at home housewife while becoming an Instagram sensation blogging as the Happy Happy Housewife and her granddaughter Geraldine, Ged to her family and close friends.

    Ged is a journalist, vying for a big promotion when her boss Darren retires later that year, she’s been in a relationship with Christos , a divorced father of three who nest parents with his ex-wife Carly and works at the same organisation as she does, for around a year. When Christos announces that he and Carly are getting back together in a sham marriage “for the sake of the children” Ged’s world collapses.

    Then Alice announces out of the blue that she is taking Sapho and Ged on an all expenses paid short cruise and at the last minute Sapho’s new assistant Rosa joins them.

    Life after the cruise will never be the same, family secrets long hidden will come to the fore, relationships will be tested and people will need to work out who they really are and what really matters to them in life.

    A beautifully written book about families, communication, expectation and the importance of being true to yourself. You know a book is good when you don’t want to put it down to go to bed, you continue reading it at the first available opportunity the next day and you finish it in two sittings. Highly recommended not only to Rachael Johns fans who will love it, but also to anyone who enjoys reading a book with a well crafted and relatable storyline, and believable characters.

  13. Can I just say at the very beginning of this review – I love Rachael Johns writing style and narratives. Just One Wish is an interesting and engrossing story with many twists and turns that I really didn’t expect but made the story even more entertaining. Thanks also to Beauty and Lace and Thank you HarperCollins Publishers Australia for the opportunity to read this great book.

    This story is set in Melbourne Victoria and brings together the stories of 3 generations. Seen through the eyes of Geraldine who is known as Ged, her grandmother Alice, whom she calls Gralice and her mother Sappho (Marie). Family secrets – some from more than 50 years ago – bring this family a lot of challenges and to the reader a lot of unexpected twists.

    The story is entertaining and to be quite honest hard to put down. I wish I could have known more about Alice’s life and career and I had a laugh at Maries late life career (SO right now). These are characters that you want to know more about and want as friends.

    Once again – Rachael Johns I salute you! Great book wonderful characters, engrossing and entertaining storyline. Love this book! High recomended.

    Thanks once again for the opportunity to read.

  14. I loved this book and getting to know the three main characters. The story was woven through the stories of these three intriguing women, all strong in their own right, all with their own stories to share – love, heartbreak, hopes and dreams. I love Rachael’s books and this one didn’t disappoint!

    However… I don’t want to say too much, for fear of giving too much away. All I can say is – read this one!

  15. Rachael Johns never fails to write a fantastic and immersing story, I have loved all her books I have read so far.

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