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Jillaroo from Jacaranda by Australian author Mandy Magro is her twentieth novel, it is all that we have come to expect from this bestselling rural romance author brimming with warmth and tenderness.

Rose Jones is twenty-two and lives and breathes horses. She is a champion barrel racer living with
her family in Jacaranda, Queensland. She competes often with her horse Buck and in her spare time instructs those wanting to learn how to ride, her other passion was writing instruction manuals.

Finlay her fiancé wants her to give up racing to take a traditional role in their marriage and to stay home when they have children. Rose is not willing to give up what she loves, and Finlay breaks off the engagement.

Grieving the loss of her great grandmother and with her broken engagement Rose needs time to heal. When she meets Ty Parker a champion bull rider, he invites her to stay in a cottage on his station in northern Queensland.

Ty had troubles of his own suffering from PTSD and reoccurring nightmares from serving overseas, he knows the importance of healing and the journey it takes to restore and renew.

The calm stillness of the countryside was more than Rose could imagine, she began to heal amongst the landscape’s beauty and farm life. A friendship grows between herself and Ty, but grief and firm personal beliefs have them at odds as the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Rose is not looking for a new love, but could Ty change her mind?

This is a charming, beautiful, well-written romantic read. The characters are vibrant and lovely, and the dialogue is sharp and distinct. Ty is a definite heartthrob on the page with his rugged looks and rough-around-the-edges approach that would make any woman swoon.

Rose is a confident, career driven woman with hints of quirkiness to lighten her character.

The roles and plot are straightforward, but the story still took a few twists that I was not anticipating, which heightened my enjoyment. The romance felt natural and progressed at a good pace.

The chemistry between the two leads was wonderful, and they balanced each other well. It is a journey full of angst, fun, hope, happiness, sadness, and everything in between.

I recommend Jillaroo from Jacaranda to readers who enjoy heart-warming romances, and fans of Mandy Magro.

Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins Publishers for the opportunity to read and

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Jillaroo From Jacaranda

  1. Thank you for the copy of Jillaroo from Jacaranda by Mandy Magro.

    This is the story of Rose Jones who has just broken up with her fiance and needs to reset her life. She is a barrel racer, but has to sort her other jobs. Then she meets Ty Parker who is a bull riding champ and he offers her a place to stay to do some writing and sort out her life. Ty also has his issues from his military time and problems with his ex-wife. They form a firm friendship and there is definitely chemistry, but can they trust these feelings or do they need to work on themselves first?

    I enjoyed the build up of Rose and Ty’s friendship and the lovely rural landscape descriptions. It is a sweet story and I would recommend for any rural romance fans.

  2. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Jillaroo from Jacaranda by Mandy Magro. This book is stand alone but it is also the sequel to Jacaranda which was the story of Molly – Rose’s Mum.
    Rose has recently broken up with her fiancé and meets Ty Parker who spends Xmas with her family – Ty then offers her refuge at his property while she sorts her life out – Ty is also recovering from a bad marriage and then sparks fly between the pair of them – this was a great relaxing read and I also took the opportunity to read Jacaranda.

  3. I’m really happy to be apart of the Jillaroo from Jacaranda by Mandy Magro book club! I’ve read other books by Mandy Magro before and I really enjoy the writing style. Its well written and a very relaxing read.
    The story of Rose who needs a break and Ty who can help her heal and could use a good friend himself, it has a nice build up and rhythm throughout the story but I did find it a little unrealistic just when I remembered that rose is only 22 but you get the feeling she would be more mid to late 20’s
    A great read that anyone that loves a good rural romance will be into

  4. Jillaroo from Jacaranda is a lovely Aussie outback romance.
    The horse-loving pair of Rose and Ty are both champions in their field – strong individuals who have problems from the past that must be overcome. It’s an easy-to-read novel, a touch predictable but I enjoyed getting to know the characters, and the journey set amongst the bush countryside.
    If you love Aussie writing and romances, this is definitely one for you. I would recommend!

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review this. Congratulations to Mandy Magro on publishing 20 novels – how amazing – I am in awe at this achievement.

  5. Thank you for this book reading opportunity.

    The book is a sweet and romantic rural story.
    It’s a perfect book to read during the holidays. It is an easy and pleasant read, and easy to follow the storyline.

    I liked the rural setting and the Australian outback characters.
    It’s a book that is a good read, with romance in the Australian outback, this is a good one to relax and unwind with, and enjoy.

  6. Mandy is back with yet another Aussie rural romance with the same charming characters.
    I liked how easy it was to read and follow the characters emotions like I was one of them, before I knew it I was able to finish the book with a heart full of love.

    The main characters Rose and TY are so relatable while they are recovering from their heartbreak and doing everything to not fall for each other but can’t. All the supporting characters are interesting too be it Ty’s sister or Rose’s big family. I loved every chapter of this book and can’t wait to read another one.

  7. How have I not read a Mandy Magro book before? I really enjoyed reading this on our last trip away, a great weekend book. Cover looks good too!
    Mandy describes her characters and situations perfectly while not being over the top. I loved the outback setting especially and that the story unfolded but didn’t take a path that was predictable along the way. The ending, yes, but how it eventuated and got to that point was very enjoyable.
    Perhaps I shall read another if they are not all typical love stories and eye rolling scenes that I thought they were. The covers are really eye catching as well!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Jillaroo from Jacaranda is by Australian author Mandy Margo. I have read other books by her and each time I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Jillaroo from Jacaranda is about Rose Jones who lives in Jacaranda, Queensland and is a champion barrel racer. Her Fiance Findlay wants her to give up her barrel racing and to stay at home. This type of life is not for Rose and she breaks off the engagement.

    Rose meets Ty Parker who is a bull riding champion and they form a friendship and she needs to sort her life out and Ty offers her a place to stay on his property. Here she can work out what she wants to do and get back to her writing. Ty is also trying to sort his life out with a bad marriage and issues that he has from being in the military.

    They become great friends and there is definitely chemistry between them but Rose was not wanting to start a new relationship. Do they fall for each other or should they work on themselves first?

    The story is full of sadness, happiness, hope and romance and a wonderful ending.

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