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Author: Petra James
Illustrator: Alissa Dinallo
ISBN: 9781760784386
RRP: $14.99
Publication Date: 26 March 2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

This guest review was submitted by Deb Mitchell, one of our Beauty and Lace Club members. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Deb. I must say that I think this one would make a PERFECT Mother’s Day gift so the timing is spot on. I have been meaning to get it out and talk about it as a Mother’s Day option. Now I will definitely have to pull it out and look at it with my own children.

Many of my happiest moments as a Mum are when I am reading with my children. This is such a special time, an opportunity to be close together, to concentrate on an activity and to talk and play without any other care in the world. This book, I Love My Mum Because, brings all of these moments together in a beautiful activity book that my daughter has enjoyed completing and presenting to me.

At first glance, this book is a celebration, perhaps a memoir of how my children view me, what they like about me as their Mum, and what they wish for me. There are games, colouring in pages, drawing spaces and opportunities for reflection. However, on closer perusal, as a parent I can see so much more in these pages. This book is not only fun and entertaining, it provides subtle areas of education for the children. I asked my daughter to be very careful with her drawing as Mummy wants to keep this book for a long time, she needs to do her best drawings for me. Lucy had to think of how to finish the sentence My Mummy Is (for which she wrote ‘The Best Mummy Ever’ – bless her!) There is an opportunity for Lucy to write her wishes for Mummy, apparently we need to play more Monopoly and Mum to do less jobs. I also liked the rainbow of emotions as this is similar to the lessons learned at school, teaching children ways to describe how they are feeling. I also adore the tracing of hands on the last page, I can put my hand over Lucy’s and imagine I can hold on tight.

This is a beautiful book and one I will treasure forever. The author Petra James has asked the children open questions which require thoughtful answer, as well as educating the children with different languages, instructions to be followed and plenty of opportunities to practice handwriting and colouring in skills.

Alissa Dinallo has illustrated this book beautifully with many bright and colourful pictures. The mix of fonts on each page and the pencil drawings appealed to my young daughter, I think perhaps making the pictures more relatable to what she is able to draw at her age. I really liked the inside cover of colourful squiggles, and to receive this book from the publishing house wrapped in the same squiggly paper was delightful.

Thank you to Pan McMillan Australia and Beauty and Lace Book Club for the opportunity to read, play with and review this beautiful lovely book. I will treasure the memories of my daughter at this young age, her drawings, handwriting and efforts at spelling that are now a part of this lovely book.

I Love My Mum Because is published by Pan Macmillan and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading I Love My Mum Because with their little ones so please be aware the review may be written by a child.


13 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: I Love My Mum Because

  1. I Love my Mum Because is a beautiful book and the perfect gift for mothers day! The delivery in itself was perfect with the book being neatly wrapped with a hand written card.

    I have four children from 1-10 and there is a little something for all of them (the younger ones with adult help of course!)

    I am really looking forward to seeing what my children have come up with as the book seems to have disappeared and all I could hear was them assigning pages to each child. I feel like I have received two gifts in one this month!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this book!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful book! I love my mum because is a lovely gift for any mum that they will treasure for many years..

    This book caters to all age groups (with adult help for the younger ones) and allows an opportunity for children to learn whilst creating something special for mum.

    My children and I completed some activities together and some with my husband and they had so much fun whilst doing it.

    Something special that every mum deserves to receive from their child!

  3. What a thoughtfully prepared and educational book I found this to be. Not only did it give me an insight to my 5 year olds thinking, but also helped us to understand one another better.
    I Love My Mum Because, was so much fun to read and explore with my little boy. I highly recommend this as a gift for any Mum, or for a husband to complete with their child to give as a gift to a mum.

    This will be something that I treasure forever, and also something that I can look back at with my boy when he is older.

  4. Thank you so much BeautyandLace for the opportunity to review I Love my Mum Because. This has arrived in perfect time for Mother’s Day and would make a beautiful gift and keep sake for mums. Although, it’s not just reserved for Mothers Day, it would also be a perfect gift for other occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or really any time you want to spoil the special mum in your life.
    My hubby has squirreled this book away to not spoil the surprise for me but I did get a quick look through at some of the pages.

    This gorgeous book includes activities that can be completed independently for an older child, but with some assistance would also suit younger children as well. In general, I think this would suit children from 3 and above, my children are aged 4 and 8 years.

    I love that each book will be unique gift for each mum as your child will create, write and illustrate something that is special to you.

    I can’t wait to receive this special book and I know it’s going to be something I’ll treasure for a very long time.

  5. This was such a magical experience to create memories that last forever. While at this age children do hold their moms as the center of their universe , I often find myself behind the camera in most family photos. This book was a way to make moms take center stage and enjoy the love and admiration of their little ones for a while! The book is a beautiful tool in helping families create magical memories to last a lifetime in an absolutely gorgeous keepsake book.
    This book will make an absolutely perfect gift to moms on Mother’s day, birthdays or even on the birth of a baby. Absolutely loved the beautiful gift wrap! Was such a delight to share in the reading and making of this book with my husband and children. And was a wonderful early mother’s day gift!

  6. Thank you so much for letting us review this book. This the most beautiful keepsake.

    My 7yo daughter actually took it upon herself to complete it herself (with some help from Daddy for a couple of things). This is because she wanted to give it to me for Mother’s Day. She even left a few pages so that we could do them together on Mother’s Day. It is so beautifully worded and illustrated. Such a pleasure to read through and look and discuss at all the different things my daughter added to it. It was amazing how it shows what my daughter is thinking about. It really showed me how kind and thoughtful she is.

    this would be a wonderful book for any mother or even grandma.

  7. What a great mother’s day present this was. As my kids are older I gave this to my niece to fill out for her mum. She had the best time drawing, filling it in, colouring and gave it to her mum for mother’s day. Needless to say she loved it. What a great book for birthdays, mother’s days or just to have as a keepsake. Great book,

  8. What an amazing book I Love My Mum Because is. My daughter is six years old and just started school and was able to write in it and do the activities. It will forever be a beautiful keepsake.
    Thank you so much Beauty and Lace.

  9. This is such a great book. My son loved it and sat with his Dad to fill it in. I love that it had activities in it which kept him entertained. While I’m sure my son does love me, I doubt it would have kept him interested for very long if it was just him writing in pages of how much he loves me. It’s a fantastic book to take away on trips.

  10. I Love My Mum Because is a beautiful gift book which allows the giver to write touching notes, stories, and pictures.
    My 4 year old daughter and I completed the book together to give to my mother for mothers day.
    It felt like such a momentous gift. It provided A range of opportunities to write and record special touches.
    I really enjoyed the opportunity to complete this book with my daughter.
    thank you beauty and lace.

  11. I Love My Mum Because was a beautifully presented book, wrapped carefully in child drawn gift paper and tied off with a card. I was very excited to open it and see what was inside. The cover was lovely, bright and colourful, the first pages provided a great activity for my child to record a drawing of themselves and me, there was also a space for them toward the end of the book for them to trace their hand, things that could be kept forever and revisited later as the child grew up.
    Unfortunately, the activities in the book became impersonal, it was more an activity book than a keepsake, though, many of the activities too difficult for younger children and none of them “keep forever” worthy.
    Overall, the idea of the book as a keepsake is great, however, more activities on a personal level would have made this book a mothers gem to cherish forever.

  12. I loved this little book – I Love My Mum Because by Petra James. It is beautifully illustrated by Alissa Dinallo. This book is such a great keepsake and would make a lovely present for a child to give to their Mummy or even to give for a baby present etc. Thanks Beauty & Lace and Pan MacMillan. I also thought it was very well priced at $14.99.

  13. I love my Mum Because by Petra James. What a beautiful book. This is so much more then a book it is now a loving piece of art that my kids completed just for me.
    My boys (5 &3) took great joy in completing all the pages, drawing, colouring, counting and so much more. It was the perfect mothers day gift.
    Beautifully illustrated and a living breathing piece of my children’s heart.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Pan MacMillan. for the opportunity to review this book and well done on an amazing piece.

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