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Author: Marion Lennox
ISBN: 978148925654
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 19 November 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Marion Lennox is an international bestselling romance author that I have not yet read. Home to Turtle Bay is her latest release and is a multi-generational romantic comedy set in an Australian farming community on the coast.

Dr Jennifer Kelly has reached the pinnacle of her career as a successful Manhattan obstetrician, complete with ambitious, blue–blooded fiancé. After a desolate childhood with a distant grandmother, life seems everything she’s ever wanted.

When a grandfather she’s never heard of leaves her a dairy farm on an isolated Australian island – plus one depressed dog, thirty geriatric cows and a bunch of ancient surfboards – she plans a quick trip to put the farm up for sale. Her aloof, socialite grandmother Muriel is appalled, yet insists on accompanying her.

Once there, Jenny finds herself caught, by cows, by turtles – and by Jack McLachlan, the overworked island doctor who desperately needs her help. Muriel’s caught too, with ghosts of her wartime past threatening to crack the shell she’s built with such dedication and care.

But isn’t Manhattan their home? How can two women give up the perfect world they’ve worked so hard for by taking a chance on…life?

Marion Lennox can be found on Facebook and her Website

Home to Turtle Bay is published by Harlequin and is available now through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Harlequin 10 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading Home to Turtle Bay so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Home to Turtle Bay

  1. I love a good romance and work in the medical field so the combination of a medical love story was a big win for me.
    I loved the fact that family/heritage and the simple pleasures in life won out over a highly successful, fast pace, busy city life and career.
    Sometimes getting away from the fast paced lifestyle and back to nature shows us what is really important in our lives and what is most meaningful. It opens our eyes to where we choose to spend our time and love.
    Jenny managed to find a truer love and more meaningful career back in her REAL homeland.
    Beautifully written love story .

  2. Home to Turtle Bay was the first book by Marion Lennox that I have read and it definitely won’t be the last!
    I was hooked from the very start that I finished it in one sitting. It was very easy to read and Marion made me fall in love with all of the characters. Definitely recommend!

    By Marion Lennox

    Thank you to beauty and lace and hallequin books for giving me the opportunity to read a 5* book! I read the back of this book and thought it sounded ok. I had not read any of Marion’s books and I did not know what to expect. But I definitely was very impressed and will be looking for more of Marion’s books.

    By the 4th chapter I could not put the book down. I needed to invest myself into the lives of Jenny and Jack. Each page I was able to paint a picture in my head of the scene that is being described.

    Yay! For Isabella but I have to say Bridget was my favourite character along with Drifter. A dogs love is like no other!
    Ps now I would love to learn to surf!

    I read this book within 2 days and it left me feeling happy (hopeless romantic I am) and this book is definitely an easy romantic read. Highly recommend this book.

  4. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin for allowing me to review “Home to Turtle Bay” by Marion Lennox.

    The story of Dr Jennifer Kelly (“Jenny”), a prestigious and successful obstetrician to the very wealthy of New York and Manhattan. Engaged to Richard, a surgeon at the top of his game. Her life was going the way she planned, that was until she found out the grandfather, Henry, who she never knew about, had left her his estate, a dairy farm and surf school on beautiful Turtle Bay located on Nautilus Island, and an Australian Island at that, many kilometres from where she currently called home.

    She was brought up by her wealthy grandmother, Muriel, after the death of her mother, and never having a father figure in her life, it was a distant childhood, with no affection or compassion shown to her by her grandmother.

    Jenny travels to Turtle Bay with the plan to sell and her grandmother follows her. She plans to be there a very short time, organise the sale and get back to her normal lifestyle and a very important birth of one of her clients, that is until Muriel falls ill and they are both bound to stay for 6 weeks.

    Then there is Dr Jack McLachlan, who Jenny has a love/hate relationship with. Jack is the local Dr, surfer, casual milker and all time rounder good guy.

    In the 6 weeks Jenny begins to uncover some long hidden secrets and truths about the past of her mother, grandmother and grandfather and she begins to really learn the history of the Island and wonders if it really is that bad. Not only does Jenny begin to realise what her life is really about but Muriel also has ghosts of the past return to haunt her which she needs to sort out to be able to move on with things. Both Jenny and Muriel really start to find their feet and enjoy Island life and what it has to offer and also begin to have a real relationship with each other.

    Does Jenny sell and go back to the way life was in Manhattan or does she stay as she feels she finally has found her “home”?

    I really enjoyed Home to Turtle Bay. I am not usually a romance reader and was a little sceptical at first but thanks to Beauty and Lace and having to review it I was so glad this one come my way. It was a nice easy read, hard to put down and a lovely storyline.

  5. Wow what a story!
    I read this in a day I couldn’t put it down!

    Jenny thought her life was set…a fiancé a career and a plan . Fate had its own idea though. The suspense in what actually happened between Muriel and Henry it really added another dimension to the storyline and
    All the characters were so well written I loved them all this book left me with a feel good buzz ❤️❤️
    I’ll Definately be on the lookout for more of Marion’s books in the future!

  6. Home to Turtle Bay is certainly a story that would touch everyone”s heart. I thoroughly enjoyed taking in and imagining the breathtaking scenery that was described throughout the whole story. Dr Jennifer Kelly’s adventure from living the high life in America and taking on an inheritance located on an isolated beautiful island off the coast of Australia gives the story a lot of excitement and intrigue. Her aloof grandmother adds an interesting mix to their relationship. The two woman are confronted with their lives taking an unexpected turn and the story revolves around how they cope throughout their individual life changing experiences.The story had a few lighthearted and funny moments with a mix of anticipation of what would happen next between Dr Kelly being engaged to an ambitious high flying surgeon back home to meeting Dr Jack McLachlan, the overworked island doctor who desperately needs help. It has quite an interesting twist at the end so it made it an interesting book to read right to the end. I found I could relate so much to the characters because the author made the characters so true to life. I think that most people reading this book would find they have come across family or situations in their lives similar to whats portrayed in the book. Great Read.

  7. Beauty and Lace has sent me back to print and it is a lovely change to my beloved Kindle. Balancing the book while reading in bed took effort. It is physically a large book! Gosh, I loved this story and I will be seeking Marion Lennox’s extensive backlist. Jenny and Jack truly deserve love and family in their lives. One wonders how different Jenny’s childhood would have been in the hands of a loving grandfather. Dysfunctional families often feature in fiction and those included here are explored extensively, across generations. Lately I have read a number of surfing themed works and I love such settings. The definitions at the start of each chapter are an intriguing extra. Readers may assume an understanding of the surfing world beyond personal experience. Medically themed stories appeal to me and are central to this plot while covering two continents, different specialities and levels of service provision. This book uses a favourite device of mine with letters included in the text that link generations and family history. I was confident of a HEA and felt it was a natural outcome for what I consider a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ read.

  8. Thank you Harlequin and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this delightful book.
    Marion Lennox is a new author to me, and one I will be looking out for in the future.
    Home to Turtle Bay tells the story of Dr Jennifer Kelly, a successful obstetrician in Manhattan. Engaged to a neurosurgeon, she is career minded and content with her life when she discovers she has inherited a dairy farm and surf school on a small island off Australia from the grandfather she never knew she had.
    Jennifer has a very cold, distant grandmother, Muriel, and I admit that I did struggle at times with their relationship and the sheer dislike and animosity that Muriel treated Jennifer with.
    The journey of self discovery once Jennifer arrives on the island drew me in, with developing relationships and a growing sense of who she really wants to be. I enjoyed the interactions with the islanders, particularly the lovely Dr Jack!
    I would recommend this book, it has humour, drama, love, beautifully depicted countryside, cows, turtles and a dog! What more could you want in a book? 4 stars.

  9. Who doesn’t love a good romance novel and Home to Turtle Bay by Marion Lennox doesn’t disappoint the hopeless romantic in me. I was captivated from the start and if I could have have put my feet up for a day, I would finished it in a few days,
    It was one of those books that I felt invested in the characters and hoped that true everlasting love would prevail. I loved the beach/country setting and the surfing lingo/references was a quirky addition to the start of each chapter.

    I thorughly enjoyed reading Home to Turtle Bay by Marion Lennox, it really did touch my heart, like a modern day fairy tale with a happy ending!
    Thanks so much Beauty and Lace and Harlequin for another great read!

  10. Home to Turtle Bay was a beautiful introduction to the writing of Marion Lennox.

    Dr Jennifer Kelly thought she had her life all planned out when she received an unexpected inheritance from her grandfather, who was unknown to her. A journey of self discovery begins, and I thoroughly enjoyed travelling along with her through it all.
    I loved the setting of Nautilus Island, beautifully depicted, with its suspicious locals, turtles, cows and a dashing doctor.

    This book delivered an engaging story, with wonderfully written character development, humour, drama and love. 4 stars!

  11. Home to Turtle Bay by Marion Lennox.

    Thank you Harlequin and Beauty and Lace.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful story of change and growth.
    I found myself falling in love with the environment and the people.
    This would be my dream life, Marion painted a wonderful,clear picture of how great life will be when this busy Doctor learns to relax and truly be a local.
    Could not put it down and was left feeling great. Thanks

    By Marion Lennox

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book. I started reading it on Boxing Day, as I planned to relax and read all day. I must admit, when we were introduced to the characters in the first chapter I was worried they were a little shallow and superficial. I thought this might be an indication of what the book would be like. I was wrong. By the time I had read a couple of chapters, I was hooked. I ended up having 2 glorious days on the couch reading a lovely book. The visual imagery was amazing. I felt that I went on a trip to Turtle Bay. I could just about taste the salt in the air! This was a beautiful story of love and loss, hurt and forgiveness. A wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  13. Home to Turtle Bay was my introduction to the author, Marion Lennox, and what an introduction!

    Home to Turtle Bay had a genuine depth to it and touched upon some tough topics such as conservation, PTSD and the effects it has on the family and friends as well as individuals, small town mindedness and gossip and the harm it can cause as well as ‘community spirit’ and the desperate need that rural and isolated areas have for those in the medical profession. All of this was tackled in a manner that didn’t come across as preachy – which is a tough call.
    You could really feel the main character’s inner turmoil and struggle between what she ‘should’ do and what she discovered that she really wanted to do.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace Bookclub and Harlequin for allowing me to read and review this book and for introducing me to another wonderful author.

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