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Author: Meredith Appleyard
ISBN: 9781489254573
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 18 March 2019
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Meredith Appleyard is a South Australian author whose early career offers a wealth of inspiration for her novels.

Home at Last is the newest release and one I’m sure our readers will love.

Publisher’s Website Overview:

Flying solo can be harder than it looks … A warm-hearted rural romance about finding your way home.

Flying solo for the first time had been the greatest high of Anna Kelly’s life. So when the chance of a dream job as a pilot with the Royal Flying Doctor Service comes up she takes it, even though she has to leave her home in Adelaide and move to remote Broken Hill – a place she had hoped she would never see again.

The bad memories the town provokes remind Anna why she keeps men at arm’s length but as her work proves fulfilling, her housemate becomes a friend and a warm community grows around her, Anna is surprised to discover that Broken Hill is starting to feel like home.

But there is no such thing as plain sailing and with errant mothers, vengeful ex-patients and determined exes on the prowl, life is becoming increasingly complicated. More than that, the distractingly attractive Flight Nurse Nick Harrison seems keen to get to know her better, and he has a way of finding a path through her defences. But will he still want her if the truth comes out?

But there is no such thing as plain sailing and with errant mothers, vengeful ex-patients and determined exes on the prowl, life is becoming increasingly complicated. More than that, the distractingly attractive Flight Nurse Nick Harrison seems keen to get to know her better, and he has a way of finding a path through her defences. But will he still want her if the truth comes out?

Meredith Appleyard can be followed on Facebook and her Website.

Thanks to Harlequin MIRA 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading Home At Last and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

Home At Last is available now through Harlequin MIRA and where all good books are sold.

13 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Home At Last

  1. An easy read for a lazy day.
    The lead characters, Royal Flying Doctors pilot, Anna Kelly and Flight Nurse Nick Harrison reconnect in their old home town of Broken Hill but have a lot of history to deal with before their romance can progress.
    The author keeps the story rolling with the Aussie outback and many medical emergencies giving the reader an insight into the work of the RFD and the life of a shift worker.
    The short chapters and time lapses keep the reader interested in the plot which has many twists with a demanding ex-wife, family responsibility and a deep secret blocking the romance.
    Luckily they all live happily ever after.

  2. I really enjoyed this book. I started & finished it all in 1 night, it was an easy flowing read. A little predictable but in a good way. Definitely recommend!

  3. A lovely light romance revolving around the life of pilot Anna and nurse Nick who both work for Broken Hill hospital and Royal Flying Doctor Service. Working along side each other and reassessing a past connection at high school, both have returned to Broken Hill for work with different life they have left behind.
    The story connect some of the dots over time but not without some heartache on each side and secrets revealed. Throw in local friendships and family issues and this story evolves.
    A nice warm and fuzzy story but equally a very good read. A well worth read too.

  4. This is Meredith’s fourth book, of which I have read three and have enjoyed them all.

    Set in Broken Hill it is the story of Anna Kelly, pilot with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

    Anna grew up in Broken Hill and left town, vowing never to return but her dream job comes up and return she does. There she meets Nick Harrison, also a local that moved away and has returned. Nick wants to get to get to know her and Anna is determined to keep it strictly professional. Working together, each comes to understand the pressures of the jobs they each do. There are twists and turns that have you guessing what will happen. No spoilers, read the book!
    The blurb on the back says; ‘But there is no such things as plain sailing and with errant mothers, vengeful ex-patients and determined exes on the prowl, life is becoming increasingly complicated.’ This is only some of the things that happen.
    Beautifully written, Meredith makes you feel that you are there and the characters are part of your life. I will admit to wanting to shake both Anna and Nick.

  5. Anna has spent her life staying away from Broken Hill where she spent her final year of high school and fell hard for a married man. After falling pregnant while still at school, Anna’s parents offered no support, but older sister, Therese stepped up.
    Her daughter, Izzy, is now 15 and Anna is a pilot with the Royal Flying Doctor Service who finds herself working back in Broken Hill. Anna discovers she can’t continue to run from her past and a fellow student, Nick, is now working as a flight nurse also back in Broken Hill. Although Anna doesn’t remember Nick, he remembers her, but is still dealing with ramifications of his marriage break-up and high-maintenance wife back in Sydney.
    Home At Last is a story of secrets kept that were always going to be revealed. It is also about finding that place that is truly home, even if it may not have felt like it decades before. Meredith Appleyard is a beautiful writer, but the story finishes the way you believe it will from the moment Anna and Nick meet, although there are plenty of dramas along the way.
    Being a big supporter of the RFDS, I found the medical and RFDS storyline the most interesting aspect of Home At Last, with the love story supporting this main storyline. I found the ending a little unsatisfying, though, as I’m always wanting to know more and I want to know whether this could truly be a case of happily ever after…
    Definitely a book you need to reserve a full day for because you won’t want to put it down once you start reading.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harlequin Mira for the chance to review this book.

  6. Great long weekend read whilst I was camping.
    Story revolves around Broken Hill and The Royal Flying Doctors and the main characters Anna and Nick who have their secrets – a great insight to the wonderful work the RFDS provide to the people of the outback.
    A nice easy read – I really enjoyed it

  7. Home at Last is an easy, holiday read, It gives the reader a great insight into the workings of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and how important they are for rural Australians, Although the storyline is a predictable, there are enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. Great book to take on holidays.

  8. This book meanders along. I enjoyed it, but – I’ll be honest – it wasn’t the gripping novel I’ve become used to with Beauty and Lace books. That said, it was a lovely story, a nice light romance, with some twists along the way. I kept thinking of people I knew who’d absolutely love this book and I will definitely be recommending it to them. In fact, anyone who loves a gentle, rural romance would certainly really enjoy it!

  9. Thank you for this book reading opportunity which I enjoyed incredibly.

    This book is an easy simple read, but don’t be fooled, it is exciting and romantic and adventurous too!

    I loved the main characters and the lives they live. The book held my interest from the first page and had me captivated until the end.

    I loved the relationships and the work that the main characters are involved in. I loved the hint of romance, and what may or may not happen.

    I would recommend this book for anyone going away on a relaxing holiday, when you can put your feet up, drink some tea (or something stronger!) and just read and read and enjoy this story! Pure bliss!

    Oh, and, this book makes me want to join the RFDS too 🙂

  10. Home At Last by Meredith Appleyard is a light and easy to read book that you can sit down with on a rainy Sunday and finish that same day. Anna is a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and I really enjoyed this aspect as it’s not one I see or read about often. To have a different occupation really grabbed my attention when I read the blurb, and to then also have Nick who is the Flight Nurse and going through those situations was also good for something different to read about. I had a feeling that these two would somehow find each other, and when I found out that Nick knew Anna I had that ‘aha’ moment, but it’s not all perfect to begin with, as there is a bit of a past involved. I liked those moments where it makes sense, and the hope that this romance will go through, some twists to a somewhat predictable storyline, however I still enjoyed it. You will have to read to find out, and it’s a light enjoyable romantic read at that. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Home At Last.

  11. Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and kept me engaged. I finished it in a few days. Will keep an eye out for more books from this author!

  12. A lovely light romance novel set in Broken Hill. Not my usual choice of book, but I really enjoyed it.

    I love the role reversal. Anna is a fiercely independent single mother, working as a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Nick is a nurse with a huge crush on Anna. I loved how Nick was more interested than Anna, and was emotionally involved from early on. Anna was reluctant to let anyone get close to her, even drinks after work with colleagues was to be avoided. With trust issues, a determination not to have any fun whatsoever, and an obsession with keeping all personal information about herself absolutely private, it’s not easy for Nick to convince Anna to let him into her life. Even when he gets into her bed, she still wont confide in him.

    The RFDS flights out to various properties added some drama and were very interesting. Great supporting characters, an good plot, a very enjoyable read.

  13. Once I started reading this book I was through it in no time as I found it a really enjoyable book. Home at Last follows the story of Anna Kelly and Nick Harrison. Anna is a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctors service and Nick is a flight nurse and they are both based out of Broken Hill. Nick grew up in Broken Hill and Anna lived for a short time in Broken Hill when her father was the principal of the local High school. The chemistry between Nick and Anna is obvious but both are holding back with their own secrets that could end up jeopardising their budding romance. It is a nice easy read that gives an interesting insight into the Royal Flying Doctors service. A great book for anyone who loves a rural romance.

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