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Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
ISBN: 9781760559502
RRP: $32.99
Publication Date: 26 March 2019
Pan Macmillan
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Jaclyn Moriarty is an award-winning Australian author who writes bestselling novels for both young adults and adults.

Gravity is the Thing is her latest release and it’s one with a premise that intrigues me.

The idea of a brother disappearing terrifies me, but to think it’s connected to the random arrival of self-help chapters is certainly intriguing.

I may be way too fond of the horror genre but the idea of heading off on an all expenses paid retreat to learn the truth behind the self-help book would raise massive alarm bells and I don’t think I’d be rushing off to do it. I will just have to dive into Gravity is the Thing and find out how it all comes together. I can’t wait to hear what our readers thought.

Publisher’s Website Overview:

Abigail Sorensen has spent her life trying to unwrap the events of 1990.

It was the year she started receiving random chapters from a self-help book called The Guidebook in the post.

It was also the year Robert, her brother, disappeared on the eve of her sixteenth birthday.

She believes the absurdity of The Guidebook and the mystery of her brother’s disappearance must be connected.

Now thirty-five, owner of The Happiness Café and mother of four-year-old Oscar, Abigail has been invited to learn the truth behind The Guidebook at an all-expenses-paid retreat.

What she finds will be unexpected, life-affirming, and heartbreaking.

A story with extraordinary heart, warmth and wisdom.

Gravity is the Thing is published by Pan Macmillan and is available now where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading Gravity is the Thing and I can’t wait to hear what our readers thought.

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Gravity is the Thing

  1. Gravity is the thing was a good read i liked how some chapters where only a page long, the story as about abi, who was a lawyer, and now runs happiness cafe on the lower north shore in Sydney.
    abi started recieving chapters from the Guidebook in the 90’s with instructions on task to compete, now she has been given an all expense paid retreat to learn the truth about the guide book,
    there they play games like blowing balloons, make paper planes etc, Abi does reflect on her brother Robert and how sick he was,
    she also talks about her son Oscar
    she also explains about her lessons in flight meditations,
    this book some how reminded me when i started receiving pages from a book called the secret’
    but unlike Abi i just throw them away and dismissed them.
    i would have to say it was a pleasure reading this book

  2. This is the first book of Jaclyn Moriarty’s that I have read and I
    I found Gravity is the Thing an interestingly written, insightful book exploring many issues such as grief, loss, single parenthood, relationships, hope and happiness. It is wryly written with humour looking at the world through the eyes of Abi. an ex lawyer, who runs The Happiness Cafe as she finds her way through life trying to find meaning, self fulfillment and happiness.
    I enjoyed reading this book and I thank Beauty and Lace for the opportunity.

  3. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pan MacMillan Australian for the opportunity to read Gravity is the thing by Jaclyn Moriarty.


    The best way to describe this book is:

    Creative * Quirky * Heart breaking * Interesting * Unique * Thought provoking


    Gravity is the thing is about a single mother trying to find meaning to her life after some very heartbreaking experiences. The first starting with the disappearance of her brother at the age of 15 years old. How do you move forward with your life when the closest person in your life disappears?


    This book made me laugh out loud, it made me cry and even on occasion thinking ‘WHAT ON EARTH did I just read?’. I found the story unpredictable and completely unexpected. I was really interested how the story would continue right from the end of part 1 of the book!! What a unique concept!


  4. Thank you for the chance to read Gravity is the Thing.

    This book was not what I expected. From reading about Abigail receiving self help book chapters I was thinking I’d learn about why she was specifically chosen to get these and when she went on the retreat to find out the truth it would be some internal search. It didn’t feel like this initially. I felt it was a bit crazy, her going in the first place, strange activities and then the aftermath.

    The more information we received it did make sense. The story of her brother Robert was very emotional for many reasons, including everybody’s reactions.

    Abigail’s son Oscar was sweet and made me see how much work being a single parent is, but how rewarding also. Abigail’s cafe The Happiness Cafe was an interesting concept – I wonder how well it would work.

    The book did skip around in Abigail’s thoughts a lot which was a bit interesting at first, but as we got more of the story, became easier to navigate. Definitely a quirky read, but one I would recommend as thought provoking and interesting.

  5. Gravity Is the Thing is a heart-warming novel about the search for happiness, I can’t wait to see what Jaclyn Moriarty does next.
    Abigail Sorensen is the main character, she is now 35 and is searching for answers from her brother’s death 20 years ago when she was about to turn 16.She is a café owner and a single mum with a 4 year old son.
    The storyline is quite an original one and actually like nothing I have read before. Another one I could not put down it had my heart hurting with sadness at times and my tummy sore from laughing at others. Thank you!

  6. What an interesting read!
    I still can’t decide if I enjoyed it or not… it was very different to what I thought it would be and kept me guessing until the end so it was definitely intriguing. The book is about a single mother called Abigail who lives in Sydney. Abigail is a former lawyer who opened a cafe called ‘The Happiness Cafe’ after going through a divorce. When Abigail was quite young 3 things happened that impacted her life which she feels are all connected. Her brother Robert was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she started receiving random chapters from a self-help book called ‘The Guidebook’ and then suddenly her brother disappeared. Move forward almost 20 years and Abigail has been receiving these chapters all these years but is still no closer to finding out where her brother is. She then receives an invitation to learn the truth about the Guidebook. Will the truth bring her any closer to finding Robert?
    I found the story a bit strange, definitely unique but at times it was almost over-descriptive which I found a bit tedious and I struggled to get through some of it. However, I persevered and although some things were finished off/tied up nicely I was left feeling almost unsatisfied. I think I just found the concept too strange for my liking so I couldn’t get my head around it enough. That is just my opinion though and it sounds like others really enjoyed this book which is great as we can’t all enjoy the same thing!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this Beauty and Lace and Pan MacMillan Australia.

  7. This is the first book I’ve read by Jaclyn Moriarty and to be honest it took a few chapters for me to get ‘into it.’ It was ok, certainly not a gripping page turner. I liked how as the book went on you learnt more about Abi’s past and the puzzle pieces came together re: The Guidebook .

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pan MacMillan Australian for the opportunity to read Gravity is the Thing..

  8. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan Australia, I was so lucky to be chosen to read and review the following absolute gem of a read, Gravity Is the Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty.
    I’m new to Jaclyn Moriarty, I’ve seen the name before but unfortunately, haven’t read any of her books until this one. And am I forever thankful that I’m now introduced to Jaclyn’s relatable style of writing.
    I loved the way Jaclyn wrote about Abigail, bringing me into the folds of Abigail’s life; happiness, sadness and loss, all experienced by me and which are all a normal part of everyone’s life. One specific loss I found myself contemplating as it’s so relatable to a story in the Press right now. A family is trying to handle life, as authorities search for their missing son, brother, who disappeared 3 weeks ago. This kind of let me have insight into what they must be feeling at this moment and maybe a look into their future, if he is never found, a massive loss with no closure. Along with this, I was also taken on a mystery journey, in Abigail’s shoes, as ‘The Guidebook’ drip-fed its writings into the main character’s life and adding the spice of different people, met along the way.
    Gravity Is the Thing being one read I believe most will happily read and love. I found it hard to put down and many nights fell asleep, only to wake with the book open on my face. After the experience I’ve had with my first Jaclyn Moriarty book, I know I’ll be chasing down other fiction under her name.

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