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Author: Belinda Davidson
ISBN: 9781760787721
Copy courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia

Belinda kindly shares her story with us in ‘Find Your Light.’

She tells us all about her childhood and the amazing and also scary happenings that went on in her life.  She explains how her psychic gift was not something that adults appreciated or accepted and so her gifts often lead her to be in trouble. 

As she became older and more able to investigate things for herself she learnt how to control her gift, and so she shares in this book the things she has learnt, especially her knowledge of chakras and how we can all learn to heal our own.

Belinda runs through lists of questions that we can ask ourselves to self assess what areas need working on. There are also a few pages in the back of the book where you can write your own note

If you are interested in the spiritual and perhaps in furthering your own psychic abilities then this is certainly a book that will be of great help to you. Belinda gives a step by step rundown of a 45min Chakra cleansing which I am very interested in investing the time to do for myself.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading  Find Your Light – How to heal your shadow and your life By Belinda Davidson. You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Find Your Light

  1. Find Your Light by Belinda Davidson was a real eye opener for me. I loved reading about her childhood and how she new she was different from the age of 2. As scary and frightening as it was for her to learn about her abilities, I think any other path would not have led to her amazing gift today.
    This is a very easy read, that kept me wanting to know more. I loved reading about the 12 chakras and I actually found myself doing a cleanse meditation. Not sure how much that helped me but I am willing to stick with it to see if I can make a few changes in my own life.
    Thank you Belinda and B&L

  2. I enjoyed reading about Belinda Davidson’s life in the first part of her book, Finding Your Light. However I am unable to grasp her concept of past lives being responsible for all our current problems, in many cases, multiple past lives.

    I’m also unable to accept that drugs such as LSD can “provide a spiritual and liberating experience.” This horrifies me even though she clarifies it by saying “when used carefully.”

    I have no doubt about the author’s abilities and the potential to assist but I feel that any relatively serious concern needs to be addressed through specialist areas rather than via a self help book.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Macmillan for the opportunity to read this book.

  3. I have followed Belinda Davidson since July 2013 when I did her free chakra course. I felt my life needed grounding and balancing and I came across her website while looking for information and tips on balancing chakras.

    Belinda was not the first time I had worked with my chakras however I liked her page that much I signed up to her email list. And at the time her weekly white light healings… which were beautiful.

    Last year was a hard and sad year for me and so I was again looking to balance my inner self so I purchased her chakra healing meditation. This is the meditation she explains in detail in her book. I love this meditation… though I need to do it when I’m not tired as I tend to fall asleep before the grounding!!

    I find Belinda interesting and I enjoy her work so earlier this year when she announced she was re-releasing a book she had previously written I was exited to read it.. I am grateful Beauty and Lace and Pan McMillan gave me the chance to read and review a copy. Thank you!

    I like the way Belinda has written the book. The first half is about her life and spiritual journey and her at times scary gifts.. and the second part is about how we can use her knowledge about chakras to heal and awaken our own chakra energy centres.

    I loved this book. By following Belinda for so long I already knew a lot about her life and her work including the fascinating case studies however that definitely did not take away from the book. I really enjoyed reading it all together in a book format. Thank you Belinda!!

  4. This book is right up my alley and I was super excited to read it! I’m big on self help and anything on a higher type/spiritual level. I knew little about chakras though so have gained an extensive insight.
    Belinda starts the book by giving a thorough background of her life and what lead her to where she is today. I found her journey very interesting.
    I hope now with these new tips and tricks in my bag I can evolve within myself.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Belinda for such a wonderful read.

  5. Find your light by Belinda Davidson

    Thank you Beauty & Lace and PanMacmillion publishing for another masterpiece to read and review. I can’t thank you enough for always producing “the goods”. I read this book in two nights. It was so heartfelt, honest and raw. I wholeheartedly connected with Belinda’s story and felt her emotions and sympathised with her experiences.

    Her story is well written and easy to understand.

    I was grateful for a non-fiction book experience as it had been some time since I had read one.
    I have subscribed to all of Belinda’s socials and will keep her book forever. I want to share her abilities and love of helping people far and wide, and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen.

    Thank you Belinda for your amazing words.

  6. I actually found it really hard to get into this book and could not finish reading it.
    I read the first half about Belinda’s life story but it lost me even though quite interested in spirituality and medium contact.

  7. I’m a spiritual person and love reading about the journeys of psychic mediums and medical intuitives like Belinda. I also grew up on the Central Coast so found her story relatable and her childhood/young adult experiences very intriguing. The book is very well written and an easy read.

    I’m not entirely convinced she can remember being in her Mother’s womb or having a past life in another galaxy, it’s just hard for my logical brain to understand.

    I’m interested to explore more of the chakra cleansing side of things. I do agree that working on yourself and understanding energy fields can have a huge impact on our everyday lives.

    Thanks for a great thought provoking read.

  8. Find your light by Belinda Davidson was a terrific read it had me hook line and sinker. It was amazing to read what her life was like as a child and how horrifying it was esp at night. I was saddened that she was shunned as a child for what she saw. It was a good read about her journey in life and how she traveled and what she learnt to get to where she is now. I’m really interested in the chakras and what each one does and can see this as a book that i will constantly keep close by.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for giving me this chance to read this truly inspiring book.

  9. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan I was lucky enough to be chosen to review “Find Your Light” by Belinda Davidson.

    I found this book to be a real eye opened. I really enjoyed how the first half was Belinda’s story and how she got to be where she is today, her powers from a young age, her ups and downs through life and how happy she became in the end.

    I really loved reading about the Chakras, what each one aligned to, the symptoms you have from each one, the blockages and so on. It has made me want to really see someone to look into my own chakras and have them rebalanced.

    This isn’t a book for everyone, I think you need to be a believer in this area to really appreciate and enjoy it.

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