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Author: J.S. Monroe
ISBN: 9781784978068
RRP: $32.99

Find Me is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you guessing and the timeline certainly keeps you on your toes.

Jar and Rosa met and fell in love at college but after only a few months Rosa takes her own life after struggling with the death of her father only months before she started at Cambridge. Rosa jumped off a pier and her body was never recovered, the Coroner found enough evidence to pronounce her dead. Jar is not convinced; he keeps thinking he sees her and his friends are beginning to tire of his conspiracy theories and growing paranoia.

Being a gripping psychological suspense story I want to avoid spoilers even more than usual so I am struggling with how to approach the review.

The writing style is very disjointed which makes it hard to follow. The chapters are written from different character perspectives as well as in different styles. There are flashbacks, diary entries, letters and a real time unfolding of events. All of which come together to build the suspense and take away from formulating cohesive theories.

Monroe has a distinctive style and voice which is certainly going to make him one to watch. There are some very disturbing themes contained within Find Me which were meticulously researched and inspired by a report involving torture and the war on terror. Some of the experiments were based on research carried out by an actual scientist in the 60s and it seems the dark web actually exists, and is a scary place filled with all the darkest parts of humanity.

I think one of the most disturbing elements of the story is that it wasn’t completely out of the realms of the believable. I would love to think that this sort of thing is impossible and it could never happen, but I honestly didn’t need to suspend disbelief. There really are some extremely depraved people out there who manage to get along fine in the world, hiding their depravity behind a mask of normality while carrying out deplorable acts behind closed doors.

Intelligence agencies are such covert operations that we can’t know what they really get up to and sometimes stories surface about inhumane treatment of people so it’s not that much of a stretch to think the events of Find Me could happen.

Jar has spent the five years since Rosa’s funeral trying to discover what really happened to Rosa, he has never believed that she jumped off the pier. He has always had sightings of her and most have been put down to bereavement hallucinations, many of which he can agree with even though they feel real, but then one day he sees her on the train and she has changed drastically from the Rosa he remembers and he is more convinced than ever that she is really out there and trying to find a way back.

Find Me brings together elements of spy thrillers, animal experimentation, Big Pharma and testing of new anti-depressant drugs and conspiracy theories for an edge of your seat suspense that will keep you guessing as to what is actually going on in the pages. It’s disorienting to follow the jumpy timeline and differing characters but it works with the story, I think the whole point is to keep you guessing and I certainly found it to be effective.

J.S. Monroe has written a captivating story which I thoroughly enjoyed, I would certainly recommend the book to thriller fans and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another of his books.

Find Me is published by HarperCollins and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to HarperCollins 10 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading Find Me so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Book Club: Find Me

  1. I would love to read this as I enjoy thrillers, Dean Kooning being a favorite. It seems many authors are currently writing novels that chop and change time spans. I am becoming to lie them more than I did at first.. I recently read a very violent book, by Wilbur Smith, and I also wonder if people in real life would do these things

  2. Looking forward to reading it more now after reading your review Michelle. Reminds myself, don’t read when tired though as I might lose my page.

  3. I’m so glad that I’ve read Find Me but it may be my first and last psychological thriller! I didn’t realise that I read for pleasure, to become involved with the characters and that I love to feel good at the end of the book, thinking long after completion of the lovely people who’ve popped into my life.
    Find Me is gripping, tense and at times horrifying with disturbing themes. The writing is excellent, dealing with areas that, at times, read like a foreign language to me – animal testing, which I am aware of and find totally abhorrent, conspiracy theories and espionage, which I have no real understanding of and complex situations so unknown to me that I was, at times, unable to suspend reality to believe what was happening.

    For someone who enjoys tense situations, experiences far from their comfort zone who is able to easily suspend reality and feel involved in fantasy dressed up as reality, this is a MUST READ book. For someone who likes a more gentle life it will be confronting.
    I’d definitely recommend Find Me for anyone who likes to get involved with tense situations and suspense. The book was so well written that it maintained the suspense until the end.

    I agree completely with the summation from Jonathon Holt on the back cover, “Cunning, captivating and creepy.” You can understand the role that being a Foreign Correspondent played in J. S, Monroe’s life as you read.
    Definitely one for lovers of thrillers and suspense, not for anyone wanting a soft, gentle, feel good book.
    Thank you so much, Beauty and Lace and Griffin Press for Head of Zeus Ltd for the opportunity to read something so different from my normal reading.

  4. Just like when I start a jigsaw puzzle this book had me stumped for quite a lot of pages. We learn that the character Rosa walked to the end of the pier and committed suicide. The question though is, did she?

    I have read many thriller books over the years but just found this to be a bit all over the place and I couldn’t get my grasp into the book at first but persistence got me through as I wanted to know more about Rosa and her disappearance.

    It wasn’t till the middle of the book that the storyline became suspenseful for me and I knew that I was reading a psychological intriguing thriller. I felt lots of trepidation on what everything might reveal. This is when I could not put the book down.

    You can’t help feeling sorry for Rosa as she is grieving for her dad and her mum took her own life when Rosa was a child. Her only remaining relative is her Aunt Amy and her very weird husband Martin.

    We hear stories about Rosa’s dad being a spy or was he? He died in a mysterious car crash in India.
    Rosa’s boyfriend Jar is a warming, likeable young character and it is he who we learn believes that Rosa is still alive and will do nothing to stop his exploring. Rosa kept a diary and this makes a most interesting read throughout the book.

    Others that have read this book have remarks with cunning, captivating and creepy, gripping and deeply sinister. Totally agree with them.

    There is a chapter in the book revolving around Rosa’s Aunt Amy and I was on the edge of my seat reading.

    Finishing the book I felt like I finally knew Rosa or did I?

    This book did scare me in that does this happen in real life? I certainly hope not!

    Thanks Beauty & Lace and Head of Zeus for introducing me to this author.

  5. Find Me by J.S. Monroe is definitely a read that will draw you in.
    The timeline is a bit disjointed and jumps all over the place but as you get further into the book it all meshes together.
    Many of the subjects discussed in this book will open your eyes wide and have you stunned that these can happen, Monroe has meticulously researched these.
    Find Me is a psychological thriller that will captivate you, amaze you, creep you out and have you riveted to the end.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace Book Club and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read and review this stunning book.

  6. I really liked this book in that it was very different from others I have read lately.
    What a ride it was, starting out going back and forth a bit and throughout had me sure Jar was hallucinating.
    I thought Rosa`s dad perhaps had a bodgy past and that was it or was it Kirsten, then Amy or even Jars best friend Carl?
    Wow, this was really a captivating novel and has you suspecting everyone and just when you think you have worked it out, there is someone else you suspect instead.
    I don`t want to give too much about the end but that someone was evil and you`ll have to read the book to find out who.
    Yes it was strange, thrilling, captivating and intruiging which kept me immersed and wanting to read on.
    Thanks B & L, Harper Collins and finally J. S Monroe for writing, publishing and giving me the opportunity to read this fantastic book!

  7. I really loved this book!! Like all good thrillers it kept you guessing the whole way through. Then ending was a great twist, definitely not what I was expecting.

    This book has a bit of everything, love, love lost, conspiracy, crazy (or not) family members, people with dark secrets and of course someone who wants the truth no matter where it takes them.

    Will be checking more of J.S Monroe’s books in the future, “Find Me” has made me a fan : -)

  8. Share this post with the bookworm in your life who loves suspense!

    Find Me begins five years after Rosa’s disappearance and apparent suicide. Jar, a handsome young Irish writer, and Rosa’s short term, yet deeply connected partner is still coming to terms with what happened to the love of his life. Was Rosa depressed and struggling to comes to terms with the death of her father? Would she really end her life? Is he really still seeing her, or is it bereavement hallucinations?

    Jar needs help, and he needs answers, and it’s this search for closure that leads him on a layered, intricate pursuit for the truth, however horrible to bear. Helping him to come to terms with the loss is his best friend Carl, Rosa’s fragile aunt Amy, her husband Martin, his attractive therapist, and a journalist with a keen interest in the case of missing Rosa.

    What Did I Think?

    Author J.S. Monroe takes you on a suspenseful, thrilling ride which builds in tension and pace. The short chapters add to the feeling of urgency as the book heads to its ominous conclusion and Monroe draws on his experience as a journalist and his time at Cambridge to give Find Me credibility and depth. Monroe also has a gift of giving each character a distinct voice which had me hooked in for the ride, and I felt there was a slight channeling of Stieg Larsson which is no bad comparison. Those that read my blog will know that I often guess the twist or ending in the thrillers I read, but this one had me until the final chapters, and I was all the better for the reveal.

    I read this book over two nights and was so gripped I had to force myself to put it down. Find Me has an original plot and topical subject matter wrapped up tight in a dark, sinister layer of intrigue.

    If you liked…

    Find Me is for lovers of smart suspense and thrillers. If you loved Gone Girl, Deadly Messengers, The Girl On The Train or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, you’re in for a treat.

  9. Admittedly when I first started reading Find Me by J.S. Monroe, I was a bit confused, and re read a few chapters in the beginning trying to comprehend it all. As I don’t read others’ reviews until I’ve done my own, it wasn’t until I was about to post mine that I noticed it wasn’t just me who thought this novel a tad perplexing at times. However in saying this I did find overall this novel very intriguing to say the least.

    The plot took on many enthralling developments. After each chapter you find yourself trying to figure out if one of the main characters Jar, is just delusional and grief stricken from losing his girlfriend Rosa, or is he uncovering something on the contrary? Right through the novel you are kept on your toes guessing what it all means and how it relates to Rosa, and the news of her death 5 years prior.

    On Jar’s search to seek out the truth it brings about many disturbing themes, Most of which are confronting which makes this psychological thriller gripping right to the last page!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins Publishers Australia for allowing me to review this riveting novel.

    You won’t be disappointed and I would recommend this book to anyone one except the faint hearted!

  10. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for giving me such a gripping read.

    Jar and Rosa were a young couple just starting out when one day Rosa just disappeared.
    Suicide they say but Jar doesn’t believe that she would do that and why does he keep seeing her everywhere. Is she really there or are they hallucinations and wishful thinking.

    This story gets a bit confusing to start but as you keep reading it all fits into place. There is the present day story, the past story, the diaries and the computer diaries.
    It makes it sound very confusing but it all weaves into one another so well and you get drawn into Rosa’s life then and now.

    This makes it such a cleverly crafted story that will hold you right til the very end.

    I haven’t read a thriller like this in such a long time but I’m so glad I did. It wasn’t anything like I expected it was far more involving than I thought it would be.

    Trying to write how amazing this book is without putting any spoilers in it is so very hard.

  11. I was excited to receive my first book for review in the mail a few weeks ago. This excitement soon diminished as I began to read “Find Me” to be honest I have struggled and am still struggling with reading this book. To me it was very easy to become distracted from reading as the storyline jumps from character to character and from time frame to time frame. Halfway through the book I was beginning to actually start enjoying it when book 1 finished and book 2 commenced again not making sense. I will persist with trying to read the last of this book and hopefully it will all come togther and I can amend my review but at this stage I am disappointed with the novel

    1. Andrea, this wouldn’t be a great first review book as it is something that is totally different from the norm, as I know it. I wandered around the house unable to sleep for a few nights after completing it!!! I do hope you get another book soon and that it is a more gentle read. Beauty and Lace have provided me with so much enjoyment over the time I’ve been with them and I hope you end up having as much benefit from belonging as I have. You won’t let it spoil future books, will you?

  12. Find Me is certainly not for the faint of heart , those looking for a light read .It is a gripping suspense filled novel that right from the start you have to concentrate on reading as the storyline does jump in timeframe and character references .
    Despite this it is a very clever intriguing book that I very much enjoyed .
    Find me deals with the death of Rosa 5 years ago and her partner Jar in the present.Did Rosa commit suicide or are the things Jar is feeling and seeing true or just his imagination.
    I don’t want to give too much away as I think this great suspense novel needs to unravel in the readers mind .
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and to Harper Collins for allowing me to read and review this intensely interesting book and I would definitely encourage those who would like a little more bite to the book you want to read to get a copy of Find Me by J.S.Monroe

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