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Author: Alison Evans
ISBN: 9781760685850
Copy courtesy of the publisher

My 11-year-old son is an avid reader, and he particularly loves magic, fantasy, and unique reads. I was excited to ask him to read ‘Euphoria Kids’ which is all about a witch, a curse, and becoming invisible.

My son said the book was really intriguing – he kept wondering what was going to happen next, and he thought his age group was perfect for the book, recommending it for children aged about 9 – 13. “The book was really interesting,” he said, “and I’d definitely recommend, especially for people who love fantasy books, or books about friendship and interesting characters.

The book is receiving rave reviews, and apparently brings up themes about identity, gender, fitting in, being an outsider, chronic illness (Babs’ mum), finding your ‘tribe’ and friendship. As the son of a two mum family, my son really loved reading the story of Iris, who had two mums.

Babs, Iris’ new friend, often turns herself invisible after a run-in with a witch. And then there’s a new boy that they become friends with, who is still working out his name. Most of all, it’s just a really entertaining story, according to my son. On her brother’s recommendation, my 9-year-old daughter plans to read it soon… I think I’ll join the queue after her!

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading Euphoria Kids. You can read their feedback in the comments section below, or add your own review!

3 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Euphoria Kids

  1. Great review from your son Raechel. I loved this book too. It was such a warm, tender story and I really enjoyed the fantasy element.

  2. Euphoria Kids is a really beautiful book that I really enjoyed reading. It touches on themes that I think are important for young adults to understand in this day and age. Particularly the fact the main characters in this book are trans gender/non-binary/queer and it’s portrayed in a way that young adults can understand and relate to, especially if they themselves are questioning their identity.
    It is a magical story about friendship and support. And its really such a positive story even with some slightly scary fantasy moments which make it even more enjoyable to read.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

  3. This book!!!
    I loved Euphoria Kids and what it stands for, what it celebrates and what it highlights within its petite binding.
    I loved the fantasy of the novel and Alison Evans created such a lovely young adult read. She has hidden a lot of incite into this novel and provides the reader with a high sense of worry for the characters as they learn about each other and themselves.
    I was deeply saddened by the feeling of helplessness and loss of self that Babs experienced since being cursed by the witch in the woods. I love that Iris is created as a flora, from the earth, natural and that the two sides that they have is central to their place within the world, their school and their family unit.
    The Boy creates further depth and alerts us to the need to never delve without asking big questions first.
    I think this story is gracious and generous with its story line. Having the characters face witches, fae and outer-realms allows for further dissection on our own beliefs while enjoying such a lovely and beautifully written novel.

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