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Author: Sarah Barrie
ISBN: 9781489255297
RRP: $32.99
Publication Date: 17th June 2019
Publisher: HQ Fiction

This book needs to come with a warning: do not read if home alone!!

I first discovered Sarah Barrie when I read and reviewed Blood Tree River for Beauty and Lace last year which I loved. I was keen to get my hands on her new one The Devils Lair as soon as it was released on the 17th June 2019.

The Devil’s Lair is a “thrilling psychological suspense with Gothic overtones that takes us into the heart of Tasmania”. As a reader I was drawn to the eye catching cover and once I picked it up it engaged me immediately, I find the way Sarah writes hooks me and keeps me reading until I finish. I also love the way she describes the places where she sets her books, the locations become the central character in a way, in the Devil’s Lair we are taken to the Central Highlands.

After the violent death of her husband, Callie Jones seeks solace and sanctuary in Tasmania at a friend’s cottage located in the grounds of an old mansion. The mansion has a sinister past associated with witchcraft and murder which Callie is not aware of initially as she finds the remoteness of the place and the beauty soothing. Through her friend Paisley, whose father owns the mansion and Brother Ned who works at Calico Lodge (featured in Blood Tree River) we cross over to characters familiar to us: Connor, Tess, Indy and Logan from this previous novel. Sarah writes so the novels can be read as standalone stories but if you have read the others you are familiar with some characters so engaged and wanting to hear move about them. While Blood Tree River featured them all, it centred on Indy and Logan whilst Devil’s Lair is about Callie and Connor.

Callie agrees to help Tess out with some landscaping at Calico Lodge and starts to feel settled but when she heads back to the cottage at night she hears noises and feels unsettled and troubled by bad dreams. When objects start turning up in the cottage Callie starts to question her own sanity and security. A young boy she keeps running into on the grounds, talks of ghosts, devils and witchcraft and keeps saying “You’re one of us” to her. There were many moments in the book I was holding my breath and thinking ….”Don’t look out the window”, or “No!!! Don’t go outside” it really had me on the edge of my seat.

As the events build and escalate, you feel your heart racing and stay up to the wee hours to finish and by then you are breathless. Sarah knows how to engage and entertain readers that is for sure. I did not want to add much more to my review as I want to leave it free of spoilers but I highly recommend it. The only thing wrong with Sarah’s books are that you finish them too quickly as you want to know what happens but it is bittersweet as then you need to wait for the next one to be released, lucky for me I still have some of her previous books to read.

I knew this book was coming up for Beauty and Lace in the July reads but as mentioned above could not wait and rushed out to purchase it myself.

This guest review was submitted by Jode, one of our Beauty and Lace Club members. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Jode.

Devil’s Lair is available now through HQ Fiction, Amazon, and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to HQ Fiction 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading Devil’s Lair so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Devil’s Lair

  1. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins Publishers for the opportunity to read Devil’s Lair by Sarah Barrie.

    Callie Jones thought she had it all. A loving husband, Dale. A beautiful home. A busines , a winery and Bed and Breakfast in the Hunter Valley.
    Until …………..a stranger appears and tells Callie her life is all a lie !

    Shortly after Dale is killed in traumatic circumstances. Paisley, an employee and a friend persuades Callie to get away from the inquisitive media and spend some time in Tasmania. Paisley’s family have a huge old mansion in New Norfolk right next to the River Derwent. Callie stays in a cottage on the property.
    Unknown to Callie the mansion has a past,one associated with witchcraft and murder.

    Prior to her marriage Callie was a landscape Gardner. An opportunity arises for her to redo a garden at Calico Lodge.
    The owners of Calico Lodge, the Atherton family befriend and employ Callie.

    But all is not what it seems. Callie feels threatened by strange events and dreams. The howls of the Tasmanian Devils scare her.

    The question is………who really are her friends and who wants to do her harm!

    It is a fantastic read! Romance, suspense,murder, and mystery!
    We are kept guessing who the villains are right to the very end.
    I thouroughly recommend this book!

    Devil’s Lair is a stand alone story. I was fortunate to have read Blood Tree River by Sarah Barrie (thanks to Beauty and Lace ) in which you meet the Atherton family of Calico Lodge. It was exciting that they were all in Devil’s Lair too.
    Both books are excellent reads!

  2. Thank you beauty and lace and Harper Collins publishing for being able to review this book. I have read Sarah Barrie before and really like her style so was excited to read devils lair, and it didn’t disappoint.

    This is a well written story with a little bit of everything in it. It certainly keeps you guessing and page turning just to see what happens next.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this book to avid readers as it crosses a couple of genres including suspense and rural romance.

  3. Sarah Barrie and Devil’s Lair

    After the violent death of her husband, and being hounded by reporters Callie Jones retreats to her friend Paisley’s cottage in the grounds of an old Tasmania mansion. The remoteness of the place and the wild beauty of the Tasmanian landscape are supposed to give Callie a place to hide and some peace.
    Everyone seems to be friendly, and in particular Connor Atherton and his family at the nearby property Calico Lodge. But strange things begin to happen, the old mansion has a sinister past, and Callie begins to doubt her own sanity.
    The dramatic Tasmanian landscape and the involvement of the Tasmanian devil set some of the scene in this psychological thriller.

    Devil’s Lair is a gripping read! Sarah Barrie had me from the very first pages and then continued to tease me until the very end, who could Carrie trust? Were there ulterior motives to some friendships? Sarah Barrie had me second guessing throughout the book. Who could the murderer be? Devil’s Lair is full of surprises and I highly recommend it, could not put it down I give it 5 Stars thank you Beauty and Lace.

  4. I have been meaning (and wanting!) to read Sarah’s books for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately until now Sarah’s books have not made their way into my hands for one reason or another haven’t.
    But thanks to Beauty and lace and Harper Collins finally I had the chance to read Sarah’s new book and I eagerly devoured it.

    I wasn’t disappointed. Easy to read, but gripping and page turning, The Devils Lair is an interesting different read. People have likened Sarah’s writing to the likes of The Dark Lake and The Dry, and I must say that I can see why. If you are a fan of Jane Harper, please do yourself a favour and pick up one of Sarah’s books.

    Filled with suspense, this book left me questioning everything and rapidly turning the pages to find out what happened next. And just when you thought “surely nothing else can happen” it did just that’s, in An unexpected twist. The last half of the book flew for me as I was enthralled in the mystery of this book.

    I really loved this book and I will now make an effort to make sure I read Sarah’s other books too

  5. This book is definitely a page turner from start to finish. I found myself with adrenalin pouring throughout my body whilst reading. It really captivates your attention.

    The cover of the books is haunting but beautiful at the same time.

    This book is a thriller with a gripping storyline of gothic overtones, witchcraft, ghosts, murders and romance all rolled into one. I found myself trying to guess who was bad and what was going to happen.

    The story revolves around the main character of Callie whose husband dies a gruesome death which Callie is blamed for by his parents. After the court case, Callie leaves for Tasmania with the help of her friend Paisley to live near a mansion.

    In Tasmanian Callie becomes friends with the Connor, Tess, Indy over at a place called Calico Lodge. It was not until I read Jode’s review that I found out that Calico Lodge and the others were in a previous book of Sarahs but in view of that, this book can be read as a standalone book. To me, they were new characters.

    The whole book escalates to a lot of drama, secrets and Callie is thrown into turmoil on many occasions with no answers.

    This book is a must read for anyone that loves a thriller and mystery of a book.

    Thanks Beauty & Lace & Harlequin for introducing me to another Australian Author that has somehow escaped me till now.

  6. I really loved this book from the get go. It was quick to get interesting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat from the start. With the beginning getting me thinking over what could of happened and why? To the beautiful relationship Callie made with people at the Calico Lodge especially Connor. Things were always really interesting and kept you thinking. I did love how it all unravelled at the end and pieces of the story over time start getting pieced back together. Very well written will definitely keep you engrossed in the book. I really look forward to reading more Sarah Barrie stories.

    Thank you greatly Beauty and Lace and Thank you to Harper and Collins Publishing for letting me read and review this beautiful book.

  7. I missed out on this book through book club however after a recommendation from another member, I purchased it & was not disappointed.

    Sarah is one of my favourite writers & this book definitely lived up to her previous stories. If you haven’t yet read any of Sarah’s books then I would do yourself the favour & get them all, including Devil’s Lair.

  8. Devil’s Lair is a novel that you won’t be able to put down and will have you talking about it to anyone that will listen!

    Based in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Dale and Callie Jones run a vineyard which includes a Bed & Breakfast where everything seemed perfect until the horrific death of Dale

    18 months later Callie relocates from the Hunter Valley to Waldron Park, to her friend Paisley’s family property staying in a small cottage next to the homestead just outside of New Norfolk in southern Tasmania. Callie begins to rebuild her life and starts working as a landscaper at a nearby guesthouse owned by Conner Atherton and his family.

    Over time strange things start happening, Callie begins to have strange dreams and there is a sudden appearance of children’s toys and books in her locked cottage and she hears noises at night. Callie is forced to dig deep into her past to find out the truth of her husband’s death and her childhood. Conner is determined to keep Callie safe from danger as their feelings grow stronger for each other.

    This book is a mixture of romance, mystery, suspense, secrets, supernatural, witchcraft and evil.

    This is my first time reading Sarah Barrie and it certainly won’t be my last. I highly recommend this book.

    With thanks to Beauty & Lace and Harlequin Australia for a great read and review

  9. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Harper Colins for the opportunity to read ‘Devils Lair’ by Sarah Barrie.

    Wow, what a book!! I had previously read Blood Tree River by Sarah Barrie and I completely fell in love with her style of writing, so when this book was released I was super excited to get a copy … and it did not disappoint!!

    I enjoy the way Sarah Barrie writes, a little romance, suspense, and action, which is the perfect formula for a book you simply cannot put down!!

    I look forward to reading more of Sarah Barries books future!!

  10. A big thank you to Beauty & Lace and to Harper Collins for the wonderful chance to read this book. I haven’t had read any of Sarah Barrie’s books before but I will be going out to find her previous novels immediately! I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s style of writing finding it easy to read and immerse myself in the story. Her characters were likeable and believable and I loved the way she described the landscapes and settings so you could really picture them in your mind getting yourself even more involved in the storyline. I made the mistake of reading a few chapters at night and having very strange dreams afterwards so ensured I read it during the day from then on. I adore a book that can give me chills and thrills with some romance and mystery thrown in, what a fabulous combination! The ending actually made me a little sad as well so there is a story of loss weaved in as well but I did love how everything was wrapped up nicely and all loose ends tied so you felt satisfied.
    Thank you again for such a great opportunity to read Devil’s Lair. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to discover more of Sarah’s books now!

  11. If you like a nail biting, psychological, nerve shattering story this is the book for you.

    After the suspicious death of her husband Dale, Callie moves from the Hunter Valley to a cottage in the grounds of an old mansion in beautiful Tasmania which is owned by the family of her close friend Paisley.

    Callie starts to work there doing landscaping which she really enjoys but strange and creepy things begin to happen making Callie doubt her own sanity.

    She has met handsome Connor here who tries to help with her fears. She has decided she doesn’t want any commitments just now so is keeping him at arms length.

    Then gruesome murders begin to happen and Callie feels terrified by all that is going on.

    This is a gripping, suspenseful thriller which will keep you guessing right to the end and the end will blow you away.

    Thankyou to HarperCollins and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity of reading Devils Lair by Sarah Barrie.

  12. OMG…. what a bloody brilliant novel!

    This was fantastic, gripping and thrilling… loved every minute of it.

    I do recommend you read Blood Tree River first. I read it some time ago and forgot the characters so it took a little of getting used to who’s who.

    If you love a suspense thriller with a romantic love story, Sarah Barrie has it all in the fantastic novel, Devil’s Lair.

    Well done Sarah.

    Thanks to Beauty and lace and HarperCollins for letting me read and review this book.

  13. Devil’s Lair by Sarah Barrie is a book that takes you on a journey of suspense and darkness but is brightened by a blossoming love story.

    Callie Jones was shocked to the core and her life as she knew it changed forever after a stranger turned up to her and her husband’s bed and breakfast. Soon after and after the shocking death of her husband, Callie made the decision to move to Tasmania to start again.

    Staying at her best friend Paisley’s house, Callie starts to make the place her home but was soon acutely aware of a cold feeling that engrossed her cottage and the main house.

    As Callie settles in she meets locals and makes friends that both warm and chill her heart. Connor, a man she falls in love with and Paisley’s brother that causes chills to her bones are just two of the main characters that take you on this thrilling journey.

    Witch craft, ghosts, secret tunnels and true love, this story definitely makes you want more after turning the last page. A definite read. Well done Sarah.

    Thank you Beauty and Lave and Harper Collins for giving me the opportunity to read and review.

  14. Absolutely loved this book, a must read!

    Devil’s Lair by Sarah Barrie is a great read and a hard book to put down!

    Callie runs a bed and breakfast with her husband Dale. Everything seems perfect until something happens and Dale is killed. The death is suspicious so Callie moves away with her PA Paisley to restart her life down in Tasmania.

    There is twists and turns around every corner in this book and I love the suspense! If you haven’t read Blood Tree River, as another reader has said above, I would read this book too and probably first. It is not necessary to read Blood Tree River to follow this story though.

    Great read highly recommend! Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Harper and Collins for letting me read and review this book!

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