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Death at Deepwater Point is Book 4 of the Dr. Hamish Hart Mystery series by Karen Thurecht.

It is a wonderful suspenseful murder mystery set in Southport Queensland, in 1887. You are kept guessing as to who the murderer is right until the end.

Dr Hamish Hart and his friend Dr Rita Cartwright decide to take a short holiday at the Grand Hotel at Deepwater Point, Southport to view an exhibition by the famous French balloonist Celestine Dupont.

The steamer journey from Brisbane to Southport takes several hours. On arrival, they are impressed by the opulence and design of the hotel, as well as the wonderful sea views. 

Hamish and Rita are introduced to their fellow guests at dinner in the dining hall. The guest of honour is Miss Celestine Dupont, who’s been invited to put on a display of ballooning along the beach.

All the guests at the dinner table have secrets and one of them is found murdered in their locked room the next morning!

Hamish and Rita are first on the scene. Hamish often assists the police as a medical examiner and is asked to do so for this case. Thus begins the investigation into how, why, and who did it.

As Hamish and Rita look into the past and present lives of the guests, their interesting stories and secrets are exposed.

Sargent Bellamy, Wallace and the delightful terrier Red arrive on the police boat from Brisbane to be part of the investigation. All the wonderful characters from the previous books are all here at Southport.

With so many suspects and so many secrets, the story keeps you very involved and I found it difficult to put the book down.

What I love about the Dr. Hamish Hart series is the historical aspect of the settings. This book did not disappoint as the story was set in the area we now call Surfers Paradise. In 1887, holidaymakers were fascinated by the beauty of Southport, Burleigh Heads, Stradbroke Island, and Moreton Bay — just as they are today.

Each chapter starts with an actual historical newspaper article relating to events at that time which have been cleverly woven into the storyline.

The story covered shipwrecks, hot air balloons, spies, war times, family, social standing and issues of the time. Plus, there’s the inequality between women and men.

And, when Hamish and Rita are on the scene it is not just one murder!

If you are a murder mystery fan or have an interest in Australian history you will really love this book.

Thoroughly recommend it. You do not need to read the previous books in the series as the book stands alone as well.

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11 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Death at Deepwater Point

  1. Death at Deepwater Point by Karen Thurecht (Shawline Publishing Group) is the fourth book in the Dr Hamish Hart Mysteries series, and to me this one was the most like an Agatha Christie novel.

    Set against the backdrop of the wreck of the ‘Scottish Prince’ ship and the Burleigh Headlands on the Gold Coast, each of the guests at The Grand Hotel (also known as the Deepwater Point Hotel) has secrets. Secrets that become entwined when murder and other strange incidents take place.

    Dr Hamish Hart and his companion Dr Rita Cartwright had taken a weekend away to witness an aeronautical exhibition by Celestine DuPont. However when a nurse is murdered at their Hotel, they stay on to help the investigation…

    Full of intrigue, twists and turns, this is another well researched, absorbing and entertaining tale by Karen Thurecht. She certainly has the Agatha Christie like style of describing her characters and locations in a vivid and relatable way.

  2. Dr Hamish Hart came through again with some help from his friends to solve not just one, but two murders. As always, his trusty friends, Rita, Wallace and Sergeant Bellamy were there to help Hamish and what a fantastic team they make. Set in a beautiful seaside setting with a shipwreck and a hot air balloon piloted by a female (!) who has her own mysterious background, there is lots going on. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone, however I would recommend reading the other books to get a more in depth insight into the main character relationships. It was quick and easy to read and I hope there are still more stories to come.

  3. A thoroughly engaging book and I enjoyed keeping up with the 2 main characters and the ‘cook’. You can see the development of the writer and the characters within the book unfolding, I look forward to reading more!

  4. I have enjoyed all of the Hamish Hart stories so far and this one didn’t disappoint. Hamish, Rita, Wallace, Sgt Bellamy and Red the dog are staying at a fabulous new hotel to see a ballooning exhibition by Celestine DuPont. Later one of the guests is murdered and they’re back on track to solve yet another mystery.

  5. Death at Deepwater Point is the fourth book in Karen Thurecht’s Dr Hamish Hart series.
    I absolutely loved the mystery in this book and I was on my toes the whole way through.
    We again have our MC’s Hamish, Rita, Bellamy, Wallace and we can’t forget Red. When a guest is found dead at the hotel Hamish is staying at, Bellamy,Rita, Wallace and Red all help to solve the murder mystery.

    Another fantastic read!!

  6. This is the fourth Dr Hamish Hart book I’ve read and whilst not my favourite I still enjoyed it.

    I really loved the return of old favourite characters as their familiarity definitely adds to the stories ability to draw me in.

    I found the European characters in this story a little harder to warm to, partly due to the occasional switch in language and partly due to them being new and having to compete with the more developed characters.

    I really enjoy the historical accuracy Karen Thurect includes in her stories as it adds a layer of context and believability, as well as a want to research more at the end of the book.

    Definitely looking forward to the adventures that book 5 will bring.

  7. An escape to an island retreat was definitely on the cards for Dr Hamish and his friend Dr Rita. Escape from the city, some fresh air and the luxury of an amazing hotel. What is even better is the spectacle drawing people from far and wide to see French aviator, a woman, display her hot balloon trip. Civilised society from many walks of life enjoying their escape to this tropcal retreat. These including an older German man, his nurse, a couple and both an old sea captain and existing captain of a beached craft, the “Scottish Prince”. An unusual combination, but how are they tied together, and who is responsible when the nurse turns up dead?
    Hamish did not plan for Wallace (and Red, his dog) and Sgt Bellamy joining them, but in light of the mystery, where else would they be?
    Enjoy the mystery, the twists, the connections of the story, in true Karen Thurecht style, drawing you in and carrying you along with the mystery. Thank you both to the Author and Beauty and Lace for the 4th awesome read in this series.

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