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Author: Tom Adeyemi
ISBN: 9781509871353
RRP: $16.99
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Children of Blood and Bone is a highly anticipated young adult fantasy debut, recommended for fans of Sarah Maas, Leigh Bardugo and Sabaa Tahir. Now I haven’t read all of those authors but I have read Sabaa Tahir (and just go sidetracked looking up her 3rd) and loved it so if this is of that calibre it will most definitely be worth the read.

This book is so highly anticipated that the movie is already in development at fox2000/Temple Hill Productions.

Children of Blood and Bone is the first instalment in a West African Fantasy that sees a girl go up against the monarchy to bring magic back to her people.

Zélie Adebola remembers the times before the magic disappeared. She remembers life before the ruthless king ordered maji to be killed and left her motherless and her people without hope.

There is one chance left for Zélie to bring back the magic and she needs the help of a rogue princess to outwit the crown prince determined to eradicate magic eternally.

Danger lurks in Orïsha with prowling leoponaires and vengeful spirits lurking in the waters but Zélie may be the gravest danger as she struggles to control her powers.

This is definitely a book that sounds like it’s right up my alley, if only I could kind the key to the hibernation chamber and lock myself in it for a month to catch up, so I am looking forward to this one.

In the meantime 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are already reading Children of Blood and Bone thanks to Pan Macmillan, so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

Children of Blood and Bone is available now through Pan Macmillan and from Angus and Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.


10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Children of Blood and Bone

  1. Seriously great book! I’m a huge fan of sci fi and fantasy books and this one was just as good as some of my favourite Authors (Feist, Brooks, Eddings)

    It had me inwardly cheering and outwardly crying in some parts.

    This is a definite must read. Looking forward to reading more books by Tomi Adeyemi

  2. I Loved this book! I can see why it was eagerly awaited! Teenagers, young adults, fantasy and adventure lovers will all love this book. I understand why it is being made into a movie already, I will be taking my husband along to view it!

    Zelie is an amazing young woman who we see to grow from a young adolescent to a strong independent woman who knows her own mind and is not easily swayed. The other characters in this book are just as important as the main character, in fact Amari is an integral part. I also loved how new characters are introduced along the way.

    It was at first difficult to get my head around the magic component but Tomi gradually introduces us bit by bit so as to not be too overwhelmed. There is always something happening and we get different perspectives from the 4 main characters.

    I do hope there is a sequel!!!

    Thankyou for the opportunity to read Children of Blood and Bone

  3. A tragic tale of death and destruction and the eradication of a race of people. The imbalance between the non-magic and magic people resulted in brutal attacks by a king who fears magic and all it could do. The “maggots” are the children of those magical people, who do not possess magic, are treated like worthless slaves, enslaved, starved, beaten. But when magical relics surface and it is discovered that they may be able to resurrect magic in the people two stories begin – that to bring it back and that to keep it gone.
    Zelie is destined to be magical, her brother Tzain just wants to protect her and her father since the brutal murder of her magical mother. Amari is the princess of the King who fears everything that magic is and will do all he can to eradicate it, including wiping out the race of people. After he slaughters Amari’s maid, a maggot (child of a magical parent) she decides enough is enough. She steals a magical scroll and on her escape from the palace she bumps into Zelie.
    Follow them as they try to restore what once was, going up against the king and his people!
    A well written, engrossing story that is worth the read. The underlying story of unfair death and treatment is heart wrenching. But how does it all end…

    As with Katrina, I hope that there is a follow up.

  4. For a debut novel this one is a cracker! Adeyemi wrote very descriptively. I found it complex to discern all places, tribes and people, so it did require a concerted effort and being that it was a big novel (over 500 pages of small font) you do get a fair amount of story covered.

    “Children of Blood and Bone” follows the journey of Zelie and Tzain-her brother, and a rogue princess Amari. With a race against time they must perform a sacred ritual during the solstice to restore the connection to the Gods. The task is no trivial one with the King trying to rid their existence with his hate, meaning the odds are against them. The magic represents many things; power, spirituality and hope, and without it they don’t stand a fighting chance.

    Some of the parts reminded me of The Hunger Games, there are substantial themes of inhumane violence. While the novel is fantasy, Adeyemi describes events that are horrific and in fact not far from truth, such as wars, raids, oppression and the genocides in Africa.

    I eagerly await the continued series as the end left me with many questions. Thank you to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Pan Macmillan for my copy to review.

  5. Wow, this book really packs a punch! I am the first to admit that fantasy novels are not generally to my liking but I decided to have a go at reading this novel and have not been disappointed.

    Tomi Adeyemi has written a stunning book with very strong lead characters, dramatic themes and very detailed descriptions of events. Tomi has been valiant in covering the many emotive themes of spirituality, racism, murder and dictatorship, all of which help to keep the reader enthralled with the tale. I do wonder how this book can be considered Young Adult fiction, I think the themes are very strong and difficult to read, particularly when imagining the cries of those who have been murdered in their villages. The book is also very long at over 500 pages and the writing is tiny, way too small for a novel. I don’t mind the length so much, the story needs to be told but the writing is too small and not at all easy to read.

    Much credit is to be given to the cover artist Rich Deas. The drawing of this beautiful woman, with piercing blue eyes and stunning white hair is so captivating. The added touches of silver threads and blood red writing making this a very enticing book to hold.

    I am pleased to hear this book will be made into a film and I wish Tomi Adeyemi the very best in her literary future.

    Thank you to Pan Macmillan and Beauty and Lace Bookclub for the opportunity to read this book.

  6. Wow what a great read, from the first page all throughout the book I was absorbed into this story.

    This is definitely way up my alley as far as genres of books to read and it certainly didnt disappoint. Great character development and plot designed to keep you interested and wondering what was going to happen (and why). This is not for the faint hearted, you do need to keep track of the who, what and where but this soon falls into place as you sink further and further into the story.

    I highly recommend this book for someone who has the time to lock themselves away and just read. Excellent to do with a glass of red and some chocolate (although at times I forgot to eat and drink in my eagerness to turn the next page).

    Thank you so much for letting me experience this awesome story and I cant wait to see whats next from this author!

  7. Children of blood and bone, written by Tomi Adeyemi is a story of magic and fantasy that you won’t want to put down. The twists and turns will keep you wanting more.
    After years when magic has been banished and the magi murdered by the ruthless King, can their be a chance for magic to return.
    The story is told though the eyes of the main characters, Zelie the daughter of a murdered Reaper magi, Inan and Amari, the children of the King.
    Can Zelie bring magic back and save her people, can she trust Amari the princess she saves and why does she want to help? Will the prince Inan kill them and wipe out magic for good before they complete their quest.
    Bring on the sequel and the movie.

  8. Children of blood and bone is a fantasy thrill ride not for the faint of heart.

    It centres around the land of Orisha, where Zelie and her brother Tzain are trying to survive in a world where her people, once rulers and keepers of magic , have lost their skill and their place in the world.

    Now known as diviners and distinguished by their pure white hair, they are reigned over by a Royal family intent on surpressing their magic and slowly destroying their history.

    But Zelie is strong of will and the book takes us on a journey of her encounters with a royal princess and others who will try to help her or try to extiguish her….

    In the tone of Game of Thrones & The Hunger Games, this is a novel for thise who like escapism, victory and fantasty.

    This isn’t a genre I’d normally go for but I quite enjoyed it. I understand this book it targeted at the young adult market which is just as well because I found the font quite small.

    If you like a long, interesting and well written story that pushes the boundaries and allows your imagination to run wild, give Children of blood and bone a whirl.

  9. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pan Macmillan books for the opportunity to read and review Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.

    My all time favorite genre is science fantasy, so I was delighted when I was selected to read this book, and it didn’t disappoint. Like many books in this genre it was not what you would term an easy read and 525 pages of small font did not assist in this. Having said that, it was a powerful story which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    The story is set in the imaginary land of Orisha not long after the violent destruction by King Saran of magic and magic wielders in the land. Those who would once have had magic course through their blood are identifiable by their white hair, persecuted by the kings guards, termed maggots, them and their families taxed beyond their ability to pay.

    The story revolves around 3 main characters, white haired Zelie, who witnessed the death of her mother on the night the magic died and hates the changes that have been wrought in Orisha that make her and the other diviners treated as less than human, Princess Amari, the daughter of King Saran whose best friend is her diviner servant Binta, and Prince Inan, the son of King Saran, who desperately wants to prove to his father that he possesses the characteristics to be the next king, but carries a guilty secret.

    When Zelie is offered the chance to reinstate magic in the kingdom she grasps it reluctantly and with her brother Tzain and the princess Amari who has been unexpectedly thrust upon them she sets out on a journey which must finish before the solstice, or all will be lost. But hunting them down are the king’s elite guards, led by Prince Inan whose secret is threatening to consume him..

    I found the characters to be well rounded and believable and the storyline captivating. As well as producing a well written science fantasy novel, Adeyemi addresses issues such as treatment of minorities, and societies fear of difference.

    I would recommend this book to anyone with in interest in science fantasy/fantasy.

  10. Not usually a huge fan of science fiction but this book had me hooked from the begging not an easy task for authors it’s s book suitable for all readers as it’s not aimed at one generation. Tomi Adeyemi has written this brilliantly and I look forward to future books and why it was written is evident in the pages it makes you laugh and makes you cry and journey with Amari and Zélie through the pages.

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