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I find Fleur McDonald’s books so easy to get into, so I was very excited to read her latest, Broad River Station.

Mia has just gone through all her police training and is pleased to be placed at the local station of the small town where her beloved grandmother is living. Grandmother Clara is in a care home and battling dementia, and she has said some rather strange things.

She presents Mia with an old key that will lead Mia on her own private mystery solving journey.

Mia’s move to the small town is not going as smoothly as she had hoped. Her assigned partner at the new station is not making things easy for her, and clearly shows his dislike of female constables – or perhaps just females in general. 

With the stress at work, then odd and more disturbing things happening at and around her new home, she is a little relieved when she is moved to Barker. This is actually the town where her grandmother used to own and run a local store. 

Still within driving distance of Clara, the move gives Mia time to do a bit of digging into the mystery of her family. But, when a small child goes missing, Mia has to put all this aside and focus on helping to locate this little girl.

This is yet another wonderful read from Fleur McDonald and I get the feeling that we haven’t heard the last of Constable Mia Worth.  I am hoping not as Fleur has left the door wide open.

If you are on the lookout for a great summer read and want something other than a romance then put Broad River Station on your list.  There is more than just one mystery within the pages to keep you guessing.

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Broad River Station

  1. Wow!!!! What an amazing story. This is definitely Fleur McDonald at her best. I loved the storyline, mystery, characters and suspense. I read this in one day. I couldn’t put it down.

  2. Thank you to Beauty and lace Club and Allen & Unwin for my copy.

    Fans of Fleur McDonald’s books and more importantly, fans of Detective Dave Burrows will be happy with this book.
    Dave features in this book quite a bit, but he’s not the main character this time. A new Constable is introduced and stationed at Broad River. What makes this story interesting is the new Constable is female and she’s posted in a station full of mostly misogynistic male officers. I liked the new character Mia Worth and feel for her in her first posting. Also she’s the first female officer to be stationed in Broad River. Mia is five foot nothing and has both a tough and fragile side to her. She chose this area because her grandmother is in an aged care facility in the same country town. Clara has dementia and the author’s writing and descriptions of dementia are accurate and heartfelt.
    Constable Jack Higgins also features in this book, as does his girlfriend Zara and also Dave’s wife Kim.
    The story has two mysteries, one involving an organic farmer’s crop being sprayed with a pesticide which kills the crop and Mia has a family mystery of her own to try and solve.
    I found the story interesting and the investigative skills used to find out what pesticide was used and who sprayed the crop really interesting. Mia’s family mystery was also interesting and the whole story flowed well. All the main characters were likeable and there’s plenty of country community spirit. I’m hoping to read more about Mia in future books .
    Highly recommend!
    4 stars.

  3. In Fleur McDonalds new book Broad River Station-the story centres around a new police constable Mia who has been sent to the police station in her childhood hometown of Broad River.
    Mia who selected to go to Broad River to be close to her grandmother ,who is suffering with dementia, finds her colleagues most unwelcoming as they resent a woman being posted to their station.
    Mia is sent out to look for a missing child where she is taken under the wing of a Sargent from a nearby town and encouraged to use the skills she was trained for.
    Family secrets start to unravel when her grandmother Clara gives Mia mixed messages of what happened when her family lived in the area and Mia is taken back to a time that she was way to young to remember.
    Like all of Fleur McDonalds books I really enjoyed this latest one and found it hard to put down. I eagerly await a next one which I hope comes sooner rather than later
    Thankyou to Beauty and Lace.A&U and Fleur McDonald for the chance to read this very entertaining book.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald. It was full of excitement and intrigue that kept me going to the end.

    The characters were a great mix of old faces from previous Fleur McDonald books and new faces that will hopefully pop up again in books to come. While knowing a little of characters backstories put some story points into context that is definitely a book that can be read on its own.

    I really enjoyed reading about Mia and her return to the area as well as the struggles she faced, and started to overcome as a female in the area.

    This is definitely a book I’ll be sharing.

  5. I had a great time reading Broad River station by Fleur McDonald. The characters are great and the story around their life is very intriguing.

    Story of Mia returning back to her old town and finding the old shop owned by her grandma, unfolding the events makes it such a great read.

    It was a great read for me and kept me going till the end.

  6. Thank you for my copy of Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald.

    Mia Worth is a new constable and on her first posting which is near her grandmother Clara who is in early dementia. This was an interesting telling of a situation I have been through and I could really relate.

    Mia is the victim of prejudice against a female in the force at Broad River, but is determined to succeed. There are a few mysteries going on at once, one involving crops, one a missing child, and a mystery involving Mia’s own grandmother. They are all worked together really well and make the book even more enjoyable.

    The other big plus is Dave Burrows who is brought in and works well with Mia. I’d love to read more of this combination. I even loved Dave’s offsider Jack and would happily read more about him.

    This was a great rural read with more than one mystery all woven together really well – another great Fleur McDonald / Dave Burrows story – highly recommended.

  7. What a great read this was as always by Fleur Mc Donald!
    Mia was a new constable stationed at Broad River and as the only female officer there, it was a tough gig to be liked and accepted by all her co-workers. She felt she had to prove herself and wasn’t backing down because of a disgruntled colleague who never gave her a chance from day one!
    I liked the outcome at her first station and the next town was a real mystery she was very keen to solve that she was connected to as well as solving another local case.
    Loved Dave and his very welcoming wife who were in every way country people and thought nearing the end of the book that I wouldn’t find out the few things I wanted to know about who was the culprit of things going wrong at her place before she went to help in Barker, but it was all tied up and I didn1t guess who it was. It’s good when a story has you guessing and isn’t predictable as it keeps me interested and intrigued.
    Thanks for another great read 🙂

  8. Broad River Station by Fleur McDonald follows Mia as she starts her police career in a small country town, she faces many road blocks with her colleges who try there hardest to make her feel incompetent. Dave Burrows features heavily and is his usual hero/slight breaker of the rules, making it an enjoyable read with the side mysteries thrown in, it’s a page turner.
    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and Allen & Unwin for the chance to read and review this enjoyable book.

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