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Kate Ryder never disappoints when it comes to romantic suspense novels.  Beneath Cornish Skies weaves magic and touches at heartstrings whilst giving you the feeling of empowerment to start over.

Cassandra Shaw seems is living a perfect, wonderful life with her wealthy and very handsome boyfriend David in South Downs, Sussex.  They live in a beautiful house with a lavish lifestyle; Cassie is not expected to work and anything she wants David provides yet with all that she has she feels empty and is lost within her abilities and self-doubt is consuming her.  

David is controlling and dominant which adds to her insecurities, she feels as though she is treated more like the help than a loving a partner, when she finds out David has cheated on her Cassie knows she must move on.

Cassie sees an advertisement for a housekeeper in a rambling manor on the North East coast of Cornwall she applies and is successful. Her journey of self-discovery begins as she settles into Foxcombe Manor.

The work for the young family is gruelling but also very rewarding. As Cassie explores the area she begins to feel secure and safe in her new surrounds; connecting with the history of the area, nature and scenery with dramatic vistas of stark landscapes and imposing cliffs that have a magical, mystique feel to them. 

When Cassie meets Luke, a neighbour of the manor she is not thinking about romance as she is exploring who she is without David. But, as she spends more time with Luke she is captivated by his stories of the Cornwall area and a deep friendship is forged that leads to courtship. 

I loved how Cassie came out of her shell and found her spark in life; it was fun to see her story unfold, you could literally feel her character glow. Learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth is hard to do and I loved how this novel encapsulated this. 

This was a delightful book of romance with a touch of history about Cornwall and other main characters that you will fall in love with. I highly recommend it. 

Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review. 

ISBN: 9781800243811 / Publisher: Head of Zeus / Harper Collins

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20 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Beneath Cornish Skies

  1. Beneath Cornish Skies by Kate Ryder, an ebook published by Head of Zeus, is a beautifully engaging tale about love, discovering your core and trusting in yourself.

    The main story is set against the ethereal but rugged Cornish landscape, with its history of shipwrecks and lovelorn ghosts. Indeed the descriptions of the countryside are truly atmospheric – the dramatic coastline, stormy seas and sandy dunes are the perfect backdrop. It is here that Cassandra, the guileless but emotionally strong main character of the story, gradually blossoms and discover her true path.

    Very much at odds with the shallow and pampered life she has led with her rich and dominating partner David, Cassandra or Sandie as he calls her, has left him behind in Sussex, to find another way of life in Cornwall. She has never truly felt comfortable until she is close to nature and with her beloved horse Caspian by her side, Cassandra has escaped. Finding sanctuary working as a nanny/horsewoman/helper with the Kinsman family. Here living in a haunted Mediaeval manor set amongst the wild and rugged Cornish landscape she tries to make sense of her life and her relationship with David.

    Then she meets Luke, a kindred spirit whose love of nature and knowledge of the folklore and history of the region captivates her. Luke opens Cassie’s mind to new possibilities and suddenly her whole world expands…

    A beautifully romantic and enchanting story with just a touch of otherworldliness, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Beneath Cornish Skies by Kate Ryder
    Sandie had never really felt part of a family with her distant parents and much older brother never really showing much interest in her.
    But everything changed on the night of her 17th Birthday when a car accident took the lives of both her parents and left her seriously injured.
    The first person to stop and help after the car accident was a young, rich, very good looking man, David. He waited with her for the ambulance and then visited her everyday in hospital. Three months later when she was ready to be discharged David took her home and they become a family.
    For 10 years they lived happily, Sandie enjoying living in luxury and taking care of her horses and David’s needs. That is until She notices David interacting with their house keeper and doubts start to creep in. When David admits to never wanting children and that he has been seeing other women Sandie or Cassandra as she then decides to go by realises it is time to move on. But never having been on her own or worked she doesn’t know where to start. After finding an advert in a magazine for a job helping on a farm in Cornwall she realises this is the change she needs.
    Everything is different for her in Cornwall, she starts to find out who she really is and enjoys the company of her new neighbour and a surfer she meets at the beach.
    Cassie discovers a whole new side of herself when she finally starts to realise what a hold David had on her life.
    This is a beautifully written book with lots of description of the lovely scenery.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity

  3. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to read this book. But I’m sad to say I just couldn’t get into it. I tried a few times but it just didn’t grab me. The continual descriptions on the scenery and places was just too much for me. I usually love escaping into the atmosphere of a place but this wasn’t for me.

  4. Thankyou to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Beneath Cornish Skies by Kate Ryder.

    I really enjoyed this romantic story with a history of Cornwall included.

    Cassandra Shaw’s life appears perfect. She was rescued from a car accident by David Ashcroft, who becomes her handsome and wealthy boyfriend. After 10 years together, she senses something isn’t quite right. She questions…..can she trust him. Cassie feels more like his housekeeper than the mother of his future children! On discovering he really is serious about having no place in his life for children, she takes a chance on a new beginning. Drawn to a magazine cover, while buying petrol, she buys the magazine. She finds an add for an all round Nanny, actually a “ superhuman” is wanted! The family lives in a rambling manor on the North Cornish coast.
    Cassie loves the family, the land and sea scapes around her.
    As the Cassie of her childhood returns and she takes a chance , a whole new and satisfying life opens up around her.

    My favourite quote from the book is “You can’t control the wind, but you can set your sails”.

    An excellent read.

  5. Thank-you Beauty & Lace for giving me the chance to read & review ‘Beneath Cornish Skies’ a romantic with a touch of history book by Kate Ryder.
    Sandie is living the so-called perfect life with David – the most gorgeous / wealthy boyfriend who is everybody’s friend and person they want to be seen with. A chance viewing of his interactions with the housekeeper starts the seed of doubt for Sandie as to how their life together is and really does she belong here anymore, especially when she realizes that children will also not be a factor of their future.
    Realizing she wants more Sandie packs up and leaves to live on the North Cornish Coast amongst the chaotic life of a rural family’s as their ‘superhuman’ assistant and rediscovers her true self as Cassie. Meeting a neighbour Luke helps Cassie to remember her love of nature and what is truly important to her. The descriptions of the surrounding scenery are beautiful, almost being able to taste the tang of the salt air!
    My only wish would be a postscript to the story about David – it would have been nice to see him loose it all and pay for his past actions, but I suppose Cassie does get the best revenge by going on and living a great life. Thank-you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ for the opportunity to read ‘Beneath Cornish Skies’ by Kate Ryder

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to read this ebook Beneath Cornish Skies. This is the first book I have read by this author.
    I enjoyed the story very much. At first Cassandra seemed like a bit of a wimp so I was glad she grew some backbone and made a better life for herself.
    Luke was interesting and knowledgeable about the history of Cornwall but did sound a bit like a textbook or teacher at times.
    Good on Cassandra for refusing to return to David in the end. I would have been upset if she had.

  7. Thanks for selecting me to read Beneath The Cornish Skies
    A wonderful book to read
    Cassandra seems to have it all ( no spoilers ) with her partner David they have been together 10 years but she knows something is not right
    After a fallout Cassandra moves to North Cornish to take up a position of a nanny plus other jobs for the family
    Everything is going well and Cassandra is finally finding her way in life once again no spoilers

  8. I really enjoyed this novel, I really am liking the theme of ‘finding yourself’ recently, or re-finding yourself, as so many of us seem to get lost along our journey, bogged down by others expectations.
    I thought it was about time that Cassie left her partner, he certainly didn’t act as if he appreciated her, and I found it sad it had taken her so long to see the truth about their relationship.
    I enjoyed discovering Cornwall, though at times I felt the teaching that Luke gave Cassie, was a bit too educational for me, but it was still interesting.
    I enjoyed Cassie’s burgeoning relationship with Luke, and though he was obviously not happy in his marriage, it did seem a little hypocritical of Cassie, after what she had just been through in her own relationship, to be pursuing anything with Luke when she realised she had feelings for him.
    I would have liked a little more at the end, for me, it ended a little too abruptly, but overall it was a really enjoyable read.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace Bookclub for providing me with a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  9. I’ll admit it: when I first started reading Beneath Cornish Skies, I thought ” oh yuck: perfect plastic people with their oh so perfect lives”. Then things got interesting, and I was hooked. Hooked as in read it all in one go
    I absolutely loved this ebook by Kate Ryder. It was great to see Sandie or Cassandra or Cass grow a backbone and start living. This is a tale of finding your place in the world, and finding yourself along the way.
    Reading this book was like having a long cup of tea with a familiar friend. Just so comforting and no effort required as I got caught up in the characters
    Thoroughly recommended for a feelgood book with a touch of romance. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this E-Book and escape for a few hours
    Yes: there is an unexpected twist at the end
    No: I’m not even hinting at what it may be

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to read Beneath Cornish Skies.

    I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. Cass is very relatable as I think there are times in everyone’s lives where you go with the flow of others choices for you and lose yourself. Luckily for Cass she eventually rediscovers herself and can choose her own path.

    The book is very descriptive- at times a little too much history for my personal preference but I did love the location and scenery descriptions.

    Overall a very well written story and one I would happily recommend.

  11. ‘Beneath Cornish Skies’ by Kate Ryder was a really interesting book to read. It did take me a little while to get into it because I kept thinking ‘where was this going?’, but in the other hand I wanted to keep reading to find out. I loved the whimsy of the ghosts and Luke’s historical descriptions. I was worried about the ending, but that turned out just great too! Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me review this book >:o)

  12. Cassandra didnt have the amazing childhood of some, few friends and even less opportunities. Her family were not all that but still they were taken from her too early. David rescued her that day, stayed to keep her calm, opened a door to a life changed.
    Fast forward and her life with David has all money can buy, land and an amazing home, a social circle thats to die for and David in his stunning looks being her man. But when she sees an unsettling interaction between David and their house keeper doubts move in. She wants more, a family, a home that is more than a show home. When she raises it with him, he shuts her down and the life she has starts to crumble.
    Looking for more she takes on a job keeping the house, horses and children of Ginny and Giles. A paid job and an opportunity to grow. So much to learn, to seek herself and figure out where her and David will be.

    A touching read with layers of story as Cassandra transforms from Sandie to Cassie and finds her inner self. I do love stories of challenge that show doors and options in amongst drama and knowledge. Tales of Cornwall history, ghosts, kindred spirited friendship, a warm fuzzy read.
    Thabks to Beauty & Lace and Kate Ryder for a cuddly read ☺

  13. This was definitely one book I could get immersed in very quickly. So different to what I was expecting and a page turner.
    I didn’t want this book to end as I loved her journey in life guided by spirits it seemed.
    I thought there was just something odd about David all along and the secrets he kept from her.
    I loved Ginny and Giles and their kids. Was such a beautiful ending and by being with who she was meant to be with and how the spirits were at peace or rather played a part in a happy ending was comforting.
    Fantastic book!!! Thanks so much x

  14. Sadly I had major problems trying to read this book.
    I tried and tried but just did not enjoy reading it at all.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read this and this is my honest review.

  15. Beautifully written story of a girl who is saved from a wreck, and goes on to lead a life of luxury. Over time her life feels empty, so she musters the courage to leave, and start a new life, on the Cornish coast.
    Full of doubts and insecurities, she meets some wonderful people, and starts to ‘find ‘ her true self.
    Cass meets an interesting man, and slowly a comfortable friendship ensues, but will both find the courage to let go of all that is holding them back, and move forward into the life they were meant to lead.?
    A touch of ghostliness, deep and remarkable history of the house she lives in, as well as mystery in the woods, makes for a great page turner.

  16. Beautifully written story of a girl who is saved from a wreck, and goes on to lead a life of luxury. Over time her life feels empty, so she musters the courage to leave, and start a new life, on the Cornish coast.
    Full of doubts and insecurities, she meets some wonderful people, and starts to ‘find ‘ her true self.
    Cass meets an interesting man, and slowly a comfortable friendship ensues, but will both find the courage to let go of all that is holding them back, and move forward into the life they were meant to lead.?
    A touch of ghostliness, deep and remarkable history of the house she lives in, as well as mystery in the woods, makes for a great page turner.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read this fabulous e-book.

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review ‘Beneath Cornish Skies’ by Kate Ryder. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me and I just couldn’t get into the story

  18. Beneath Cornish Skies is a beautifully written story about having the courage to let go of bad situations and to find yourself. Cassie seems like she has the perfect life with her wealthy partner David. In reality her life is controlled, she doesn’t work and she has low self worth. After finding out he is cheating she makes the break and heads to Cornwall to work as a housekeeper. Here she finally has the ability to be free and rediscover who she is again with the help of some new friends along the way.
    I loved finding out about the area and I know this is a beautiful part of the world I would love to escape to.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to review it

  19. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Kate Ryder for the opportunity to read and review this story.

    Cassie Shaw, the main character, is torn between a seemingly perfect life and the feeling of something lacking within this life. Taking an opportunity to work as a live in nanny, she finds out about herself and what may have been missing from her perfect life.

    The vivid storytelling of Kate Ryder creates beautiful imagery and takes the reader on Cassie’s adventure, the emotions easily identifiable and portrayed. Looking forward to reading more by Kate Ryder.

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