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I have read a few of Mandy Magro’s books over the years so I was very excited to read her latest ‘Back to the Country’ and it didn’t disappoint.

Aussie girl Indigo Nash has found fame and fortune through her country music career and is now based in America.  Her long time friend Harley travels with her as her bodyguard. 

He is very aware of Indigo’s internal struggle due to her harsh upbringing with an alcoholic father and the sudden disappearance of her brother Robbie who had also been his best friend.  The constant hope and longing was that Robbie would one day arrive back home and explain why and where he had been all these years.

With the sudden death of Indigo’s father she now has to decide if she and Harley will return to Australia so she can deal with all the legal side of his passing.  Harley talks her into returning. 

Once back in Australia she finds she can relax as she is away from the public eye and the stress of constant travel and hotel rooms. 

This is when she has to face her true emotions and deal with her feelings for Harley, the concern over what to do with her fathers property and the financial concerns her dearest friend and Harley’s sister Amy is facing.

This is a great rainy weekend read and has some lovely twists and turns to keep you on your toes.   Mandy Magro’s writing flows so easily and her characters are easy to feel connected to.  This is a very enjoyable read.

ISBN: 9781867223573
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Back to the Country

  1. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for my copy of Mandy Magro’s ‘Back to the Country’.
    This is a rural romance with a dash of mystery thrown in that makes for a great read.
    Country singer Indigo Nash has fame and fortune and at the height of her music is chasing a Grammy.
    Childhood trauma leaves Indy with nightmares – getting to the root of them will reveal the truth of her families dark secrets.
    She has a body guard – Harley Knight – who travels the world with her when she performs at her sell out concerts. Indy and Harley have known each since they were teens and they learn so much about each other that leads them to realising they have feelings for each other. Their feelings surface when they return to their hometown of Kuranda and stay at his property leaving her to face the aftermath of her fathers death and her family secret. Harley and Indy admit how they feel about each other and happily set about a fresh start and new life together.

  2. Thank you for the copy of Back To The Country by Mandy Magro.
    This is the story of country music star Indigo Nash. She is at the peak of her career in America, but her demons are making it harder to cope. Harley Knight, Indigo’s childhood friend is now her bodyguard – and has been touring with her. He convinces her to return to Kuranda hoping she can heal there.
    Being back Indigo has to deal with her feelings for Harley in a relaxed place. She also has to work out what to do with her deceased father’s property and the many memories it holds. Lastly, her best friend and Harley’s sister Amy has been facing hard times of her own and Inigo has to work out how to help her.
    This is a definite rural romance wit the Aussie slang flowing in parts. The characters are easy to like and want the best for. It felt like things should flow a certain way, but roadblocks were put in the way much as life can do. The ending happened quite quickly, but I would still love another story of these two – so would recommend for lovers of this genre.

  3. I have read a lot of Mandy Magro’s books over the years and have a good collection in my bookcase. I was very excited for the opportunity to read her latest ‘Back to the Country’ and it was another amazing read. The plot centered on Aussie country singer Indigo Nash and how she overcomes her traumatic past by returning to Australia to her home town Kuranda to build on her relationship with her long time friend and bodyguard Harley Knight. This book was an easy enjoyable read. Thanks beauty and lace for the opportunity

  4. Another wonderful Mandy Magro book.
    Aussie Country Music Star Indigo Nash is hitting the big time in USA.
    Harley Knight, her Bodyguard is a home town boy who has been with Indi for years.
    When she become disillusioned with the the music industry, she starts to question why is she still doing what she dreamed of doing when she was younger. Her aim to is to win the elusive ‘Grammy’.
    Indigo’s Father passes away and she returns to her hometown of Kuranda to sort out his funeral and to dispose of the family property. Her father was a nasty person and Indi has many sad and frightening memories and questions about her past and the disappearance of her brother.

    A wonderful read full of passion, love, mystery, hope and inspiration, highly recommended to lovers of Rural Romance.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Mira, Harlequin Enterprises for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.

  5. Mandy Magro delivers another fantastic read as I knew she would!
    This is the story of Indigo Nash, famous country singer who is touring America with her long time friend and now body guard Harley Knight (holy heck he sounds desirable!)
    Indigo has a coloured past that, through certain events she is required to face and overcome – in saying that……this is certainly a love story with so much built up passion and heart warming moments.
    I easily give this book 5/5 stars.

  6. Back to the Country by Mandy Mango is a country romance set in the country town of Kuranda. Indigo Nash a country and western singer and Harley Knight’s her childhood best friend and now her bodyguard, who is always there with her to lend a hand when things go wrong and help pick up the pieces. They are touring America when Indigo is feeling depressed and decides to go back to Australia to sort out her fathers funeral following his death and deal with secrets from her childhood. When they return to Kuranda they stay with Amy, Harley’s sister at their family property.

    Indigo and Harley have feelings for each other but in no circumstances will they admit it to each other. They go about their every life and Indigo once sorting out her affairs in the town is going back to America to continue with her Country and Western Career to try and get the grammy award that she has always wanted. The big question is will Indigo stay and face her feelings for Harley or will she return to America?

    A great read with passion, mystery and love all intertwined. I would highly recommend this book.

  7. Mandy Magro is my favorite author and this book is going to sit proudly in my book collection.
    As all her other books, this book is set on Australian countyside and this time it is based in Kuranda, a picturesque rainforest village near Cairns.

    This is based on a traumatic life of an award winning country music artist Indigo Nash and how she overcomes her past while realizing her love for his best friend.
    Its a great story of friendship, love and country love.
    The characters are very realistic and storyline is very engaging. I loved reading this book and it made me feel good.

  8. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for my chance to read and review Mandy Magro’s “Back to the Country”

    Another beautiful book written by Mandy Magro as I knew it would be. Based on the life of up-and-coming country superstar Indigo Nash who’s hitting it big in the US. She has her childhood friend Harley Knight travelling the world with her as her bodyguard.

    Indigo has a traumatic past and has no intention of returning to her childhood town until the sudden passing of her father means she must return to settle his affairs. Harley dreams of settling down with someone back there but will they realise their true feelings before it’s too late.

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