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Author: Kayte Nunn
ISBN: 98781863959230
RRP: $29.99

Angel’s Share is the second novel by Kayte Nunn, and it follows on from her debut Rose’s Vintage. Don’t be deterred by the fact that the two books are related because Angel’s Share is more than capable of standing on its own. I haven’t read Rose’s Vintage and I don’t feel like I missed anything because of it.

Matilda Cameron has a wonderful life in London, half a world away from the Australian country valley she once called home. She has an impressive career, the gorgeous boyfriend and the fabulous friends; and it just looks set to keep getting better.

A nasty skiing accident leaves Mattie seriously injured and looking at a lengthy recovery meaning she can’t do her fast-paced job that waits for no-one and a broken heart. Recuperating at her brother Mark’s Australian winery and helping out where she can doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Returning to Australia is a bittersweet option for Mattie. There was a falling out with her parents before she left and returning under these circumstances just seems like failure to her. As an observer you can see that she has done great things; she followed a dream, she travelled, she had the dream job and it’s just bad luck and a setback that has her returning home – and it may well only be temporary. I can understand her feelings of failure though, as someone who moved across the country and then weighed the options of returning home when things didn’t work out I can relate to her thought processes.

Everything is different for Mattie in Shingle Valley, she has gone from a fast paced job that never seemed to stop to having nothing but time on her hands. She’s feeling a little low and a little lost, a little untethered and unsure of where she belongs now everything has changed.

Mark’s vineyard is in the valley Mattie grew up in so she really is returning to her childhood home where she knows most of the people and has a connection to the places. It feels like maybe it could be home again but what does that mean for all the dreams she was chasing.

Rose helps Mattie pick up some freelance work to fill her time in the early days and Mattie finds herself branching out into new areas, and finding new interests, as well as rekindling old loves.

Angel’s Share sees Mattie feeling that she’s lost everything only to discover that perhaps the changes in her life have brought her to bigger and better things. Returning home has afforded opportunities that she may not have had in London.

Mattie is not the only main focus, alternating chapters follow the progress of Rose of Rose’s Vintage. The story is told in the third person so it is easy to follow and doesn’t leave you trying to work out whose story you’re reading chapter by chapter the way some books do.

Angel’s Share has elements of romance for a range of characters but it also addresses some of the issues faced by property owners. Shingle Valley is quite a tourist attraction with people travelling from great distances to visit the wineries and the region. The sale of one, and then another, vineyard in the valley to a Chinese energy company leaves the business owners concerned that they will try to bring mining to the valley; and all of the effects that will have on the land and their businesses.

Set against the beautiful NSW wine region this is a beautiful light read that is sure to delight. Fans of Rose’s Vintage will love returning to the characters they grew to love and readers new to Shingle Valley will fall in love. I will be interested to see if there are more stories in the series because I would love to head back for another visit.

Angel’s Share is book #20 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2017.

Kayte Nunn can be found on Facebook, Twitter and

Angel’s Share is published by Nero Books and is available now through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Nero Books 15 of our Beauty and Lace club members will be reading Angel’s Share so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Book Club: Angel’s Share

  1. ‘Angel’s Share’ was a nice book to read. I didn’t think it was great, for me it was all very predictable without any surprises along the way, but it was a lovely story and an easy book to read (Iwas able to finish it in two days). I really enjoyed the descriptions of the vineyards as it really would be such a beautiful place to live and as Mattie got into photography more I really felt like I was there seeing the view through the camera myself.

    I do like stories about families/friends/towns that come together to help each other and who would do anything for each other. I think it would be such a nice way to live and is so far removed from my life.

    I haven’t read the first story about Rose and until I read Michelle’s review above I hadn’t even realised that this wasn’t a stand alone book, so I didn’t feel like I’d missed out on anything. I will look for Rose’s story though and read that and will keep an eye out for any further books by Kayte Nunn that keep following the Shingle Valley story because I would like to see what happens next.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for another good book to review >:o)

  2. Angel’s Share by Kayte Nunn is an enjoyable easy read.

    The story starts in London with Mattie, a high flying advertising Woman, and her friend Cara setting off on a skiing holiday with their boyfriends. A terrible accident befalls Mattie, leaving her no longer able to work, and she will need months to recuperate, so she decides to head home to Australia to her brother Mark’s winery in NSW to recover.

    Here she meets Rose, her brothers partner, who takes her under her wing and looks after her during her recovery. Mattie finds herself remembering why she loved living in Australia, and is beginning to relax. She enjoys being with family, and delights in her brother’s two young children. Gradually, she begins to help with light duties in the vineyard. Her graphic design skills mean she can help with updating the website Mark has set up to promote his wine, and he is delighted with her help.

    The story moves along at a gentle pace as Mattie readjusts to a slower pace of living than her hectic life in the advertising world. She reconnects with friends from her past, including Charlie Drummond, who she had a school girl crush on. Can a long ago attraction bloom into something more?

    The characters are easy to get to know, and are believable, although sometimes the Aussie phrases seemed to be overdone, and it felt too “ocker”

    Thank you Beauty & Lace book club, and Nero books for the chance to read Angel’s Share by Kayte Nunn

  3. Matilda ‘Mattie’ Cameron is in her early thirties, and is enjoying a successful life in London.
    She headed there from Australia in her late teens to pursue a career there, and hasn’t seen her parents or her brother Mark in years.
    She now has a handsome beau, a great group of girlfriends, and a job at an advertising agency that is impressive yet highly demanding.
    So when her boyfriend Johnny organises a skiing trip to Switzerland for ten days with Mattie and a couple of friends, she can’t wait.
    But a horrific skiing accident leaves Mattie with terrible injuries, and she loses not only her job, but Johnny as a result.
    At a loss for what to do, she comes to the decision to head back to Australia to allow herself time to heal.
    Mark offers her a place to stay at his winery, located in the quaint town of Shingle Valley, located in NSW.
    Mattie is welcomed into the home by Mark, and his partner Rose, along with his two young children from a previous relationship.
    Mark is a kind and caring brother to Mattie, but he is concerned with issues relating to the future of Shingle Valley, and is away for extended periods of time.
    Rose steps in to care for Mattie, and the two quickly become firm friends. Rose is a generous and compassionate woman, and makes Mattie feel right at home.
    But as Mattie begins to recuperate from her injuries, she is faced with the decision of where her future lies, particularly when she meets winemaker Charlie Drummond, and develops feelings for him.
    Should she head back to London and give things another shot, or should she make a life for herself in Shingle Valley?

    Angel’s Share is a really pleasant book that I breezed through in a couple of days. I enjoyed the vast range of characters, however, Rose was my favourite, as she put the needs of others before her own in many situations, whilst trying to run her restaurant, Trevelyn’s Pantry, and taking on the role of step-mum to Mark’s children.
    I was pleased to discover that the characters have been featured in Kayte Nunn’s other novel, Rose’s Vintage, which I plan to read in the near future.
    If you’re after a easy-to-read, highly-enjoyable book, then be sure to check out Angel’s Share.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Angels Share by Kayte Nunn. It was a pleasing and easy read which I finished over 2 days and I got to learn a few things about the winery side of owning vineyards. I love that I can learn even the smallest snippets of information along the way.

    Beautiful described landscapes and characters that have Australian warmth and comradery are what made this book for me although there was only one small item that nagged at me and this may only be for me but I thought that ‘Mate’ was over used. Like I said, it is just a small thing that got to me while reading and distracted me from being totally immersed in the story.

    The photography aspect for Mattie was good idea for her to explore another journey of her life. I love photography and am keen to do more myself so this has inspired me to perhaps follow that a bit more, not professionally but just for the sheer joy of capturing the places we go.

    I did not realise that there was a previous book written and I will go to my local library and see if I can find it. This book in no way feels like a “follow on” but I hope that Kayte will continue along this line.

    Looking forward to reading the next instalment.

  5. Angels Share by Kayne Nunn was an easy book to read,easy to put down for a while when life gets in the way of reading, and easy to pick up again when time allows.
    I enjoyed the story although it was always easy to predict the next step. Maddie was a likeable character as was her family.
    The story showed that you cannot always trust those you think close to you when life turns stormy,and some are only there when times are grand. I felt for Maggie after the tragedy that left her so vulnerable and alone except for Cara who was forever by her side. Coming back to Australia and family was a turning point in her life and although not her first choice was definitely the only choice.

  6. Angel’s Share, by Katy Nunn, is the second book in the series but can be read as a stand alone novel. Set in Australia, but at times “over set” with too many colloquialisms.

    A light read perfect for any romance lover, but it was not all romance in fact that seemed to not be the main focus.

    I particularly loved the way the community rallied against fracking which has become an issue lately.

    This book travelled well from Mattie’s previous life which was ruined by an accident to her rebuilding in Australia. I also loved her friend Cara, who brought a different vibe to the valley.

    Overall a great weekend read very enjoyable would give it 3 ½ stars and I’m going to go find the first book to read as well

  7. Angel’s Share was a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely love books like this.

  8. I really enjoyed this book and found it an easy read. The short chapters were great as at the moment my reading is very stop start and often takes place while waiting at medical appointments with the person I am Carer for.
    I did find that I could easily pre-empt what was to happen next so there was very little mystery or surprises. Never-the-less I felt comfortable with the story and where it took me. Mattie was easy to identify with and all the characters in the book were likeable
    This is the 2nd book in this series but it was in no way lacking by me not having read the first book. Although now I want to.
    If you are after an easy read without too much heavy content then this is the book for you.

  9. Angel’s Share a novel by Kayte Nunn is an easy to read romance and had me hooked.

    Matilda Cameron is the main character who thinks she has it all, a great career, a fantastic boyfriend and great friends especially Cara. Then a freak skiing accident which is organised by her boyfriend to Switzerland leaves her with serious injuries. She now not only loses her job but her boyfriend Johnny as a result. Not knowing what to do next she heads back to Australia to stay with her brother Mark and partner Rose to recuperate and allow herself time to heal.

    As Mattie settles back into life in the Shingle Valley, NSW with her brother and Rose, Rose steps in and really cares for Mattie and the two become very close friends. As time passes and Mattie’s injuries heal she has to make a decision of what to do in the future. The real question is Charlie Drummond the winemaker and the feelings that she is developing for him. What should she do stay in the Shingle Valley or head back to London for a fast paced career.

    I really enjoyed Angel’s Share and could relate to the characters and really got a feeling for the Shingle Valley, at some stages I even felt like I could have been there sitting among the vines.
    Thanks you Nero Books and Beauty and Lace for this great read.

  10. Angels Share by Kayte Nunn is a delightful book to read
    I never realised it is the second book in the series ( must read the 1st book )
    Maddie is the main character who is living in London and she returns Australia after a terrible accident that nearly cost her her life
    The wine growing region in NSW called Shingle Valley is where she returns to heal moving in with her brother Mark
    The whole community is dealing with the problem of fracking which in real life many of our Australian communitys are dealing with today
    Overall a very enjoyable book to read

  11. A good book to sit and read with your favourite glass of wine, “Angel’s share” will whisk you away on a tale of tragedy, recovery and discovery.
    Madeline is living what she thought was her perfect life in the stressful advertising industry in London. She has ‘the’ job, good friends and that special honey. Little did she anticipate the avalanche that takes almost everything away.
    Forced to head home to rural, wine country Australia to piece herself back together, Madeline has to find a way to pick herself up and start over, right from learning to walk again.
    Helping her is her family and new and old friends, digging up past emotions and passion. Mending bridges along the way.
    I found this a good read, you get to know the characters well, even find yourself transported by the descriptive writing of Kayte Nunn for the location, people, troubles and fun. Sit yourself down in a cosy spot when you pick this read up.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Angel’s Share written by Kayte Nunn is an easy and enjoyable book to read.
    Mattie is enjoying her successful career life in London when an accident that almost cost her life leads her back to her hometown in Australia. She is able to become re-acquainted with her family and old friends and make new friends along the way. But then decisions must be made. Should she remain in her hometown or return to her life in London?
    This was a good, enjoyable book with worthy characters, good storyline and great descriptive scenery.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read Angel’s Share.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to read Angel’s Share. A nice gentle easy read for a lazy afternoon, although again, slightly predictable. The characters were believable without too much unnecessary dialogue, (one of my pet hates in a book), and the author didn’t go onto any unnecessary tangents to fill the pages and each character had a genuine reason for being part of the story. I did however tire of the word ‘mate’.

  14. Interesting read very easy going & pleasant to read it was one of those for a rainy day inside in a cosy nook so you can just amble along with the story

    I enjoyed all the characters with their different personalities but Rose was the stand out & then I found that there is another book with her as principle so I must find this to read

    I did enjoy this book but not a stand out but will still recommend for a good homely read

  15. Having read ‘Rose’s Vintage’ by Kayte Nunn, I really wanted to read her new book Angel’s Share, the second in the series. I really wanted ot revisit Shingle Valley and its residents and find out what they were up to. Angel’s Share did not disappoint. It was just as enjoyable as the first book.
    Matilda “Mattie” Cameron lives in London and ‘has it all’ until she is injured in a freak accident while on a skiing holiday with her boyfriend.
    The accident leaves her with serious injuries and as a result loses her job and her boyfriend. Her only solution is to move back to Australia and in with her brother and his family in Shingle Valley. It is here where the healing begins.
    This book was both and easy and enjoyable read. Definitely a book I will recommend.
    Thank you Nero Books and Beauty & Lace for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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