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Author: Sara Foster
ISBN: 9781925184785
RRP: $29.99

Sara Foster is the critically acclaimed author of 3 bestselling psychological suspense novels, none of which I have read; her fourth novel is All That Is Lost Beneath Us and I loved it.

The book is set in the atomospheric Lake District of England, where the landscape is lovingly drawn. The Turner family has been in the area for generations and their love of the land is ingrained.

Georgia Turner is a seventeen year old with a secret that she has been carrying for way too long. School holidays are coming to a close and Georgia is desperate to share her news with her best friend, and cousin, Sophia. Unfortunately Sophia is ignoring her for an unknown reason and before she can get to the bottom of it they are involved in a hit and run which leaves Sophia hospitalised.

All That Is Lost Between Us is the story of a family adrift in a complacency that sees them moving further and further apart. Georgia has hit a stage where she just wants to be left alone, she has isolated herself completely from her family and it is really concerning them. Anya is a school counsellor, at Georgia’s school, and struggling with her inability to reach her own daughter when this is what she does for a living.

The novel is written from alternating perspectives to get us inside the heads of the whole family. Georgia, her father Callum and younger brother Zac are written in third person with Anya in first person. I think the four perspectives are all essential because we need to see how things got to where they are and how each of the characters are feeling about the situation.

Knowing Anya is feeling an immense chasm between her husband and herself it would be easy to be sympathetic to her and cast Callum in the role of responsibility, but as we read we learn that Callum is feeling that same distance and wondering about the likelihood of them finding their way back to each other.


It is easy to make assumptions and theorise about situations when you only have one side of the story, learning about all sides can have a major impact on final conclusions.

Suspense and mystery shrouds this story start to finish, there are lots of things going on that we uncover slowly. I wouldn’t say it is a gripping psychological suspense novel but there was certainly a serving of suspenseful family drama as we pieced together all of the secrets and betrayals.

I was engrossed in the story of Georgia’s secret and trying to piece together the clues to see where that would lead. The family dynamic was the element of the story that I most loved. Two people who were so deeply and passionately in love then settle into the routine of married life and parenthood, slowly losing sight of the spontaneity and togetherness they once shared. This is such an everyday issue that many couples will be able to relate to. An issue that could be turned around with some in-depth conversation but the words are hard to find after so long, how do you take that first step?

Much of this story will be easily relatable to those who are married and have teen children, it certainly made me think about what I have to look forward to in the upcoming years.

A novel of family, friendship and the isolation that secrets can bring. Most definitely worth the read and I will look forward to hearing other opinions.

I must say I really felt for Anya, trained to assist teens through their troubles and finding it almost impossible to reach her own daughter when she can recognise an issue; something I’m sure many mothers can empathise with. The love this family felt for one another was palpable even though they had lost a lot of their connection. I couldn’t help but hope that things would start to work out for them.

All That is Lost Between Us is available February 1 through Simon & Schuster and where all good books are sold.

Sara Foster can be reached on Facebook and her Website.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 30 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading All That Is Lost Between Us so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments.

29 thoughts on “Book Club: All That Is Lost Between Us

  1. Reading this review really made me want to read tis book. It sounds really exciting. I’ve read Sara before and she’s a great author. Thanks Michelle.

  2. “All That is Lost Between Us” by Sara Foster is a great book to read. The story is set in England’s Lake District where a girl named Georgia is attending her last year in school and is also a champion fell runner. Just before an important race her cousin Sophia becomes victim of a hit & run. In time it becomes evident this may be not an accident but something far more sinister.
    An intriguing novel with that entails an array of family drama, love and fear with great characters to match. I found the story to be intriguing with constant suspense that kept me guessing all the way through. A really well written book, filled with some great twists and secrets it was hard to put the book down at times.
    This book covered a lot of interesting areas that I think would also suit a younger audience too.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for such a wonderful opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “All That is Lost Between Us” by Sara Foster.

  3. Family connections and involvement, relationships and… adolescence – that bewildering time of life when you’re eager for independence but still so dependent on your family for care and protection. All this and more is explored by author, Sara Foster in All That is Lost Between Us.

    It is a tense and gripping story that captures the difficult relationships, within families, and between parents and their almost adult, but still naive, adolescent children. In All That is Lost Between Us, the strained relationships in the Turner family are made even more poignant by the fact that the main character, young teenager Georgia, has a disturbing secret. A secret her parents know nothing about, and which page by page we start to piece together…

    The story is told from the different perspectives of each member of the Turner family. 17 year old Georgia, 14 year old Zac, and father Callum’s views are expressed in the third-person. Mother Anya’s perspective however is written in the first-person, giving her view a special weight – perhaps because she is the lynch-pin, the one who holds this troubled family together.

    All That is Lost Between Us is a suspenseful, well written novel that is very relatable in its realistic descriptions of the dynamics within families. It kept my interest from the beginning to the end, and I recommend it.

  4. This is an emotional thriller set in the Lake District in England. It focuses on an “ordinary” family trying to deal with their own personal problems and issues when they really should be trying to unite. It’s about gaps that grow when families don’t talk and dealing with situations you don’t know how to get out of.
    It is written in a modern way, even using mobile phone conversation to enhance the plot giving it a fresh edge. Told from multiple character’s perspective the reader is able to get a more rounded view and understanding of the motives of each family member.
    There’s a hit and run mystery, a secret begging to be told and the reader left hoping a estrangement will be resolved in time to save the family. It really leave you begging for more and you won’t be able to put it down!
    A very readable novel that will appeal to young women, who will empathise with Georgia’s situation.

  5. All That Is Lost Between Us is the second novel I have read by Sara Foster (I have also read Beneath The Shadows), and I have to say that even though I enjoyed her other book more out of the two, this one is still worth a read.
    The landscape of England’s Lake District is beautifully captured and written about in detail, as the story follows Georgia and her family, including mother Anya, dad Callum, brother Zac, and her cousin and best friend Sophia.
    The story has secrets throughout – some took longer than others to be revealed, and the drama keeps the storyline interesting enough to keep you turning the pages.
    As a mother of three, I found myself questioning how I’d handle the situations Anya faced as a mother if I were in her predicament.
    I liked how the characters had flaws as it made them more real and believable, and I was keen to see how the characters tried to rectify those flaws towards the end of the story.
    I was a bit thrown by the character of Danny,as I didn’t quite get the role he was meant to play in the story, apart from Georgia’s friend/mild love interest, as I felt he potentially could have been a more prominent character in the story. He showed up in random scenes throughout the book, which I didn’t like.
    Overall, I would recommend this book, even though I wouldn’t call it a thriller as is depicted on the back cover, I would say that it does keep your attention with its mysterious storyline.
    And just a quick mention that I love the front cover of the book!

  6. All that is lost between us is a real down to earth book about an ordinary working class family from the Lake District in England the two kids are typically teenagers that I could relate to as I think we all can, the family members were all busy doing their own thing once again I can relate to this, the description of the fells was incredible I felt like I was walking / climbing them, they sound incredible, each chapter focused on an individual family member but the book flowed, was hard for me to put this book down as it was so well written, was quite suprised as to who the culprit was who ran the kids down but once Sophia’s secret came out it all added up to me as to who was to blame, thank you for allowing me to read this book I really enjoyed it

  7. I found this book, ‘All that is lost between us’ frustrating to read, but I guess Sara Foster got what she wanted because she had me hook, line and sinker! I was frustrated because I didn’t know what the ‘big issue’ in the story was and that made me keep reading until the end. There were all sorts of little teasers, but nothing had me prepared for what actually happened.

    I felt for everyone in that Georgia’s family and it made me think about the things that I would try to do differently with my children and husband so that the lines of communication are never closed down.

    When I reached the end of the story and everything fell into place, I was able to reflect on how much I actually had enjoyed the story and I will be looking for Sara’s other book/s to read now too.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace for another great book >:o)

  8. An absolutely gripping story from the amazing Sara Foster. I have looked forward to Sara’s new book and it absolutely does not disappoint.

    The book is set in the English Lake District a part of the world I find fascinating.

    The relationships in this book are complex but navigated in a really interesting way using different perspectives. Few novelists can manage this style with such ease.

    All that is lost between us is thought provoking and absolutely engrossing. I tend to read this type of book REALLY quickly – it can not be put down!

  9. All That Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster is a complex but gripping read.
    Intertwining characters whose stories are told in multiple perspectives , are both intriguing and appealing.
    I certainly at times wanted to put down the book but was too intrigued to find out what happened next.
    Set in the beautiful Lakes District in England we are taken into the world of 17 year old Georgia , who has a secret she is holding onto, and her family and friends .The story is told in the third person and therefore gave lots of different perspectives into how keeping secrets can effect both family and friends and of course what it does to yourself .
    I must say there are lots of interesting twists and turns which I personally like in a suspense novel and I would certainly recommend “All That Is Lost Between Us” both for an adult and older teen audience of readers.
    Thanks so much Beauty and Lace for the Opportunity to read and review yet another wonderful novel.

  10. First I would like to say that it normally takes me two weeks to finish a book, but I actually finished this one in one week.
    All That Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster is one of those books that you just cant put down, I was literally staying awake at night to read more as I was intrigued.
    The book is about a family in England that is just as dysfunctional as a lot of families going through this stage in their lives.
    Mum and Dad or Anya and Callum have drifted apart over the years, each throwing themselves in to their respective jobs, whilst conveniently pushing each other away.
    Daughter and son or Georgia and Zac are 17 and 14 respectively and are going through teenage angst and rebellion against their parents.
    The story is told by each character with an insight into each of their thoughts and feelings. There are secrets galore in this family, and the journey with them is quite intriguing, and shown from each perspective.
    There is a hit and run, affairs, angst, rebellion, unstable stalkers, accidents and a lot of angst and heartache.
    You too will love this book.

  11. I find you always know when you have an interesting book in your hands when you begin a chapter and cannot put the book down.

    Sara’s book actually reminds me of many families I have known in the past but the one particular thing that I found alike with Georgia’s mum is that whatever instincts you have regarding any of your kids, is to follow that path and find the answers.

    The main characters of the book are Georgia’s family consisting of Mum, Dad and brother. Both kids are in their teens with their mum working at the same school as a psychologist. It’s not hard to warm to Georgia, her mum Anya and even dad Callum and brother Zac.

    I liked how the chapters would concentrate on one character but I found no confusion of reading each character. It all flowed beautifully as you read on.

    From chapter 1, I was on the edge with all the secrets with a few major characters so was desperate to read and know more. In my mind I was thinking of what the outcome would be and was totally off course. Definitely and absolutely riveting towards the end. I think my heart was in my stomach.

    This book tackles the issues of social networking and how there can be downsides to it all but also bullying is visible.

    This truly was a thrilling read and I would like to thank Beauty & Lace and the wonderful Simon & Schuster for introducing me to another author whom I see now lives in Australia.

  12. I was rapt to receive a copy of “All That is Lost Between Us” to read and review for Beauty and Lace. A gripping tale with a myriad twists and turns, mixed with a good dose of suspense and mystery which had me intrigued and enthralled from the first chapter. Multiple narrators in both first and third person gives a multifaceted window into their world and I found myself at times frustrated with different characters, but also a little scared of my own kids upcoming teenage years. One of my favourite aspects of this novel was the central theme of fell running and mountain rescue, which for me made the book so much richer and more appealing. And of course inextricably linked to these the spectacular natural setting of the Lakes district which I believe gives this story fantastic film adaptation potential. I found this a ripping read and will actively seek out Sara Foster’s other novels now as I enjoyed it so much. Thanks so much to Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster for this wonderful opportunity!

  13. I love this book- it has taken me a while to find a novel that intrigued me.
    Really enjoyed the exploring each characters perspective and the novel flowed brilliantly. love the mystery that is created by the author about all the secrets.
    Loved how the book covered aspects relevant such as the dangers of photographs/social media and also how something that can be considered as useful can be turned into something harmful by people
    great book and will reread as well as look out for her other novels

  14. “All That Is Lost Between Us” is a remarkably good novel – powerful and absorbing, with characters and situations that feel very real.

    The Turner family is falling apart. Anya and her husband Callum have grown distant and fractious with each other. Daughter Georgia is trying to establish her independence, and harbouring a dark secret. Son Zac pretty much just wants to avoid fighting with any of his family, but when he finds a secret photograph, finds he can’t avoid being drawn into the family problems.

    The novel is told from all of their viewpoints, in different chapters. This works remarkably well, leaving us with sympathy for all the characters and helping us to feel we understand them well. Each is drawn with sympathy and clarity; it’s an aspect of the novel that lends it a lot of its’ power. Readers will care about what happens to each member of the Turner family. Can they solve their problems in a way that won’t shatter the family unit?

    There is a point where it seems the novel is veering towards thriller territory. It didn’t really go there, but there was a welcome element of added tension that helped this to stand out from other, similar novels. Ultimately, the situations and secrets are ones that a great many people will recognise, or find realistic.

    The majority of characters are pretty decent people – even if they’re not all acting like it all the time – and it’s rather nice to read something that is pretty close to the way I experience the world. I found it a really interesting exploration of relationships in crisis – how they got there, how the tensions come to a point of crisis, and what people do about it.

    I found it hard to put the novel down. When I reached the end I felt it had come to a satisfactory place – I was happy to leave each character there. Even if things weren’t fully resolved, I could clearly see a positive way forward for them – a hopeful path. I recommend this highly. Lots of people will enjoy it.

  15. Oh Sara Foster you easily captivated me in this book as I found it hard to put down, when I did and continued on it was easy to immerse myself back into the Turner family world and their environment. I will surely be looking into your other books for some great reading as I liked your style of writing and how easy it was to relate to the characters in this book. I think a lot of families have secrets and instincts which are such a powerful thing so I could relate a lot of my own feelings the characters were feeling even the kids. Thankyou Beauty & Lace, Sara Foster and the publishers of this book as it took me away to another world other than my own for a while and may I also say that the book cover is very appealing in itself :)……… till I read and review again 🙂

  16. Although I enjoyed reading, All That is Lost Between Us, by Sara Foster, I felt that some of the co-incidences were a little contrived. The characters were very well drawn and their relationships with each other well written. The beautiful scenery of The Lake District in England was treated well too and I was interested to learn about fell running, of which I knew nothing.

    Having grown up before mobile phones and social media existed, I often struggle with the meaningless and mindless issues that can arise. I find it difficult to understand how any person can intrude on another without thought of any consequence, but I know it happens. The hurtful nature of publishing a photo, obviously knowing it would bring hurt and difficulties is inexcusable. This area was also well written.

    I found the book to be very easy to read and the relationships satisfyingly explored so that the ending was satisfying. It was interesting that Anya’s story was written in the first person while the chapters for other characters were written in the third person. I have no idea why, although I enjoyed reading All That is Lost Between Us, I found it to be a good book but not a great one. Even so, I am grateful for the opportunity to read and review the book and I thank Beauty and Lace and Simon and Schuster very much for the privilege.

  17. What a fantastic summer book to read! Set in the Lakes District in England it is a thrilling story about an ‘accident’ that perhaps isnt actually an accident. This is a gripping story and I was really pleased to find out that it wasnt actually a thriller as it stated it was. The interplay between the characters was a roller coaster and often had me screaming at the characters to just ‘say it’!

    This is an easy book to read and explores many concepts and issues in a considered and well developed way. This and the character development made it a very challenging book to put down!

    Thank you for allowing me to review this book, I am now on the search for others by Sara Foster!

  18. All That Is Lost Between Us will have you transfixed and wanting to rush to the very end in order to figure it all out. The novel is the fourth one from England-born, Perth-based writer, Sara Foster. It’s an intense, psychological drama that is brimming with secrets, lies and deception.

    The story has four alternating narrators. The main one is 17-year-old Georgia Turner, a girl that is harbouring a dark secret. She’s also one of the victims in a hit and run incident that sees her cousin, Sophia placed in an induced coma. Questions are swiftly asked about whether the driver deliberately sort out these two teenagers or whether they were subject to a horrific accident.

    Another key narrator is Georgia’s mother, Anya, a school psychologist who is juggling distant children and a marriage that is crumbling around her. Anya’s chapters are unique in that they’re told in the first person, which lends the prose a more intimate feel to the other storytellers; because Georgia, her computer game-playing brother, Zac and their selfish father Callum’s stories are all told in the third person.

    All That Is Lost Between Us covers just 48 hours in the lives of the Turner family but it also packs a lot of things in. This is a weighty and nuanced tale that poses some important questions while also hooking the reader in as it slowly drip-feeds different clues and lobs a few curveballs into the mix. Foster has done a good job of constructing this world out of so many different parts and vignettes because in the end, this novel still feels like one cohesive whole.

    Sara Foster’s latest novel is a beautifully-written family drama and thriller that is set in England’s atmospheric, Lake District. It’s a modern-day domestic drama that shows how relationships that were once close can become frayed and distant. In short, this is an immediate and emotional tale filled with sensitivity, pathos and depth.

  19. I really enjoyed reading All That Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster, and managed to read it in about 1 week which is very quick for me. It isn’t a particularly short book but not particularly long either.

    The book was told well from the point of view of the four family members, and it was interesting that the story was told in first person when it was Anya the mother, but third person from the other members – Georgia, her brother Zac and their father Callum. I liked that it delved into the past to slowly feed us the background story and build up the secrets behind the present. The amount of present that we read about is actually quite short in terms of length of time that passes, but you hardly notice as the story captivates you.

    The hit and run accident is a major theme of the book along with Georgia’s secret. Her secret was a prevalent theme throughout her chapters and her brother Zac once he discovered it, and once we knew a little about it I still could not think what it could possibly be that could be so shocking. Eventually right towards the end things were revealed and the dots started to join and it all made sense.
    The book touched on some almost confronting topics, and it was hard not to think about what I would do or say in similar situations, though being young without a family of my own many of the concepts were a little foreign to me and perhaps my view of the situations were unrealistic. There were times when it was hard not to judge the characters for their actions or wish they didn’t act in such a way, and due to this I didn’t like Callum very much, and I can’t say I liked Georgia a lot of the time either.

    I would have liked to see an epilogue on the book that told a snippet of the story from say 6 months later to see how everyone ended up, as it seemed by the end of the story that things were looking up for most of the characters, and they were mending their relationships. It was almost like an implied happily ever that hadn’t actually happened quite yet.

    Overall I really enjoyed this book and it was a very captivating read. I did stay up a little late on more than one occasion as I couldn’t put it down!

  20. All that is lost Between Us is about a family and singular issues of each member. Mainly focuses on Georgia nearing the end of her senior school who focuses on fell – running and her friends, mum Anya who is protective, Dad Callum who is never home and brother Zac who is a typical teenager. All have their worries and written so the story is told through their individual scenarios when Georgia being attacked along with her cousin who is run down, Zac who finds a secret which gets into the hands of unwelcome girls, Anya who is being distanced from her husband and children and Callum who nearly entered into an affair. Trauma unfolds when throughout the story along with mystery when while reading I was unsure what was going to happen. An intriguing story which once I started to read found it hand to put down. Loved each character and would love a part two of this novel. Thank you again Sara Foster!

  21. This book had me catching my breath, and wondering what the next chapter would reveal. I loved it.
    The Turner family live in England’s Lake district, and they are at one with the beauty of their area. Three generations of the family have enjoyed their leisure time on the fells. Following in her Uncle’s footsteps, 17 year old Georgia loves long distance running on the fells, and is a champion runner at her school. In her final year, she has the chance to win sponsorship if she wins the event for the 3 year in a row. But over the summer holidays, events have happened that direct Georgia’s full attention and dedication away from the race. Pressure is on her from all sides to do well, but her thoughts are elsewhere.
    The story line follows each member of the Turner family, and we learn how mother Anya and father Callum have drifted apart over the years, something they both regret. Anya is a counsellor at Georgia and her brother Zac’s school, and her job is to help students with emotional issues. But Anya struggles to use her training to be able to converse with her own children. Even when she can sense that things are not right with either Georgia or Zac, she can’t find the words to unlock the gap that lies between them, and this distresses her.
    The book is easy to read, and I found it hard to put down, as it kept me wanting to know more, and to try and work out what the secrets were that each member of the family was hiding.
    The ending was full of suspense, and had me in tears, but fitted in with the story and tied it all up well.
    I really enjoyed this book, and will recommend it to family and friends.
    Thank you for including me in those selected to review it.

  22. All That is Lost Between Us is a fascinating read. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a character within the family,

    Georgia, 17, carrying a huge secret in her heart and head, committed to becoming the Fell running champion, sullen at home wishing everyone would leave her alone and holding her mother at arms length.

    Anya, Georgia’s mum, psychologist at Georgia’s school, desperately trying to understand the rift that has opened up between her and her daughter and the chasm developing between her and her husband Callum.

    Callum spending more and more time away from the family at the Mountain Rescue Centre, where he is the team leader, when he is not at work, and with a guilty secret of his own.

    Zac, the younger brother, who loves playing computer games with his friends, and accidentally uncovers a truth that could rip the family apart.

    Unusually, the first chapter is a prologue and is voiced by Georgia. She is desperate to tell her cousin, and best friend, Sophia the guilty secret she has been holding in all summer. But Sophia seems to be ignoring her. As the two girls walk home one night from a party she turns to tell Sophia what is on her mind, only to find at the same time Sophia turn to her to say something. Before either can speak Danny, a boy from the school, calls out to Georgia and runs to join them on the walk home. Suddenly from nowhere a car appears from behind and seems to drive at the three of them, Danny manages to pull Georgia away, but Sophia is hit.

    Is it an accident or is it a hit and run? if a hit and run who was the car aiming at, and why? Why was Callum not answering the phone when Anya was trying to contact him to let him know Georgia had been involved in an accident? What did Zac find when he went into Georgia’s room, what did Sophia want to tell Georgia? Who is Leo? Will Georgia become the Fell running champion and gain her scholarship, who is the strange woman in the hospital looking at Sophia through the window?

    For the rest of the book Foster weaves a web through each of the family member’s memories and perspectives to teasingly answer all of the above questions (and more) and lead us to the surprise (or obvious in hindsight) ending.

    Highly recommended.

  23. I really enjoyed “All that is Lost Between Us”, it kept me guessing & I do love me a little bit of mystery!

    I found it interesting how it alternated between Anya, Georgia, Zac & Callum (& it took me a while to realize Anya’s parts were in first person & the other parts were in third person).

    The setting grabbed me too, a bit dark & mysterious with the rolling greens, secret forests & misty mountains. This set the scene for suspense & intrigue.

    The character development was done well. I really started to get to know their different personalities, private thoughts & why they were behaving the way they did towards each other (cue secrets, affairs, self discovery & a high school crush).

    Thumbs up from me. If you like a good mystery, well rounded characters & a storyline that keeps you wanting more, this would be a great read for you!

  24. All That Is Lost Between Us was a great read. It took a bit to grab me at the beginning, but by halfway I was hooked!!

    There was so much going on in this story which made it all the more exciting to read.

    The story has a main theme which to me was all about family and the bonds that can be struggle to maintain. This family had many secrets and worries which really stood out, but gradually throughout the story, those bonds tightened and the family resolves their problems and came together as a unit at the end. Each had their own battles to face but put their family first to overcome them.

    The characters were well thought out by the author and each was very easy to relate to. Each chapter was narrated by the family members, being Anya, Callum, Georgia and Zac. It was interesting to note that Anya ‘s voice was in 1st person, as opposed to the others who were written in 3rd. My thoughts about the reasoning behind this was that Anya had a very strong character and as a mum, her role was to keep the family together, which she did brilliantly.

    The setting was fantastic. It really captured the suspense and thrilling nature of the novel with the detailed descriptions of the mountains and dark misty forests.

    I loved the ending. Everything was piecing together, secrets were being revealed and the characters true personalities were emerging. It was a crazy last few chapters but I just couldn’t stop reading! It felt so real and I just had to know what was coming next.

    A really enjoyable read!!

    Thank you Beauty & Lace for another great novel!!

  25. I absolutely loved reading All That Is Lost Between us. I was hooked from the start. It had a good mix of suspense, drama and great characters.
    I loved how each character was easy to relate to which made reading the book so much more enjoyable. Having each character tell their own story really helped us get to know each character.
    All in all this book is a big thumbs up from me.

  26. I finally received my copy of All That is Lost Between Us on 19th April. It was worth the wait to read it.
    The story of two related families with teenagers who find out the hard way the dangers of secrets and the unforgiving internet can impact on, not only their lives but of all their family and friends.
    The parents of one family have drifted apart over the years while the other faces the trauma of their daughter being in a hit and run accident. Little do they realise the dangerous web that has caught their teenage children and how it involves them all.
    Foster draws you in from the first chapter and does not disappoint with the rest of the book. There are unexpected detours and twists and turns that will keep you riveted to the conclusion. You will find yourself trying to piece together Georginia’s secret and the surprise that her cousin Sophia also has a secret and the danger she puts her cousin into.
    The descriptions of the scenery is superb.
    A good book to read and highly enjoyable.

  27. The standard of these books are incredible and takes you on a journey – I thoroughly enjoyed every page

  28. I really enjoyed this book outlining the relationships between children and their parents as the children grow older showing there can be so much going on in the childs life that the parents have no idea is happening, and the childs fear of what will happen if the parents find out. I really liked how all the characters intertwined with each other and how the relationships between people can develop and how feelings cannot be helped and the lengths some people will go to to get back at people who they feel have done them wrong. I loved this book from the first page and would highly reccommend to others

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