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A Daisy in The Field by Annie Chandler Cummings is a heartwarming story of love, family, emotions, and life’s unexpected challenges. 

It is book one of The Flower Quartet.

Twenty-three-year-old Daisy is proud of her garden centre “Daisy’s Dream”. It has been her dream from childhood when she would help her grandmother Lily in the garden.  Daisy has a wonderful boyfriend whom she loves and her life is just about perfect.

Daisy and her boyfriend Kyle have been together for eight years. They were high school sweethearts. Their close families are hoping for an “announcement” soon!

Kyle has finished his university exams and works part-time in his father’s hardware store. He has a commitment to the Army Reserves as part of his scholarship.

Kyle has been seconded to the Special IT Operations Unit to work in the world’s elite Communication Intelligence Sector. The unit is being deployed to the Middle East in a week.

How will he explain this to Daisy and their families?

Daisy’s grandfather was killed in Vietnam and her father was shot down and presumed dead in Afghanistan.

To be away for six months is not a long time. Kyle hopes Daisy will support him.

He dreams of spending the rest of his life and growing old with Daisy, she is the one!​

Naturally, Daisy has concerns, will he be in danger? With reassurances from Kyle that he won’t be where the action is, Daisy does support him.

Daisy uses their time apart to finish her own university course. The study will keep her busy. She makes new friends and one, in particular, would like more than friendship.

Kyle and Daisy’s experiences while apart change them both.

Will their love survive?

Will Kyle be safe?

Kyle makes a comment about how little the average Australian knows about Australia’s military contribution overseas. Through his eyes, we learn more about the emotions and difficulties suffered by those serving away from home. 

Through Daisy and Kyle’s family, we see the emotions and worry of those left behind.

While this is a love story with lots of joy, it also is a story of when life doesn’t go as planned. But with courage, resilience, and working out exactly what is important to hold on to, it is possible to move forward.

A wonderful, easy-to-read, and enjoyable story.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series, A Lily in the Valley.

Thank you to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: A Daisy in The Field

  1. I loved Daisy! She knows what she wants in life: her garden centre ‘Daisy’s Dream’, and her ongoing university studies. She also knows who she loves: her family, and Kyle and his family. She and Kyle have been together as friends most of their lives, and now they’re all grown up and in love. What she doesn’t realize is that Kyle also has the dream of serving in the Army, in intelligence. Daisy’s grandfather *and* father were killed while serving, so as you can imagine it’s the last thing she wants Kyle to sign up for. Still, he does, and leaves it to the last minute to tell her. Cue drama and angst, big time, as you can imagine. Their parting is very bitter sweet. Then something happens which threatens to rip their love apart. How will they both cope? And what’s with Daisy’s new, attractive professor? To be honest, I think I wanted Daisy to fight a bit harder for Kyle when their relationship is threatened. But this is a romance, so thank goodness for the HEA ending – and more romance to come in the family, it seems?
    Thank you to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty & Lace for this review book.

  2. Daisy has her own garden centre “Daisy’s Dream”
    She is also studying at university.

    Kyle her best friend and true love has always dreamed of being in the Army, Daisy is imagining the worst will happen if he does join as she lost her father and grandfather to wars.

    Daisy fights for their relationship, I look forward to the next book in the series.
    Thankyou to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace Club for the opportunity to read and review this.

  3. Thankyou to Beauty and Lace and Annie Chandler-Cummings for the opportunity to read and review Daisy in the Field.
    Daisy and Kyle are so much in love and are convinced that they will be together forever. All the family expect that these childhood sweethearts will make their life together.
    Kyle is very romantic and tries to make this time so special even asking Daisy to marry him trying to make sure Daisy will be waiting after he reveals his secret.
    Kyle is seconded into the Army and is going to be away for six months and Daisy is devastated but is keen to continue her studies and achieve her dream of establishing her Horticultural business.
    The story looks into the way their relationship evolves after Kyle is injured and Daisy makes new friends in her University life.
    A very romantic love story that has a few twists and turns.

  4. A Daisy in the Field by Anne Chandler-Cummings is book one in the Flower Quartet series.

    Daisy and Kyle were high school sweethearts still together eight years later with both knowing the other is their one and only. However when Kyle is deployed to the Middle East on a Special Operations mission, their love is tested. Will they achieve their Happily Ever After? Or will Daisy’s family history and Kylie’s misguided intentions get in the way?

    This was an enjoyable read that met my lazy long weekend reading requirements perfectly. I will certainly be looking out for the remainder of the series.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this enjoyable read.

  5. It’s not very often at all that I say this, but I hated this book, Daisy in the field. The characters were soooo annoying because they were so perfect – of course she was tall and slim like a model, of course she had a successful garden nursery, of course he knew exactly what she needed and when she needed it, of course the grandma was the best cook who was banned from competitions because she always won everything. Every time something like that came up it made me roll my eyes, it was really very frustrating. I knew how it would all work out in the end (because of course it would with everything being so perfect), but I was hoping against hope that I’d be surprised and something else that was hinted at would happen – I had no such luck though. Thanks for letting me review this book >:o)

  6. Daisy in the Field. I lived vicariously through Daisy as I was dreaming of my own garden nursery. That’s where it ended though as I’m not like her in reality. Daisy and Kyle are long term sweethearts and belong together. A deployment to the Middle East for Kyle through a spanner in their life but together they meet the challenges.
    A lovely love story on how things evolve in their life from injury, a successful business and studies.

  7. I really enjoyed ‘A Daisy in the Field’ by Annie Chandler-Cummings a novel from The Flower Quartet series. Sometimes you just want to curl up with an easy, enjoyable read which is just what I did on the Easter Saturday.

    This storyline is based on Daisy and her boyfriend Kyle who are childhood sweethearts. Daisy has set up and runs a successful Garden Centre called Daisy’s Dream and with a scholarship to study horticulture she feels she knows where life is taking her. She sees Kyle by her side as they both achieve their dreams. Marriage is on the cards for the pair, and they are excited about the future.

    Kyle is nearing completion of his degree in Communications, when he is seconded for a Special Operation that means an overseas deployment. Kyle has always either been a Cadet through school or in the Army Reserves, but he knows Daisy’s family have suffered loss due to Military service – both her Grandfather and Father. He knows this could impact their relationship. Will they make it? Will he go and will Daisy understand if he does?

    I like how we see the story from different perspectives both Daisy and Kyle’s and I enjoyed the supporting characters, I look forward to reading more in this series.

  8. Daisy has the things she needs in life, a good strong family, a community, a business that is growing and great people in her life include the love of her life and best friend. Everything is going to plan, isn’t it.
    Kyle is just completing studies into IT in military operations and an opportunity has come to work with the Army, to use his studies, to contribute. Only one problem, he has to tell Daisy. Her families history with military is challenging to say the least, MIA or deceased is the story they have. Will she understand, will she continue to love him, can they get past this?
    A story of a proposal, an opportunity, a tragedy, a fresh start and strength. It has that cute romance component, the harsh reality component and a finish that keep you hoping for the outcome. Although I’m not big on some sappy romance, and cutesy names – the family of flowers, I think I’m a bit cynical :P, the story itself was a good escape and a good read.
    Thank you to Annie Chandler Cummings and Beauty and Lace for a romance to try make us believe in true love.

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