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Author: Rachael Johns
ISBN: 9781101884669
RRP: $2.99

Fire Me Up is the second in a new series published by Loveswept, a digital imprint of Random House Publishing Group. The series is a collaboration of four very different romance authors, each of the authors has a different hero and their own book in the series.

Deacons of Bourbon Street is a series of novellas centring on the motorcycle club of the same name. Fire Me Up is the 2nd book in the series and when I jumped into something new from Johns I had no intention of reading the rest of the series, having now met the four ex-bikers I think I am going to have to invest in all of their books. It is definitely not necessary to have read the first book, Make You Burn by Megan Crane, but I am finding Fire Me Up doesn’t give me enough of these characters.

Rachael Johns is well known for her sweet rural romances, with hot doctors and farmers, mainly set in rural Western Australia. There was also Tease Me, Cowboy and Kiss The Bride set in Montana which was a world away from WA but still very rural. Fire Me Up is none of the above.

Set in the diverse and atmospheric French Quarter of New Orleans; which is an area that I am deeply in love with through literature as some of my favourite characters call the place home. The French Quarter is rich, decadent and atmospheric; steeped in history, hauntings and superstition; a place where you will find people from all walks of life and nothing really surprises you; a big hit with tourists.

The Deacons of Bourbon Street were an outlaw motorcycle club about to go legit when a job went bad and the club disbanded, members left New Orleans and made new lives for themselves. Over a decade later the death of their president, Priest, brings them back to Bourbon Street to say their farewells.


Fire Me Up focuses on Travis ‘Cash’ Sinclair, the one time treasurer and techno expert of the Deacons. In the past decade he has made a new life for himself in Tallahassee, a legitimate life on the right side of the law, as a security analyst. He is deeply jaded and trusts no-one, he has shut himself off totally from emotion and that’s the way he intends to stay. Emotional attachments have only ever led to his betrayal and abandonment so he is not ever going to put himself in that situation again.

He is back to farewell Priest but finds he is one of multiple heirs to his estate, so now he has to hang around long enough to tie up all the loose ends and get everything in order – as well as help uncover whether it really was an accident that took Priest’s life. Travis wants to get everything sorted and get out of town as soon as he can, the French Quarter holds many memories but most of them he would now prefer to forget.

One of the buildings that Travis and three other Deacons have inherited is the old clubhouse, now an art gallery complete with resident hippy.

Billie Taylor is in New Orleans for her own new start. She is freshly divorced from a controlling husband who treated her as property, and was left behind in Western Australia along with her family. Billie is determined that she is never going to let another man control her. She is a strong independent woman and going to make the most of her life her way. She has built the gallery from an idea and loves her business, the threat to her livelihood has her well and truly on edge.

Fire Me Up is two worlds colliding, instant chemical reaction, blood boiling lust. It is steamier than we have had from Johns previously and I think she handled the new direction well. The original reaction between the two main characters was an instant dislike, with a white hot chemical reaction, the attraction began to build as they spent time together and got to know one another. On the surface they were a bit hot and cold but you knew that at all times they were only trying to hold back the hot.

I really enjoyed Fire Me Up and I quite like both Travis and Billie. I am very tempted to follow the series now because I want to see what more we can learn about these two in the next books.

Fire Me Up is book #41 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge.

Rachael Johns can be found on Twitter, Facebook and her Website.

Fire Me Up is available through Loveswept and from Bookworld, Amazon, B & N, iTunes and Kobo.

One thought on “Blog Tour Book Review: Fire Me Up

  1. Just finished reading this and really liked it despite it being different to Rachael’s usual style. I absolutely hated the first book by Megan Crane and was hesitant to read this one but I’m glad I did. I can honestly say the only thing I remember about Megan’s book was that Priest died and that every other page was full of sex – that’s sad. Trust an Aussie chick to be able to write a good book with a believable storyline as well as some hot romance without it being boring. I’ll eventually have to read the other two to hopefully find out what really happened to Priest.

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