Bake Me I’m Yours…Collection

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Authors: (Cookie) Lindy Smith, (Cupcake) Joan and Graham Belgrave and (Chocolate) Tracey Munn
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 978-071-533-6397

Let me begin by telling you that the image of Bake Me I’m Yours…Collection doesn’t do it any justice. While it may just look like a cute book, in fact it is a box set of three decadent titles from the Bake Me series: Chocolate, Cookie and Cupcake.

bake me im yours: collection

This would make a gorgeous gift for any sweet tooth, and each book is beautifully illustrated with glossy photographs and step by step instructions. These books are more about the decoration and presentation of your little treats, but they do start with the basics so you can start the cooking process from scratch.

There are indulgent ideas for any occasion including birthdays, baby showers and weddings, or you can test your creativity just for fun! Whether you actually make these, or just dream about it – you can’t help but be inspired by Bake Me I’m Yours…Collection.

Buy your copy: Bake Me, I’m Yours… Collection: Infinite Ways to Indulge in Cupcakes, Cookies and Chocolate

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