Back And Deader Than Ever

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Author: Lisi Harrison
ISBN: 978-1-907410-66-6
RRP: $16.99

The RAD’s are back and they are out of the closet – finally gaining the acceptance they have been working so hard for. No more weekly waxing for Clawdeen, daily theatre makeup for Frankie, long sleeves for Blue and all manner of undercover disguises to hide the RADs, though there are some students who still need to take precautionary measures. Deuce needs his glasses and Jackson can’t be caught without his fan.

All our favourite characters are back, as lovable as ever, and this volume introduces us to some new faces that have been hanging around for eons.

As with the previous 3 Monster High volumes this book is fun and it takes lots of things we are familiar with and monsterizes them, so that’s always good for a giggle as well as testing your observation skills to see which spins pass you by and which jump out and grab you. The Chapter names are witty and give me a kick in every book – but the lost chapter gets me, I’m not good with the prospect of anything being missed.

Fitting in is out – that is a message that is so important in teen years because so many people struggle with their differences and need for acceptance. Lisi Harrison is telling us that’s okay, it’s okay to be different and in this volume that ever elusive acceptance is finally forthcoming. So much so that the attributes the RADs have spent so much time trying to hide have become in demand fashion accessories.

Back And Deader Than Ever

Back and Deader Than Ever is largely Lala’s story, with a secondary plotline centring around Melody’s struggles to find her feet in her newfound RAD status.

Lala is the daughter of RAD superior Mr D who is always off somewhere on business, the biggest struggle for acceptance that Lala faces is the one with her father. Always feeling second rate and unimportant Lala forever strives for the glow of parental pride, and is always disappointed. She decides to take a stand and make daddy Drac proud by winning a competition to see the school sponsored by a hybrid brand of 2 top footwear brands. Unfortunately, hot on the heels of the finals announcement there is another, even bigger one.

It seems that all the work the students at Merston High have done to foster tolerance and gain acceptance will have been for nothing when Mr D opens his new super RAD school – Radcliffe High. An exclusive school that will bring together RADs from far off places to gain their education in state of the art RAD friendly surroundings. Except that with their mainstream acceptance the RADs don’t want to leave Merston High so settle in and find out how they resolve the issue.

I loved this book, I love the whole series. I think it’s fun and it’s a light read but it’s one that emphasises the fact that every one of us is different and that’s okay. We all have our weaknesses and our strong points but in a lot of ways it’s our differences that make us the same.


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