Awkward Family Photos

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Author: Mike Bender and Doug Chernack
ISBN: 978-144-470531-7
RRP: $22.99

A book that literally made me laugh out loud this month is Awkward Family Photos. Based on the popular website, the authors Mike Bender and Doug Chernack showcase those embarrassing family photos that would otherwise be lost inside a photo album.

Some of the photographs in this book are taken by “professional” photographers, with forced poses and matching outfits, while others are a little more spur of the moment.

awkward family photos

This book wouldn’t be half as funny without the descriptions that accompany the imagery, and a few times you will wonder how a photo made the cut until you spot something within it that’s not quite right. Sorted into categories, you will find all kinds of weird and wonderful hairdos, looks, outfits and generally uncomfortable moments.

Everyone will be able to relate to this book as we have all had our awkward family moments growing up. I think that is what makes these real life images give us such strong emotions, some will make you have a big old belly laugh, while others will make you cringe or even feel a little bit creeped out.

Awkward Family Photos is a fun addition to your coffee table and as they say, you can choose your friends but not your family…

To get a taste of what is inside the book, and keep your boredom at bay this weekend make sure you visit the website

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