Author Desk: Sasha Wasley

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We’ve been looking at different author desks to see where they get their inspiration to write. Today we have Sasha Wasley, author of A Caravan Like a Canary with us.

Let’s take a look at her workspace:

What’s on your desk?

In the last year, I have migrated from my desk to a comfortable armchair! As a result, there aren’t
usually many items on my ‘desk’ other than a cushion and my mouse on the arm.

Besides my chair, there is a laptop, keyboard (because my laptop keyboard is broken) and a little bamboo lap table, my phone, a drink of water or coffee cup and usually a notebook and pair of headphones.

Sitting nearby is an illustration of an emu wren (I’m a bird nerd).

What shouldn’t be on your desk?

Paperwork. There are also some Christmas cards and decorations that got missed in the pack

The cat often joins me which is a problem because she likes to sit on my lap, and typing
around her is extremely challenging!

Why does this area motivate you?

My previous writing desk can be a bit uncomfortable in hot weather – it’s very sunny and bright.
Then it gets cold in winter. But the family room (where my armchair lives) seems to maintain a
comfortable temperature better.

I also prefer this area because I quite like being part of the family action while I work. Sometimes I am too much part of the action (ie when the footy is on) and I have to resort to headphones.

But it’s comfy, I can lift my feet off the ground and set up my back massager while I work, plus I can support my daughter, for whom I’m a carer. It works for me at this stage of my life.

Are there any items of particular significance?

I love my bird picture. I chose it for myself. I don’t often buy myself gifts but I fell in love with the
sweet little bird painted in watercolours at a local art festival last year, and bought it for my
writing zone.

How often do you spend in this workspace each day?

I’m here for about six or more hours a day – managing my writing career, writing, relaxing,
snuggling pets and keeping my daughter company.

I may move back to a desk in the next few months but we’re still getting hot days in Perth so the previous writing room is not my current spot of choice.

It’s also been slightly taken over by my artist partner (as his studio) and my sewing-aficionado offspring, so maybe I’ll just jump ship altogether and relocate to our spare room.

The good news is, I can write anywhere and I spend as much time writing in cafes near my daughter’s school as I do in the chair!

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