A Straight Line to My Heart

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Author: Bill Condon
ISBN: 978-174-237-7308
RRP: $17.99

It’s been a while since I have read a book, I’ve been more than a little time poor since having a baby six weeks ago. Our resident book reviewer Michelle’s pile of novels to review is growing by the day (even a speed reader like herself can’t get through them all quick enough for you) so I decided to keep one for myself and give it a shot.

I opted to steer clear of some of the monstrously thick reads and go for something a little lighter. And by lighter I mean thinner and easier to read, not necessarily funny as it so happens. The book in my hand is called “A Straight Line to My Heart” and it’s a young adult novel written by Bill Condon.

a straight line to my heart

According to the blurb the story takes place in one short week, which feels unusual as you are reading because as a reader I am used to following a character through a much longer period. A week, so much can happen in a week…but the author hasn’t outdone it by making it packed with too many dramatic moments.

The story is about Tiff, a young girl who grew up without a mother in a small country town. She has a passion for writing and has been given the opportunity to do work experience at the local paper. In the space of the week her life does change quite significantly with her adopted grandpa Reggie becoming ill, her best friend giving her some unexpected news and an interesting boy hitting the scene.

A Straight Line to My Heart is perfect for younger readers, it isn’t too long and it is well written without too much fluffiness.

It is hard to explain but this book feels different somehow, I enjoyed it and related to the characters – it didn’t feel like a gripping page turner and it didn’t have me laughing out loud…but somehow it felt like home.


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